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BCR ToolsEvery homeowner needs some good power and hand tools for quick DIY fixes. Even if you’re a novice handyman, you must have at least a basic toolkit to handle emergency repairs. For example, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers are vital whenever screws come loose. Wrenches let you quickly tighten pipe joints before a water leak becomes a flood. Likewise, putty knives are essential for applying spackle to sudden dents or cracks in your walls. Therefore, stocking your garage or basement with solid, efficient tools before problems develop is smart.

Picking which tools are right for your home and skill level is becoming increasingly complex, though. For that reason, Best Choice Reviews strives to make sorting through the spectrum of tools easy. Our trusted website writes fair, honest reviews on superior tools every home should have.

According to the Smithsonian Institute, toolmaking began over 2.6 million years ago during the Stone Age. Early humans used rocks, animal bones, wood, and other primitive products to suit their needs. Eons later, technological innovation has sprouted the biggest variety of tools ever. Once difficult household tasks can now be completed with a touch of the button; no elbow grease required. Presently, the United States has around 22,000 hardware stores packed with tools of superior craftsmanship. Gardner Intelligence reported that spending on machine tools will grow 11 percent in 2019 to $7.74 billion nationally. Tools to cover your building, plumbing, electrical, and landscaping needs are abundant. The BCR team wants to point you toward the best professional-grade tool investments.

Make the Internet Your Go-To Hardware Store

Online shopping is the latest buzz renovating the home goods market. Though the World Wide Web was born on March 12, 1989, e-commerce is a relatively new development. Online stores now make it possible to purchase nearly any product you desire and have it mailed right to your porch. Fortune reported that more than 190 Americans shop online each year. One item shoppers are crazy about are new tools and gadgets that make life easier. The internet is likely much more accessible than your town’s Home Depot or Lowe’s. Instead of fighting the weekend crowds, you can peacefully pick out your chosen tools online anytime 24/7. During an intensive renovation, online retailers save you from miles of back and forth shopping trips.

Moreover, online consumers are able to get more informed about different types of tools. In physical stores, there are shelves and shelves of tools that, to beginners, look similar. But online, companies list detailed descriptions and videos of the tools in action so you can be in the know before you buy. E-commerce stores will also have ratings from other buyers attesting to how good or bad their tool experience was. Best Choice Reviews uses their insights and our own research to choose the top favorites. Online shopping makes it simple to compare prices from multiple vendors with only a mouse click. Additionally, tools are frequently less expensive online thanks to sales, member discounts, and free shipping offers. If you don’t live nearby stores, the amount you save on gas can be worth it alone. Web browsers also have the strictest security protocol they ever have to keep online buys safe.

Nail Down Unbeatable Online Tool Deals

Supplying your home with drills, sanders, hand saws, and more gets pretty costly fast. One quick online search for air compressors turned up prices from $69 to $1,079. Big price tags are particularly tough to stomach when you’re undertaking a large project. After all, HomeAdvisor estimated a national average of $43,355 for remodeling multiple rooms. Best Choice Reviews strives to get readers the best bang for the buck, though. Our researchers pore over wide-ranging financial figures to find the market’s most affordable. Locating bargain deals without compromising quality is our specialty. When surveying valuable tools, we prioritize the following three factors:

Reliability: Having a full tool belt is useless if the tools don’t work when you need them most. Imagine measuring the perfect spot to place your drywall when the nailer fails. Similarly, you’d be mad if the miter saw malfunctioned during your crown molding project. That’s why Best Choice Reviews plays close attention to each tool’s reliability. Our diligent staff strives for the toughest tools made of durable materials which can last years. From pliers to staplers, we’ve outlined an assortment of robust tools that won’t leave you hanging.

Technical innovation: Tools have come a long way throughout human history, including in the last few decades. It’s likely you’re not even using the same tools your parents or grandparents did. To stay up-to-date, Best Choice Reviews looks for tech advancements that revolutionize home repairs. For example, we’ve researched top-notch jointers that make wood edges smooth fast. Our team has found levels with lasers for effortless straight lines. Of course, we’ve also looked for excellent battery chargers to keep these innovative tools going.

Customer support: Not everyone is born Bob the Builder or Tim the Tool Man. Given that, Best Choice Reviews seeks user-friendly tools that come with some assistance. Most top brands like Bosch, Stanley, Hitachi, and DeWalt have created customer service departments. We prioritize products backed by world-class support as well as money back guarantees. Our researchers even investigate the availability of well-written directions. Whether table saws, die grinders, or heat guns, we want to make sure you can use the tools we suggest safely.

Fill Your Tool Box with DIY Essentials Online

Now’s the time to expand your arsenal of household tools with Best Choice Reviews. Below we’ve linked to several “top 10” lists for impressive tools from jigsaws to hammers. Choosing items from each subset will make you prepared for unforeseen interior or exterior mishaps. Ultimately, our website aims to have rankings on every tool your home workshop needs. We invite you to start scanning through our reliable reviews on high-performing tools that will get the job done right.

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