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Top 10 Best Electric Soldering Iron Guns

If you are looking for one of the top 10 electric soldering iron guns on the market, this list is one you want to look over. Electric soldering guns come in many different sizes, shapes, and with varying abilities. Consider your needs while you peruse this list so you can find the most practical gun for you. Though some think that the most potent soldering gun is the one they need, that is not always the wisest move. If you are a professional that uses an electric soldering gun regularly, then the higher cost item may be your best bet. However, if you are a homeowner and have used for a soldering gun once or twice a year, then the low-cost soldering gun may be the practical solution you seek.

1. Weller Dual Heat Universal Soldering Gun

Weller developed this gun to operate off any 120V outlet. The gun heats up in a mere six seconds so that you do not need to activate it early in the project. With a soldering gun like this, you may expect the price tag to be excessive, but this is one of the most affordable electric soldering guns on the market. The gun also features three LED lights near the soldering iron that eliminate the dreaded shadow effect, so you see your target every time.Weller Top Ten Best Electric Soldering Iron Gun

2. Toolour Automatic Soldering Gun Kit

The specialized soldering gun produced by Toolour allows you to feed solder automatically via a solder scaffold that unreels through a trough to the solder head as it is needed to produce your puddle. The effect is to make this gun into a one-hand operation so that your concentration centers on the project at hand. The gun features an on/off switch at the top of the barrel to save power and reduce burns on plastics, wood or even yourself.Toolour Top Ten Best Electronic Soldering Iron Gun

3. Weller Professional Soldering Gun Kit

The Weller professional level soldering gun kit comes in a carrying case that holds the gun, solder, flux brush, three tin-plated copper tips for soldering, cutting and smoothing, and a two-wire power cord. The gun works off a 110V power source with a switch that allows soldering professionals to adjust between 260W and 200W heat depending on the project at hand. The gun has two LED lights to provide a non-shadow approach to any soldering job.Weller 2 Top Ten Best Electric Soldering Iron Guns

4. Wall Lenk Heavy Duty Soldering Gun

Wall Lenk produced this soldering iron gun with the professional in mind. The gun offers two levels of heat with which to work, 150W for the lower heat range and 400W for a temperature of an up to 1000-degrees. The gun features an easy to use “Trig-R-Heat Control” mechanism as an easy on/off system that lets the gun tip cool while not in use and heat in seconds when needed. A built-in one-inch light activates when you pull the trigger to illuminate your work area.Wall Lenk Top Ten Best Electric Soldering Iron Gun

5. LIUMY’s Electronics Soldering Iron

This Soldering Iron will heat up fast for your convenience. This product is an excellent choice if you need a device that has all the functions necessary to do any task. The professionally designed antioxidative soldering tip will help any soldering task move along faster. The device also comes with a stainless steel casing to increase durability while protecting the heater.LIUMY Top Ten Best Electric Soldering Iron Gun

6. ArchMage’s Fast-Heating Soldering Iron Gun

ArchMage created this affordable electric soldering gun as a user-friendly device for both the amateur and the professional. When you plug this soldering iron into any 110V outlet, you get a low-heat (up to 330-degrees centigrade) soldering tip that heats in two to three minutes. It comes equipped with a chrome-plated soldering tip for quick heat transfer to the product. A soldering wire dispenser sits atop the gun and gradually feeds the solder to the heat point for easy spot welding.ArchMage Top Ten Best Electric Soldering Iron Gun

7. Turbo Ceramic Soldering Iron by EXSO

The EXSO company chose to produce this low-cost electric soldering iron gun with dual temperature settings. When it is plugged into a 110V outlet, A pull of the trigger lets the operator choose between a 20W current that produces 320-degrees centigrade heat at the tip or a 120W current resulting in 700-degree centigrade temperatures for extended and deep soldering work. The ceramic covered heating element protects the gun’s exterior from any heat buildup. The easy to grip handle lets you work all day comfortably if necessary.EXSO Top Ten Best Electric Soldering Iron Gun

8. Soldering Iron Kit Solder Gun by Maxwel Manufacturing

Here is a soldering iron gun with several extras. Not only does the gun have variable heat settings, but it also has a digital display with a Centigrade/Fahrenheit option to tell you the exact temperature with which you are working. The gun works off any 110V outlet. The pen-type design gives you easier access to tight points and allows a better view of your work than the traditional soldering iron design. The kit comes with a tip cleaner and stands for easy storage.Maxwel Manufacturing Top Ten Best Electric Soldering Iron Gun

9. 80W Digital Soldering Iron by TFLY

TFLY took all the safety factors involved with the tight work soldering often demands when creating this top electric soldering iron gun. The device operates like a pen-type gun but offers a thicker matted hold for greater control and less hand cramping during long hours of soldering. The temperature control offers variable heat levels controlled by the operator to address different solder material demands. A digital display informs of the temperature in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit.TFLY Top Ten Best Electric Soldering Iron Gun

10. The Soldering Iron Kit by Rarlight

Recognizing the complexity that homeowners and professionals discover when they tackle different soldering projects, Rarlight produced this soldering kit with five different tips. With every soldering tip design from the fine point to the elongated scalpel, the kit allows the operator to remove the old solder and apply new with dexterity. The soldering gun comes in pen form and works at temperatures from 200 to 420-degrees Centigrade. The inner-core ceramic protected power center heats the tip quickly for fast changes from one type of solder to another.Rarlight Top Ten Best Electric Soldering Iron GunSoldering iron guns come in many shapes and sizes. When choosing the best electric soldering iron gun for you, take into consideration how often you will use the device, the type of work you for which you will use it, and the place where you will use it.Related:

By BCR Writing Staff
July 2019