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Top 10 Best Cordless Circular Saws

Getting the job done right always requires a good array of the proper tools. Many people see tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, drills, and tape-measures as the basics of any able handyman’s arsenal. But there is more to a good tool stock than just these items alone.

The circular saw has always been a highly integral part of any tool selection. Unlike yesteryear though, cordless circular saws are rapidly becoming the standard; effectively providing an alternative to bulky, cord-hindered, older circular saws. We gathered information from all over so as to discern which of today’s cordless circular saws are winners and which are not. Here is our top-ten list of the very best cordless circular saws available.

1. Milwaukee 0730-22

saw 1

The Milwaukee 0730-22 is arguably the best all-around cordless circular saw on the market at this point. Its power and endurance closely mock that of corded saws while its maneuverability, functions, and design make it as adaptable as ever. The saw is powered by a 28-volt, lithium-ion battery system and provides excellent cutting power with a 4200-r.p.m. cutting speed, perfect as a cordless saw for woodworking, or a cordless saw for cutting metal. Enjoy fast-acting electronic brakes, a tactile comfort-grip, and adjustable bevel sway and blade depth.

2. DeWalt DCS391L1

saw 2

The DCS391L1 is DeWalt’s brainchild for heavy-duty, professional-grade cutting and ripping. It’s 20-volt, 3,700 r.p.m output makes this the perfect cordless circular saw for plastics or the toughest wood. The over-molded comfort-grip provides the utmost comfort for repeated use. The 50-degree bevel adjustment and the very high quality magnesium shoe also make for a great feel of control and power.

3. Makita BSS610

saw 3

Also coming in very high on the list of top cordless circular saws is the Makita-BSS610. Mount the appropriate blade and cut through just about any building material with this high-powered, 18-volt, lithium-ion taskmaster. Experience reduced fatigue and enhanced control with its ergonomic, 7-pound design. And you can cut and rip with the tenacity of any cord-powered model. If its rugged design and strong performance aren’t enough, there’s also a built-in dust blower and LED light system.

4. Milwaukee 2630-20

saw 4

The Milwaukee 2630-20 is a real cutting machine, perfect as cordless saw for plywood or metal. Its 18-volt, lithium-ion, 3,500 r.p.m output ensures great cutting power and duration. The advanced braking system brings the blade to a quick stop for optimal safety. Also noteworthy are it’s very cool on-board battery gauge and its lightweight, highly maneuverable design.

5. DeWalt DC390B

saw 5

The DeWalt DC390B is an ideal must-have for those doing light professional work or heavy DIY home jobs. This very capable, medium duty, 18-volt provides 3,700 r.p.m of spin power. Cut any angle with the 50-degree bevel range. And with the fan-cooled motor and replaceable service brushes, you can be sure to finish the job.

6. Hitachi C18DLP4

saw 6

This 18-volt, 6-1/2″ cordless circular saw is another fantastic, medium-duty choice.  If you’re in need of a cordless circular saw for cutting vinyl siding or any other type of household job, this is an excellent choice. It features lithium-ion slide-loading batteries, 50-degree bevel range, and a built-in focus-flashlight. For the safety minded worker, the electronic, quick-brake system prevents long periods of blade-spin after trigger release. And for that extra confidence, Hitachi extends its lifetime lithium-ion tool warranty.

7. Craftsman C3

saw 7

The Craftsman C3 is a high-powered, small-blade circular saw; housing a 5-1/2″ blade while being propelled by a strong, 19.2-volt drive. The 45-degree bevel range, 4,500 r.p.m blade speed, and the 1-9/16″ deep cut depth make any trim job a breeze. The C3 also features a high-quality, lock-fast arbor and die-cast aluminum blade guards.

8. Kawasaki 840441

saw 8

Those looking for an overall solid, medium-duty, lightweight cordless circular saw may be fitted well to the Kawasaki 840441. The 840441 is a 19.2-volt, 3,700 r.p.m circular that features a special rip fence, a variable speed trigger switch, and a laser guide system. Take comfort in the associated Kawasaki warranty and get to making all those cuts and rips.

9. Ryobi P501

saw 9

The Ryobi P501 is a very handy and reliable, lighter-duty, cordless circular saw. It is 18-volt and can run on old Ryobi batteries as well as newer lithium-ion batteries. The spindle lock is located so that blade changes are quick and easy. One more great feature: left-side blade configuration. This makes seeing the cut area and the associated body physics of cutting much easier and safer.

10. PowerSmith MLCS12C

saw 10

In the light-duty, cordless circular saw arena, the PowerSmith MLCS12C is a performer. Running a 4″ blade at 4,800 r.p.m from a 12-volt battery is quite impressive. The adjustable cut depth and bevel range provide good versatility while the machine’s size and shape make it comfortable and controllable for any user.

That wraps-up our list of the top ten offerings in the cordless circular saw market. Make an educated choice and get the best cordless circular saw for your needs.

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