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Top 5 Bluetooth Speaker Sound Systems

Recent advances in Bluetooth technology have made this wireless connection method draw significantly less power when used in conjunction with current-generation smartphones, tablets, and computers. When paired with devices like speakers, this allows for a wireless way to enjoy music that doesn’t tangle on-the-go tech users in a series of audio and power cables throughout the day. Useful at home, in the office, and even during the morning commute, Bluetooth speakers represent a significant advance in technology and a major value for consumers. Of the many options available, five speaker options stand out as superior in terms of cost, features, and connectivity.

5. TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker

tdk life on record bluetooth

For the perfect combination of durability and portability, consumers will enjoy the TDK Life on Record A33. The speaker was actually built specifically to withstand the forces of nature, making it a great choice for those who like to take their music with them outdoors without the added inconvenience of earbuds. In addition to the speaker’s weatherproof design, it comes with near-lossless audio quality and a plethora of connectivity options. While Bluetooth is the leading way to use this speaker, those who prefer a wired connection will enjoy the luxury of both USB and 3.5mm audio jacks.

In addition to the speaker’s portable and lightweight design, TDK has designed a specific battery pack for use with this speaker that allows it to produce hours of high-quality audio even without plugging into a wall outlet. While a power cord is available, those using the speaker outdoors or on the go are certainly not restricted to corded use.

4. Klipsch Music Center KMC 3 Portable Speaker System

klipsch music center bluetooth

For full-featured sound that includes excellent high notes and plenty of bass, the Klipsch Music Center KMC 3 is a fantastic choice. The speaker system is actually a 2.1 setup, giving it full stereo sound with the advantage of a sizable subwoofer. At 5 inches wide, the subwoofer provides capable bass that will outshine any pair of earbuds and certainly any smartphone speaker. The rich sound of this speaker is available both at home and on the go, with an inherently portable design and compatibility with size “D” batteries.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, this speaker offers users the option of connecting virtually any music device via an integrated 3.5mm audio jack. This makes the speaker compatible even with older, “classic” iPods and similar devices that pre-date the current era of low-powered Bluetooth connectivity. An additional USB input can be used for both music playback or for device charging, as long as the speaker is plugged into a wall outlet and not being operated on battery power alone.

3. JBL Charge Portable MM Speaker with USB Device Charging Black

jbl bluetooth speaker

For the best combination of great technology and a firm commitment to consumer value, JBL has long been a top pick by speaker buyers and earbud enthusiasts. The company’s Charge Portable MM Speaker, with a USB device charging system, is an example of why this remains the case. Unlike the Klipsch system mentioned above, the JBL speaker system comes with a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery that can last significantly longer than “D” batteries. Up to 12 hours of continuous music playback can be enjoyed without the need for a recharge. In addition to this on-the-go power, the speaker system offers device recharging that can help smartphones and tablets maintain great battery life even as they stream music via a Bluetooth connection.

The speaker comes with several other, really great features. These include a two-speaker setup with an included bass port, the compact size of the device, and its ability to work when standing up or laid flat on a table. With a versatile design that’s as aesthetically pleasing as the latest batch of Apple iPhones, the JBL will blend in anywhere it’s taken and keep both the music and the connected device alive for hours on end.

2. Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

jawbone big jam box

Jawbone’s name is probably more closely associated with Bluetooth headsets than speaker sets, but that might change dramatically as more people get to know the BIG JAMBOX speaker series. Built on years of Bluetooth research, design, and expertise, the speaker system powers music with impressive sound and rich bass. Unlike every other speaker listed so far in this list, the Jawbone offering pairs its massive, bass-filled sound with a built-in microphone that makes the device a speakerphone godsend. Whether at home or in the office, the BIG JAMBOX can be used just as frequently for conference calls and personal conversations as it can be for parties and other immersive experiences.

In addition to its powerful sound, the speaker comes with one of the most stunning designs on the market. Its graphite color scheme makes use of a hex pattern best described as “retro.” The result is a speaker that looks just as cutting-edge as it sounds.

1. Logitech Z623 Speaker System

logitech speaker

Logitech has long been the leading manufacturer of PC accessories, and its Z623 speaker system shows that the company hasn’t yet run out of great ideas and impressive products for the home and office. Unlike the speaker systems mentioned so far, the Z623 isn’t exactly portable. It’s certainly cordless and highly convenient, but it comes with two independent speakers and a large, separate subwoofer. It’s the perfect match for a laptop or desktop computer, and even the occasional smartphone or tablet, as long as the user doesn’t intend to take the speaker system with them on the road.

Thanks to its larger size and impressive subwoofer, the Z623 system sounds fantastic and can fill an entire room with lossless-quality sound. With added RCA inputs and a 3.5mm audio jack, there’s no device that can’t take advantage of these impressive speakers.

Wireless Audio Has Never Sounded Better

With a great selection of both portable and desktop speaker options, those consumers looking to cut the cord and make their life just a bit less tangled have plenty of great options to choose from. Best of all, each of these 5 options sounds fantastic and offers the kind of listening experience usually reserved for heavier, less portable, excessively corded models. With great convenience and sound, the future of audio is clearly cordless.

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