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Top Ten Best Floor Standing Jointers

This article contains a list of the top ten floor standing jointers available online.

Jointers are tools of choice for woodworking professionals and serious hobbyists for creating smooth, square pieces at multiple angles. While the floor standing jointers require a higher upfront investment compared to bench-top models, they are industrial machines designed to handle the heavy workload of a professional setup.

Floor or cabinet jointers are characterized by their cut capacity (in width and depth), cutter head type, and, of course, their power. The table and fence size and safety options also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. To find the best floor jointer, we have considered these features. You will note that some brands have more than one model available, each with different specifications so you can find exactly what you need.

1. JET 708457DXK

JET 708457DXK Floor Standing Jointer

The 6” JET cabinet jointer features three two-edged knives, a large work surface, and a 1 HP motor. The quick-set knife system enables fast and easy blades changes, and a pair of cams lock the knife height so they can be replaced without resetting the height. The machine has a cut capacity 6 1/6” wide and 1/2” deep and a rabbeting capacity of 1/2”. The 55-3/4″ x 7-3/8“ cast iron table has a 33-1/8” fence with stops at 45 and 90 degrees. Accessible through the all-steel cabinet, the 1 HP 115V/230V single phase TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor is wired for 115V and spins the cutter heads at 6000 RPM. The machine also features a 4” dust port.

2. Powermatic 1791317K 54HH

Powermatic floor standing jointer

The 6” Powermatic cabinet jointer has a helical cutter head with four-sided carbide inserts working at a 14-degree angle for minimizing fiber disturbance and a cutting capacity of 6 x 1/2″. The unit is powered by a 1 HP 115V-/230V, 1-phase motor (prewired: 115V) mounted in the all steel cabinet and delivers 6000 RPM. The  6 x 1/2 66 x 7-1/4” table is precision ground cast iron with a hand-wheel below it, 32-1/2” in-feed and out-feed tables, and a long handle for making precise height adjustments. The unit also has a cast iron fence that degrees to and away from the table and adjust seat at the vertical position as well as degree angles. 


JET JJ-6HHDX floor standing jointer

The 6” JET is equipped with a helical cutter head with four-sided staggered carbide inserts working at 6000 RPM, a 1HP 115V/230V motor (prewired at 115V) and 1/2” deep cutting capacity. The large cast iron table has a precision machined-finish and 32 3/4“ x 3.88” center fence that tilts two ways and has stops at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. The unit also features a dual position switch that enables under or over table mounting and a 4” dust port.

4. Powermatic 1610086K

Powermatic 1610086K floor standing jointer

The 8” Powermatic jointer is powered by a 1 HP 230V motor and has a cutter head speed of 7000 RPM and capacity of 8 x 1/2″. The unit is available with a knife cutter head or a helical cutter head with four-sided carbide inserts. There is an adjustment lever for adjusting the position of the in-feed table. There is also a hand wheel gear system for tilting the 38″ x 4” fence 45 degrees forward and back (positive stops at 90 degrees and 45, -45 degrees). The unit also has magnetic push blocks and a 4” dust port

5. Shop Fox W1741

Shop Fox W1741 floor standing jointer

The Shop Fox W1741 has a parallelogram design for better adjustment and calibration and a 3 HP TEFC 220V single phase motor. The four HSS knives operate at 5,350 RPM and deliver a cut capacity of 8” width and 1/8” depth.  The machine has a rabbeting depth of 5/8”. There’s an 8”x76-5/16” out-feed table, 8”x43-3/8” in-feed table, and an easy-access lever and height gauge to adjust the tables. The jointer also features a 5” high, 35”x1-1/4” cast iron fence having stops at 45° inward and outward and 90° vertical, switch with thermal overload protection, and shielded bearings.

6. Jet JJ-8HH

Jet JJ-8HH floor standing jointer

The JJ-8HH has a helical design for improved performance and a cutting width of 8” and depth of  1/2″. The carbide inserts of the cutter head have a speed of 5500 RPM, powered by a 2HP single phase 230V motor. The 66-1/2” x 9” table has a 4″ high, 38-1/2” long fence that tilts 45 degrees right and 45 degrees left with stops at 45 degrees left, 90 degrees right and 45 degrees. The hand wheel has a locking knob for securing the height adjustments, and a dust collection system with a 4” port.

7. Shop Fox W1744S

Shop Fox W1744S floor standing jointer

This heavy-duty Shop Fox cabinet jointer features a cut width of 12” and depth of 1/8” inches and rabbeting depth of 3/4″. The large 83-1/2″ x 12-3/4″ table has a parallelogram adjustment system for ensuring proper alignment of the tables. The 3HP 220V motor delivers a speed of 4300 RPM for the cutter head with  indexable carbide inserts. The 46-3/4″ x 5-3/8″ center-mounted has a tilt lock and angles to 90 degrees straight and 45 degrees inwards and outwards.

8. Rikon 25-010

Rikon 25-010 floor standing jointer

A jointer/planer combo, the Rikon 25-010 has as a three-knife cutter head with HSS knives operating at 4800 RPM, and a 1.5 HP 120V/220V motor transferring power to the head with a flat ribbed drive belt. The machine has a depth capacity of 1/8” and a table size of 10-1/4” x 15-3/4” with in-feed and out-feed length of 19-3/4”. The aluminum fence has dimensions of 4-1/4” x 24-1/4”and tilts 0 to 45 degrees with positive stops at 90 and 45 degrees. There are also easy to operate levers for removing the fence and out-feed table.

9. Grizzly G0634XP

Grizzly G0634XP floor standing jointer

The Grizzly G0634XP is a combination planer/jointer equipped with a single phase 5HP 220V motor, twin V-belts, a 14″ x 59-1/2″ jointer table, and a 12-1/4″ x 23-1/8″ planer table.  The spiral cutter head has 32 inserts at a speed of 5034 RPM and a cut depth of 1/8”. The fence is 6” x 51-1/4” and the bevel capacity is 0 to 45 degrees. The planar has a feed rate of 22 FPM and a capacity of 8” high and 1/8” deep.

10. Grizzly G0495X

Grizzly G0495X floor standing jointer

The Grizzly cabinet jointer features a digital height readout ( displays in. or mm.), and a 3 HP 22V TEFC motor. The four-row spiral cutter head has 36 indexable carbide inserts and a speed of 7000 RPM. The center-mounted cast iron fence has dimensions of 38″ x 1-1/2″ x 4-3/4″ and stops at 45 degrees inward/outward at 90 degrees vertical. It is mounted on the 8-1/8″ x 82-1/2 table.  The unit also features pedestal mounted switch controls and a magnetic switch thermal overload protection.

By BCR Staff
May 2019