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Top 10 Best Remote Control Cars

Remote control cars are fun toys that are great to enjoy with family and friends in the spring and summer months. There’s nothing quite like relaxing on a Sunday afternoon driving around an RC car in the middle of the street. Whether you’re a die-hard enthusiast or a newbie, here is a list of the top ten RC cars of 2013. These are sure to be a hit for the summer season and include a variety of choices ranging from gifts for children to full-blown racing machines.

1. 2011 Sebastian Vettel Formula One RC Car

sebastian vettel

For the F1 fan, there is no better RC car than the 2011 Sebastian Vettel by XQ TOYS. While this car won’t do off-road, it’s bound to destroy other RC cars on the racing track. Modeled on a 1/18 scale, it comes with realistic tire rims and fully sponsored by Red Bull. This is a great choice for an inexpensive racing RC car.

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2. Maisto Rock Crawler


The Maisto Rock Crawler is a beast of an RC car and it shows why Maisto holds such a strong presence in the industry. It comes with front and rear suspension and it’s designed for the most difficult of off-road courses. The almost intimidating design is bound to be a hit for monster truck fans and kids will love maneuvering the Rock Crawler around in their backyard.

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3. Maisto 1967 Ford Mustang

maisto mustang
The Ford Mustang has always been a classic icon of American culture. For the 2013 summer season, the Maisto 1967 Ford Mustang is a great choice for its class and iconic status. It comes in a 1/24 scale design with realistic styling. This is a great gift to give for car enthusiasts and fans of the timeless American cars.

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4. Mini RC Buggy

electric function

This RC car is a fast and efficient machine, designed to reach speeds of up to 18 MPH without breaking a sweat. It’s USB rechargeable so there is no need for extra batteries, which is a breath of fresh air for any RC enthusiast. The Mini RC Buggy is a trick toy; it’s capable of all types of flips and jumps and comes packaged with ramps, cones, and extra tires to tackle a variety of terrains.

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5. Maisto Lamborghini Reventon

lamborghini reventon
The Lamborghini Reventon is a dream car for many and you can own this 1/24 model for cheap on The stylish and modern design is sure to turn heads when driving this inexpensive RC car down the street. This is a great gift for kids; watch them show off their Lamborghini to all their friends.

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6. Traxxas 7105 E-Revo Brushed

The Traxxas 7105 E-Revo is an RC car enthusiast’s dream. It’s a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that can handle just about anything thrown at it. Featuring a high performance motor and a complex radio system, it’s possible to drive this monster faster and farther than nearly any other RC car in the market. While expensive, this RC car is the best of the best and will blow any other car out of the water.

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7. Maisto Baja Beast

baja beast
The Maisto Baja Beast is a mid-priced off-road RC car that comes in a kid-friendly design. Featuring shocks and suspensions to maximize control over rough terrain, this is a great choice for off-road tracks. It comes with an innovative digital controller which allows for precision control of the Baja Beast over a long distance and a lightweight body that allows it to glide over terrain that would stop other RC cars in their tracks.

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8. Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark

As advertised on TV, the Morphibians Shark isn’t just for kids. It’s a versatile RC car that can drive on the street, through sand and dirt, and then take a swim in the lake. This is a great choice for those with pools or who live by a lake or river.

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9. Proline 1980 Chevy Revo

The 1980 Chevy Revo is another great choice for car enthusiasts and collectors of classic American automotives. Sporting a design that pickup truck fans will appreciate, this Proline product is sure to find a loving place in any RC car collection. Featuring a large design and big off-road wheels, this car is a great choice for those who enjoy power and brute force in a machine over style.

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10. Porsche 911 GT3 RC Car by XQ TOYS

The Porsche 911 is one of the most successful competition cars in history and it’s only natural that an RC car would be modeled from it. While this RC car won’t reach the hundreds of miles an hour that a real Porsche 911 would reach, it’ll still leave onlookers impressed with its quick acceleration and stylish design.

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