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Top 10 Best Recumbent Bikes

The world of personal exercise and gym equipment changed forever with the inclusion of bicycle-related wares. It was not long after the advent of the bicycle, in fact, that different versions of bikes and bike-like concepts came onto the personal fitness scene.

Recumbent bikes are one huge contributor to this market, and the contentment of countless users near and afar. As scientific innovation and time have progressed, so too has the recumbent bike. Today, it is 2013, and there are so many different makes, models, and styles to choose from. Gain some perspective as we review the 10 best recumbent bikes of the year.

1. Sole Fitness LCR 2013

sole fitness lcr light

Coming in at the very top of our list for 2013 is the Sole Fitness LCR 2013. This model is today’s aspiration for all others, with excellent durability, programming, informational accuracy, range of use, and all other factors one looks for in a quality recumbent bike. Along with top-notch pulse sensory technology, this bike adapts to full-recumbent and semi-recumbent positions with great ease and comfort.

2. Sole Fitness R92

sole fitness r92

The Sole Fitness R92 is yet another high-caliber recumbent bike. The R92 is the home edition to the popular LCR version. With its common-sense design and program adaptability, this model yields very few complaints. Some of this bike’s crowd-drawing perks include 9-inch LCD with built-in fan, over-sized pedals with ECB resistance, full mp3 compatibility, and the extensive warranty that’s included.

3. Nautilus R514C

nautilus r514c
Yielding a high quality choice for this year’s array of recumbent bikes is Nautilus, with the impressive R514C model. The R514C is quite the performer with a modernized LCD, speaker, and fan arrangement. The bike itself is fully adjustable, and did we mention the comfort? This bike is unbelievably comfortable due to an excellent cushioning design.

4. Vision Fitness R20

vision r20

The Vision Fitness R20 is a very top quality pick for 2013. A high-balance, 23-pound flywheel, 20-point resistance system, high-durability steel frame, and extensive warranty offerings place this bike high on our list. The adjustable lumbar support and mesh seat-back are also quite noteworthy.

5. Schwinn 250

schwinn 250
With a name like Schwinn, you know you are typically going to get a product backed by experience and know-how. The Schwinn 250 is maybe best described as the “King of Practicality” among this year’s recumbent series. Conveniences such as a strong under-basket, fine-tuned, telemetric sensors, lumbar adjust-ability, and great range of software capability make this bike a great choice.

6. Kettler Axos Cycle R

kettler axos

The Kettler Axos Cycle R is one of this year’s top picks because of its overall features and sensible design. The Cycle R boasts 12 excellent programs with common-sense, adjustable intensity, a high quality LCD display with loads of tracking information, an intuitive, smooth-operating flywheel, and other great features.

7. Horizon Fitness RC30

horizon rc30

Although this recumbent has been out for some time, we see no reason to leave it off of our list of top bikes for 2013. The reasons have to do with the absolute proven dependability, value retention, and capabilities of the RC30. This top performer also features a large LCD display, compact size, classic programming, and much more.

8. Schwinn 220

schwinn 220
The Schwinn 220 is an excellent choice for beginners and expert peddlers alike. Enjoy the comforts of an enhanced console with mp3 inputs, speakers, water bottle holder, a clear and concise digital display, and a 2-speed fan. The monitoring sensors and anatomical correctness of the 220 are also the perfect additions to the entire package.

9. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Recumbent Bike

To begin with, the stylish color schemes on this recumbent bike make it stand out. Get past its cool looks and realize its many power-points: an enhanced magnetic resistance system, high quality poly-v belt, intuitive sliding beam system, and amazing comfort to match. Go on a long ride and enjoy the beauty of the overall design of this particular recumbent.

10. Schwinn A20

schwinn a20
The Schwinn A20 is a great recumbent bike for any experience level. The reliable programming and LCD display track and show your entire journey, while course profiles and personal data can be adjusted at any time. This model is quite sturdily built, electronically sound, very comfortable, and very capable of getting you in your best shape. There’s a reason Schwinn bicycling equipment always does so well.

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