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Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts

Christmastime – it’s the holiday season that so many of us so longingly look forward to. Aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, moms, dads and friends all come together for this most festive time of year. The original religious reasons behind this holiday give this time a dedicated meaning for some, while many others prefer to focus on the season’s overall merriment and gift-giving. No matter where you stand, chances are the gifts will be flying all around you, and who wants to be left out of such happy times and excitement? Here are 10 of the coolest, best Christmas gifts for 2013 to help you in being a major contributor to the fun and festivities.

1. Sony Xperia Tablet

sony tablet

For the techy on your list, no matter who they are, this latest and greatest from Sony is sure to please. The Xperia Tablet features a 10-inch screen with complete waterproof capabilities in up to 3 feet of water. This all-in-one super device can act as a remote control for all those home electronics, a super-fast tablet, camera, and much more; a true pleaser.

2. Palm V PDA

The Palm V PDA is a proven performer, having reeled in consistent market results and consumer reviews since its inception. The Palm V is a single rechargeable, handheld device that can store all of your information, schedules, calculations, personal notes, contact info, calendars, and more. This gift is perfect for that busy person in your life, or even those simply needing some organizational help. Teachers especially love this one.

3. Fujitsu ScanSnap Mobile Scanner

Looking for a gift for a great friend or close neighbor? The ScanSnap Mobile Scanner by Fujitsu makes it possible to scan and store any document on the go, and is a consistently top-rated performer on the market. Quickly scan receipts, business cards, standard letter-sized documents, and more with this amazingly convenient and compact, portable scanner. Downloading to the home computer is also a breeze with its innovative export capabilities.

4. “Catch My Love” Couples Pillowcases

For those wanting to share a cute and loving gift with their love, partner, hubby, or wife, the “Catch My Love” Couples Pillowcases by BoldLoft turn any gift-giving occasion sweet. These tender touches to the bedroom fit most standard and queen pillows and are machine-washable.

5. Personalized Pub Sign

For the man-cave man, beer connoisseur, pub-lover, and others on your list, check out this Personalized Pub Sign by Accent Printing and Signs. There are many designs to choose from, as well as the ability to personalize names and other bits. These are made in the USA and from real, milled wood. Give your gift recipient the personal focus of a unique, cool, personalized gift.

6. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

dirt rocket
First, we must mention that this is designed for children 12 and up. Second, we’ll just squeal “Weeeeeeeee!” The Razor MX350 is an electric, scaled-down version of a modern day dirt bike. It can reach speeds up to 12mph, is rechargeable, and whisper-quiet. It is also highly rated for its quality, safety, and reliability.

7. Ishiya Hokkaido Chocolates

Perhaps it’s stereotypical, but women often do love chocolate. But for that matter, so do men. What better gift choice for the chocolate-lover than a rare, gourmet chocolate, exclusively made by the world-famous Ishiya Confectionary in Japan. This 36-piece set comes packaged in a beautiful, collectible tin, and should your gift recipient indulge, they won’t soon forget this exquisite choice.

8. Night Ize Flashflight Flying Disc

The Night Ize Flashflight Flying Disc is perfect for that person on your list who always seems to be doing something outdoors or sports-related. This flying disc lights up the night with a powerful and beautiful LED light pattern that wows every time. It is water-resistant, floats, comes in several colors, and features an easily changed, long-life battery.

9. Ginsu 7112 Knife Set

Revered as one of the very best knife sets of 2013, the Ginsu 7112 Knife Set is perfect for the family chef. This 12-piece set is composed of a premium, Japanese stainless steel, as well as bamboo block. From slip-resistance and dishwasher safety, to lifetime warranty provisions, this set is a great choice for any kitchen.

10. Personalized Photo Collage Frame

The Personalized Photo Collage Frame by Personalization Mall is a fantastic gift for parents, grandparents, or other family members you may want to offer a warm, personalized gift to. This wall-hung frame is custom cut to accommodate your intended name or message. You then add the pictures you would like, and have an instant gift-giving hit.

Whoever it is you are shopping for, or what the giving theme may be, we certainly hope this list makes your holiday gift-giving much easier this year. Happy Holidays!

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