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Top 10 Best Cyclometers

For the true cycling enthusiast, there is usually nothing better than being able to brag about endurance, elevation, and particularly long trips that make others envious of your skills and endurance. This is one major point of pride for those who have traded in their running shoes for a set of wheels, and it’s generally enabled by a cyclometer. Sometimes referred to as a cyclocomputer, or cycling computer, these small devices are easily mounted onto a bike in order to track its movement, distance, and other factors that characterize most rides.

These top cyclometers come in a number of different styles, all with different features and capabilities than competing models. For cycling enthusiasts who are looking for the best cyclometers in the industry, there are ten absolutely superb ones to choose from.

1. Blackburn Atom SL 5.0

cyclometer 10

Blackburn’s sterling reputation for producing great bike computers is left unharmed with its Atom SL 5.0 model. A barometric altimeter is featured on this model, as is extended wireless range for extreme usability. Up to two wheel sizes can be compensated for, and a universal mount keeps the device in check on bikes of any size. With its large display and long line of functions, it’s easily the best combination of functionality and value available.

2. Planet Bike Protégé 9.0

cyclometer 2

Planet Bike’s cyclometer features an odometer that can be programmed to two different wheel sizes on the same bike. Total trip mileage, as well as trip time, is calculated effortlessly. The bike computer can also monitor the outdoor temperature, and it offers wired transmission of data throughout the trip and afterward. Maximum and average speeds are monitored, as is the bike’s current speed.

3. Blackburn Delphi 3.0

cyclometer 1

Blackburn has long been one of the most trusted names in cyclometers, and the company’s Delphi 3.0 bike computer is evidence of why. Wired transmission is featured in this model, and the device can track up to 100 hours of ride time per single trip. A lifetime odometer is also included. Eleven wheel sizes are pre-programmed into the device for easy adaptation to any bike. This is a great cyclometer for oversized handlebars, as both regular and oversized handlebars are supported.

4. Cateye CC-ED300 Enduro

cyclometer 4

CatEye is another major brand in cyclometers, and the company’s Enduro line is one of the most popular among cyclists. This version, the CC-ED300, tracks maximum, current, and average speed. It can also measure the distance and time of the trip. Two wheel speeds, and two trips, can be accounted for and tracked at any time. Automatic start is included as a standard feature, and the device comes with a low power mode for conserving battery life.

5. Schwinn 20-Function Bike Computer

cyclometer 5

Schwinn is well-known for its bikes, but the company also maintains a great cyclometer product for its dedicated enthusiasts. Its 20-function bike computer can track speeds, total trip distance, the time of the trip, the number of calories burned during any ride, and a whole host of other factoids. It’s easily one of the most capable and powerful computers on the market, and it can be universally mounted on any bike, even those not produced by Schwinn itself.

6. Blackburn Delphi 4.0

cyclometer 3

The Delphi 4.0 is a slightly more evolved version of the 3.0 model. It features slightly more accurate trip mileage readings, and the device monitors current, average, and maximum speeds throughout a ride. A 20-lap memory is included with the device, and a backlight makes it easy to track trips even in very low lighting situations.

7. Polar CS100 HRM Cyclometer

cyclometer 6

This is a cyclometer with a wireless sensor that allows for the Polar CS100 to track current, average, and maximum speed during a ride. Trip time, and the current time of day, is also tracked via this device. The “HRM” in the model number stands for heart rate monitor, which is included with this bike computer. The Polar model is a great cyclometer for tracking calories burned and heart rate for dedicated workout buffs and cycling enthusiasts alike.

8. Bell F12 Bike Computer

cyclometer 7

Bell’s F1 bike computer features auto stop and auto start, as well as a reading for current, average, and maximum speeds. This weather resistant cyclometer gives it an edge on many competing products that just can’t be used in more inclement weather situations. A 12-hour and 24-hour clock can be viewed, as well.

9. SIGMA BC906

cyclometer 8

The SIGMA BC906 is a nine-function bike computer that is refreshingly simplistic. The screen is one of the largest and most easily visible in the industry, and installation of the device’s sensors and screens can be done without any tools. Trip time, speeds, and a clock are all included with this top cyclometer, making it a great option for riders who need a  larger display with more easily readable trip information.

10. CatEye Velo 8 Bicycle Computer

cyclometer 9

The CatEye Velo 8 is actually sold as the company’s entry-level bike computer model, but it’s near the top of this ranking due to its ease of use and its large display. The display featured on the CatEye model is reminiscent of the SIGMA model, but CatEye’s commitment to functions, monitoring, and quality, makes it a better buy for many cycling enthusiasts.

The market for cyclometers is big and growing quickly, as consumers look to track their fitness and endurance with a simple product that requires minimal hassle and effort. With great brands, displays, and functions, these ten options represent the best value and technology currently available.

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