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Top 10 Best Beginner Telescopes

Going hundreds of years back, mankind has marveled at the stars. Astronomy and the use of telescopes have gained recognition over the years for value in science and even personal hobby and amusement. Today, telescopes are crucial in all sorts of wondrous, science-based endeavors. Even better – you do not have to hold a fancy title or even have relevant education to see what the professionals see.

For those interested in getting started peering into space and all its wonder, we review the ten best beginner telescopes. These models are sure to satiate any star-gazing beginner. So hold on as we get you on your way to your own personal space odyssey.

1. Celestron 130SLT

Celestron NexStar

Celestron’s NexStar 130 SLT is our top pick in the beginner’s category, proving that a good telescope sucks people into the hobby, rather than pushing them away. This telescope has it all for beginners and is quality-built. Enjoy the luxury of a 40,000-object, pre-programmed database; no more time wasted searching and finding nothing. Fantastic aperture, range, motorized mount, F5 focal ratio, and 650mm focal length enable anyone to immediately see far-off wonders such as Jupiter’s belts and Mars’ ice formations.

2. Celestron 4SE

The Celestron 4SE is another amazing beginner’s telescope. The computerized mount and guidance system carries nearly 40,000 pre-programmed objects with additional programmability. The computer will also give expanded information on many objects. The included SkyAlign system allows for quick, 3-object alignments. Great range and extremely easy assembly also make the beginner’s life easier.

3. Orion StarBlast 6i

Orion StarBlast
Orion’s response to competitors in the beginner’s telescope market: have a seat and get comfortable. The StarBlast 6i incorporates an easy to use, all-digital, 14,000 pre-programmed object interface into a clever and comfortable, table-top design. Other great perks to this high-performance, table-top telescope include its 6″ aperture optics, 750mm focal length, and EZ Finder aiming device.

4. Celestron 90LCM

Celestron 90LCM
Ranking high on our top ten list again is Celestron with its 90LCM model. Terrestrial and celestial viewing are great with this beginner’s 90mm-refracting telescope. The computer system boasts 4,000 pre-programmed objects for quick location as well as open ports for auxiliary additions such as GPS. Go bird-watching, whale-watching, star-gazing and more with this great beginner’s telescope.

5. Meade ETX-80AT-TC

Meade ETX
The Meade ETX-80AT-TC comes available in a kit and is successfully designed for supreme portability and convenience. And although this beginner’s telescope is not the deepest space-seer, it is hands-down the most convenient and portable telescope on our list. Go bird-watching or star-studying anywhere with this model’s collapse feature, fitting into its accompanying book bag. Specifications include 400mm focal length, 80mm refraction, internal flip controls, and much more.

6. Ioptron SmartStar N114

Beginners can be certain of a great starter telescope with the Ioptron SmartStar N114. Ease in assembly and great aperture rates make this model a winner. Features include 114mm aperture, GPS coordinate-system, “dead spot” elimination design, and a very easy to learn computer interface. The SmartStar N114 also boasts the market’s largest LCD screen for an even more pleasurable experience.

7. Ioptron SmartStar R80

The Ioptron SmartStar R80 is a great option for beginners and novices. The scope and build of this model are particularly small and portable. Setup is very quick. The interface is easy to use. The R80’s 80mm scope aperture, enlarged LCD screen, dual eye-pieces, AC and DC powering options, and good hand-control system make every viewing experience a blast.

8. Bushnell Talking Reflector

Bushnell northstar
Bushnell’s Talking Reflector Telescope astounds and teaches newbie astrologers about many space objects and concepts. The 4mm and 20mm eye-pieces combined with its power-boosting lens ensure great experiences every time. The quick-release tripod makes portability easy while its 20,000-object, pre-programmed database makes sightseeing a breeze. Beginners can feel like a real NASA scientist working from the back-lit buttons, illuminated LCD, and space-age control module.

9. Orion SpaceProbe 3

orion space probe
Orion does a good job suiting the beginner with its SpaceProbe 3 telescope. A detailed look at the moon’s craters, or distant stars, or even space junk is very possible with the unit’s 3-inch primary mirror and dual eye-pieces. EZ Finder technology ensures that finding objects requires zero experience. Manual object tracking is also simple with the SpaceProbe’s equatorial mounting system.

10. Zhumell Eclipse 114

The Zhumell Eclipse 114 gives beginning star-gazers hands-on control of a very respectable 114mm aperture. Motor-driven, this telescope automatically adjusts angle, compensating for the earth’s constant rotation. Zhumell extends its confidence on this model with a 3-year warranty. And the included dual eye-pieces, equatorial mount system, and easy-to-use programming can easily make beginning, casual partakers into enthusiasts.

That finishes off our top ten list of today’s best beginner’s telescopes. With one of these top choices for telescopes for the beginner, you’ll be seeing stars in no time.

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