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Top 10 Best Router Tables

These top 10 best router table models take your woodworking capabilities to the next level. They combine a table and a router, which gives you the power to make a wide range of intricate cuts and depressions in the wood. Many router tables allow you to work at a variety of angles that are difficult to make with a handheld router. This means that you can create flawless joints, cut decorative grooves, make beautiful edge finishes, and more. The trick? Finding a router table that fits your budget, your existing router, and your wood shop. To help you start the research, we’ve gathered ten of the best options available.


1. Bosch RA1181


With its heavy-duty aluminum fence and mounting plates, the Bosch RA1181 is designed to fasten securely to your work table. The rigid plates create a secure installation, so you can make cuts safely and accurately. On top, a large aluminum surface supports your boards, and the extra-tall fence helps boost precision. This table comes with a pre-drilled mounting plate that allows you to install most standard routers. Use the dust collection port to clean up your workplace, and plug the table in with the included power cord.


Bosch Top Ten Best Router Table


2. KREG Precision Router Table System


Upgrade your shop with the KREG precision router table system. Simply install your router using the insert plate, which features three Level-Loc rings for a secure mount. The table is made from laminate-covered MDF to help your wood pieces slip easily and without catching. Two fences offer support without getting in the way, and the miter channel accepts most of your favorite cutting accessories. Built from powder-coated steel, this stand provides ample support for your router and wood.


KREG Top Ten Best Router Table


3. Goplus Electric


When it comes to finding an affordable router table, this Goplus Electric model is a solid choice. It’s a benchtop model; all you need to do is mount it to your work table. The rugged aluminum and steel frame provides both stability and support, all while preventing rust. On the top, two extension tables provide a larger work surface and help hold your boards evenly. Built with a retractable guard, this table fits most routers and bits. In fact, you can use it with routers that have base plates up to 6 inches wide.


Goplus Top Ten Best Router Table


4. Dremel 231


If you need a cheap router table, you can’t do better than the Dremel 231. This compact unit mounts to the side of your workbench, giving you the benefits of a larger table while taking up minimal space. The 8-inch by 6-inch table supports your wood planks, and the adjustable fence moves to accommodate a variety of projects. This table is compatible with most corded and cordless routers, so you don’t have to invest in new equipment.


Dremel Top Ten Best Router Table


5. JOYWORK Precision System


Upgrade your wood shop with the JOYWORK precision router table system, which comes with everything you need to get started. The stand is built from heavy-duty steel, so it’s tough enough to hold plenty of weight. On top, the large MDF top provides ample space for your wood pieces; on the bottom, the feet adjust to create a level surface on an uneven floor. Set screws help you level the fence, and the insert ring works with your router to create a secure mount.


JOYWORK Top Ten Best Router Table




Tackle jobs in tough conditions with the DEWALT DW745. With its heavy-duty steel roll cage, this model protects the mechanism from damage due to drops or impacts. The fence system accommodates large sheets of wood and the cast top offers support for precision cutting. A dust port reducer helps keep sawdust away from your face and off of your work surface.


DEWALT Top Ten Best Router Table


7. Woodpeckers Precision PRP-4-V2420


If you have a Porter Cable 7518 or 7519 router, the Woodpeckers Precision PRP-4-V2420 is the best router table for the job. It’s built for commercial-grade applications, so you can tackle high-volume projects and achieve professional results. The sturdy steel table provides a stable work surface, and the embedded miter and T-track enable you to do more. On the sides, six braces prevent wiggling and lateral movements while you work. Built with a unique V2 router left, you can raise your router in seconds to create custom cuts or change out bits.


Woodpeckers Top Ten Best Router Table


8. SKIL RAS800


Compact and portable, the SKIL RAS800 router table is a great choice for the occasional project. This affordable model features folding legs, so you can store it easily on a shelf. An integrated storage bag keeps your tools and accessories organized and close at hand. Use the included feather boards to move your wood planks smoothly and create precise cuts. The laminated MDF top allows boards to pass easily over the surface.


SKIL Top Ten Best Router Table


9. Kreg PRS2100


When you want space efficiency and power, the Kreg PRS2100 is one of the top router table options. This benchtop model sits on top of your work table, so it’s easy to use in virtually any spot. The heavy-duty steel stand uses angled legs and rubber feet to reduce vibrations, and the MDF top helps boards slide gently. Install your router in seconds using the insert plate, and level it using the Level-Loc reducing rings.


KREG 2 Top Ten Best Router Table


10. Rebel W2000


The Rebel W200 combines stability, strength, and precision, making it the ideal choice for a home woodworking shop. Constructed with a cast iron table, it offers the strength you need to support heavy boards. The integrated miter gauge helps you create straight cuts, and the built-in stops make it easy to lock in the right angle. With its two-part fence, this table enables both straight and offset cuts.

Rebel Top Ten Best Router Table


A router table transforms your wood shop, expanding your capabilities exponentially. Whether you’re making joints or making your own trim, this tool creates professional-quality results. By taking the time to find the best router table, you can choose an option that fits your space and your woodworking needs.


By BCR Writing Staff

July 2019