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Top Ten Best Palm Sanders

By BCR Staff
March 2019

When you work with wood, sanding is almost always part of the process — which is where these top 10 palm sanders come in. A palm sander is a compact power tool that takes the hassle out of sanding. They use small, powerful motors to move the sandpaper, speeding up the process and helping you achieve the ideal finish. Since these tools are small and easy to move, you can use them on all types of surfaces, and position them to reach the far corners and edges of a project. Most models accept a variety of paper grits for maximum versatility.


1/4 Sheet Orbital Finish Palm Sander

First on our list of top ten palm sanders is this Porter-Cable model, which offers a great balance of affordability and power. With its low-vibration body and counterbalanced design, it helps prevent you from getting fatigued. The motor runs at 13,500 opm, giving you plenty of sanding power with minimal pressure. The switch and the interior are sealed to keep dust out and increase the sander’s lifetime.

2. Skil 7292-02

2.0 Amp 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander with Pressure Control

Compact and lightweight, this is one of the best, most affordable palm sanders available. The small soft-grip handle fits easily into your hand, and the low-profile body is easy to move around a multi-faceted surface. The sander uses a micro-filtration system to capture dust and a clear canister for high-visibility monitoring. Use this model with quarter-sheets of sandpaper for both fine-grain finishing and rough-grain sanding.


Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch

One of the top rated palm sanders this Black+Decker model uses an orbital motion to smooth out your surfaces faster. The random motion increases speed for greater efficiency. When it’s time to switch sandpaper sheets, the hook-and-loop attachment system makes the process a breeze. This compact unit is completely sealed to keep out dust and protect the motor, which helps the tool last longer in a busy workshop.

4. Hi-Spec

Heavy Duty 240W Rotating Disc Palm Sander with Dust Collector

When you need to power through rough wood grain or thick finishes, this Hi-Spec sander is a great choice. It comes with a heavy-duty 240W motor that moves at up to 12,000 orbits per minute. An anti-swirl design eliminates sander trails on your finished surface, allowing a more even finish and easier painting or staining. The handle is equipped with a rubber grip, so you can control the sander easily without slipping.

5. Makita BO5041K

5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit

When it comes to speed, this Makita sander is the perfect woodworking tool. It has a 3 amp motor that offers a top speed of 12,000 orbits per minute. Plus, with the included dial you can adjust the speed to suit your surface and desired finish. During long sanding projects, the rubber grip helps reduce fatigue, while the adjustable handle allows you to reach tight spaces without uncomfortable positions. The trigger lock keeps the sander powered on when you’re working on a large surface.


1/4″ 2.0 Amp/14,000 OPM Sheet Orbital Sander

Create an ultra-smooth surface with this TECCPO sander, which moves at up to 14,000 orbits per minute. This model is made with an ergonomic shape that fits easily into your hand, while the rubber grip gives you increased control. A sealed switch keeps dust out of the motor, and the 1.5 mm orbit helps create even pressure over a large area. The dust is collected in a removable bag, which you can wash for easy maintenance.

7. VonHaus

2.2 Amp 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander Kit with 15000 RPM

Do you need to sand detail work? With its 15,000 opm motor, this VonHaus model can make the job easier. The top surface features a compact, rubberized handle that’s easy to control, so you can move the sander into a precise position. On the bottom of the sander, a convenient clamp system releases and closes quickly to allow quick sandpaper changes. With its built-in dust collector, the sander reduces the amount of wood dust and creates cleaner air in your shop.


Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander, 5″

Breath easy with the DeWalt DWE6423K, one of the best palm sanders available. It comes with a locking dust bag that collects dust as you sand. When the bag is full, you can use one hand to remove and empty it quickly. Inside the sander, a 3 amp motor offers an opm of up to 12,000, giving you plenty of sanding power. The low profile body increases control, and the counterweight design helps reduce vibrations and keep you feeling energized.

9. Genesis GPS080

Corner Palm Sander

Simple and compact, the affordable Genesis GPS080 sander gets the job done without bells and whistles. This lightweight sander features a narrow profile, so it’s easy to grip and control. The pad moves at 14,000 opm, allowing you to sand tough finishes quickly. Plus with the pointed tip, it’s a breeze to sand detail work or small corners. The sandpaper fastens with a simple hook-and-loop system for easy changes.

10. Bosch ROS20VSK

120-Volt Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Kit

Tackle big sanding projects with this Bosch model, which features a micro-filter system and an integrated dust collector to keep the air clean. Turn the variable speed control to select the perfect opm for your surface, and use the rubber grip to enjoy increased control.

Armed with a palm sander, you can tackle everything from fine finishes to rough texturing. These models are the best palm sanders available, so you can rely on them to take your woodworking capabilities to the next level.

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