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BCR MattressesAccording to the Better Sleep Council, humans have been making mattresses since the Neolithic period over 10,000 years ago. In Ancient Egypt, King Tut slept on a luxurious bed constructed of ebony and gold. During the Middle Ages, people often had straw or feather mattresses covered in velvet and silk. In 1871, German pioneer Heinrich Westphal first patented the innerspring mattress. By the 1980s, Comfortaire had invented an air mattress blown up with oxygen.

Whether made of cotton, wool, memory foam, or water, laying on a quality mattress is essential for your health. Catching some z’s on the right mattresses can relieve joint, muscle, and back pain and can lower stress, improve concentration, enhance memory, and reduce blood pressure. In 2013, Psychosomatic Medicine found that sound sleep aids the brain’s amygdala to boost happiness, too.

Picking from the plethora of mattress types might keep you awake at night, though. Luckily, choosing a new mattress isn’t a nightmare when you consult with Best Choice Reviews. Our premier website publishes informative guides to the top mattresses in every category for peaceful respite. We want to make you as informed as possible for bedding purchases. We’ll sort through mattresses to find comfortable products even Goldilocks would approve of.

Put Your Online Shopping Worries to Bed

The Pew Research Center found that 20 percent of U.S. adults still never shop online. Even though online sales have hit $2.86 trillion, maybe you’re still feeling reluctant. Perhaps you’re afraid cyber criminals will gain access to your credit card digits. Maybe you’re concerned about adding on shipping costs. Or you’re simply scared you won’t like the product once it arrives. However, online retailers have advanced so greatly to nip these worries in the bud. Legitimate websites are coded with strong SSL encryption to keep personal data private. Many companies offer free shipping deals for customers paying $100 or more. Mattress stores frequently have risk-free trial periods to test out their beds at home. Products have such vivid descriptions and demo videos online that you almost feel like you’re touching them, too. And web-based companies often bill less because they don’t have to cover storefront costs. Some retailers even throw in free pillows or waive the sales tax.

E-commerce makes it effortless to buy a new mattress right from your bed. You won’t spend evening or weekend hours traipsing from store to store trying out countless beds. You won’t be met by pushy mattress salespeople looking for big commissions, either. Instead, you can access the biggest bedding inventory right on your phone or laptop. Online retailers will have twin size, double size, queen size, and king size beds in stock to ship quickly. Not to mention, their prices can be up to 50 percent lower. Imagine buying two mattresses for bunk beds for the price of one, at 3AM without even gassing up your car.

Find Your Dream Mattress for Good Sleep Cheap

Investing in a plush bed for restful beauty sleep can get expensive fast. In 2019, Tuck Sleep reported an average mattress price of $950. Most mattresses range from $500 to $1,500, but rates can rise higher than The Princess and the Pea’s bed. For example, Fortune profiled the Hastens Vividus mattress made with horsehair for a whopping $150,000 price! At Best Choice Reviews, we realize your budget is much tighter, though. Thus, our team hunts for bargain bed buys worth your time and money. You can feel rest assured that our recommended mattresses will have the ideal blend of affordability and quality. The BCR staff also judges online mattress deals on other important factors, such as:

Support: Mattresses are meant to adequately cradle your musculoskeletal system for no morning aches. Poor bedding can leave you sore with a crick in your neck and headache. Best Choice Reviews wants to prevent such suffering by finding the most supportive beds. We look for both soft mattresses and firm mattresses that will contour to your body shape. Our researchers pore over product specs to find support features like memory foam and zoned innerspring. We analyze customer reviews on best-selling beds for consensus on how different people view each product. We also heed chiropractor suggestions on mattresses for back pain and mattresses for shoulder pain.

Durability: Of course, laying your full body weight on a mattress breaks down the fiber materials over time. Dips and valleys shouldn’t develop for a long while, though. Best Choice Reviews strives to protect your investment longevity by locating durable products. We seek strong textiles and transition layers that can withstand even five little monkeys jumping on the bed. Our inquisitive BCR team looks at how well the mattresses are designed and sewn. Further, we look for industry safety certifications to determine how reliable bedding is. Products backed by long-term warranties that protect against defects are highly sought after. Getting you bonus years out of a resilient mattress is our mission.

Innovation: Beds have come a long way from the hay and palm fronds of Ancient Rome. The 21st century has already seen drastic leaps forward in mattress technology. Best Choice Reviews strives to stay informed about the newest innovations hitting the bedding industry. For example, our team has found crib mattresses with special waterproofing if wet accidents should occur. We’ve located adjustable mattresses that can prop up or get firmer with the click of a button. There are even smart trackers that attach to mattresses to monitor your sleep time and breathing rate. From built-in massagers to cooling pads, we’ll point out unique tech features that can revolutionize your night.

Say Good Night to Your Lumpy, Worn Out Mattress

On average, people are asleep for 9,125 days or 219,000 hours of their lifetime. Most experts suggest replacing your mattress every seven to 10 years to maximize your sleep quality. Don’t waste precious down time in discomfort when Best Choice Reviews can help you upgrade. We continually add new top 10 lists for first-rate mattresses that won’t bankrupt your budget. From children’s mattresses to mattresses for seniors, we’ve got you covered at every stage of life. We’re choosy snoozers with high standards to ensure our readers’ sound slumber. Please start scrolling through our links to locate your perfect mattress fit and start sleeping like a log.

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