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10 Best Drone Accessories

For seasoned drone enthusiasts and beginners alike, stay tuned, because our review of today’s best drone accessories is just ahead. There are many types of drone accessories out at this point and at a wide range of quality levels at that. From drone landing pads to repair kits, carrying cases, and beyond, we’ve got the scoop on all the best accessories. So, without further adieu, here are the top, ten drone accessories that are available for purchase right now.

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1. Neewer 50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit



Neewer 50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro 7 GoPro Hero 6 5 4 3+ Hero Session 5 Apeman DJI OSMO Action SJ6000 DBPOWER AKASO VicTsing Rollei Lightdow Campark best drone accessories

For those specifically interested in updating their drone camera’s status, this 50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit by Neewar really has something for everyone. Compatible with many different kinds of drone camera systems, this kit includes a lot of useful wares such as suction cup mounts, fastening straps for all kinds of applications, adhesive pads, anti-fog inserts, and plenty more. All said and done, this kit can really empower many drone cameras to work in many altogether new applications.

2. Jetfix Precision IT Screwdriver Set


Jetfix Precision IT Screwdriver Set + Magnetic & Auto-Stand kit - Drone/Computer/Watch/Cell Phone/PC/Laptop/Glasses/iPad/iMac/Macbook/iPhone/Tablet/Jewellers/DJI for Office & Home - 57pc best drone accessories

Any kind of drone pilot can greatly benefit from this quality-made Precision IT Screwdriver Set by Jetfix. Included in this comprehensive drone repair kit are many types of driver bits, a screwdriver, mechanical tweezers, a flexible bit extender, and lots more. A three-year warranty, handy travel bag, and stepped carry case also come with each of these must-have, fix-it-all kits.

3. Fstop Labs Drone and Quadcopter Landing Pad Accessory Set

Fstop Labs Drone and Quadcopter Landing Pad Accessories 32 inch, Waterproof Nylon for DJI Tello Mavic Phantom 3 4 Spark Mavic 2 Pro Zoom Air best drone accessories

Landing pad accessories can add a whole other game to drone flying, and this particular set by Fstop Labs is a great buy in this category. Users of this drone landing pad set can look forward to a dry, clean landing pad made of safe nylon that is reversible and foldable for either a 32″ or a 12″ landing site. Pin-down stakes hold the landing pad to most ground surfaces securely, while an accompanying carry tote provides handy, extra storage.

4. KePooMan DJI Mavic Pro Hard Case


DJI Mavic Pro Hard Case, Waterproof Carrying Case Hardshell Housing Case Suitcase Storage Bag for DJI Mavic Pro Drone-By Kepooman best drone accessories

Anyone who owns one of the popular DJI Mavic drones should seriously consider the KePooMan DJI Mavic Pro Hard Case. We put this one through the wringer, and this case really is highly protective, impact-resistant, and even waterproof. Inside the case, heavy layers of EPP foam create perfect, protective pockets for the drone itself and many accessories such as those drone replacement blades, batteries, chargers, and more. On the outside, a strong-body case snaps closed and stays that way, very securely, in all kinds of stresses and environments.

5. Tile Pro

Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery - 4 pack (2 x Black, 2 x White) best drone accessories

The Tile Pro is a small but powerful locator device perfect for those concerned with drone theft protection issues. Simply attach the tracker to your drone, drone case, or even those valuable drone accessories so that they are always able to be located via a phone or computer. What’s even better is the fact that if the tracked item is out of range, users of the Tile Pro can optionally tap the Tile Pro community to also help locate the item.

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6. Powerextra Waterproof Carrying Bag


Powerextra Waterproof Carrying Bag Cases Traveling Backpack for DJI 3 Professional, Advanced, Standard, 4K Quadcopter Drone and Accessories - Upgraded best drone accessories

Owners of the DJI 3 Professional, Advanced, or Standard model are well served by this stylish and highly protective carry bag. Inside the bag is a perfectly conformed, solid, waterproof carrying case with room for the drone, replacement propeller blades, a controller, batteries, and much more. Double layers of EVA protective, water-resistant material then compose the bag in which the case perfectly fits. Finally, several outer pockets provide even more storage opportunities for those smaller necessities you may want to bring along.

7. PGYTECH Night Flight LED Light


Mulong PGYTECH Night Flight LED Light for DJI Spark Drone Accessories Not Include the Battery best drone accessories

PGYTECH’s Night Flight LED Light is a perfect addition to the popular DJI Spark Drone that installs quickly and easily to its undercarriage and then provides some great, additional lighting options. Varying light intensities can be set as well as a flashing effect, and with the unit’s very lightweight design, it doesn’t greatly impede performance while in use. A seamless and resilient overall build also prevents damage for the long haul in this very cool drone accessory.

8. Foldable Signal Extender


DJI Mavic Pro Mavic Air Spark Accessories for DJI Mavic Pro / Mavic Air / Spark Controller Signal Booster Foldable Signal Extender Transmitter Antenna Range Extender DJI Spark Drone (Gold) best drone accessories

This Foldable Signal Extender is a great upgrade to a number of popular DJI drone models today. For use with the DJI Spark, DJI Mavica Pro, or the DJI Mavic Air, this easy foldaway signal extender mounts right to your drone’s controller and subsequently boosts output signal substantially. To do this, this signal extender utilizes an aluminum framework with a parabolic copper reflector to generate strong fan-beam signals easily heard by the sky-bound drone. We found this product to be especially useful in cutting right through heavy interference areas for continuously smooth drone operation.

9. Thriverline Drone Landing Pad with LED Light


Drones Landing Pad with LED Light for DJI MAVIC/SPARK/Phantom 3/Phantom 4PRO/PRO(Diameter70cm/27.6inch) best drone accessories

Thriverline’s LED-equipped drone landing pad really adds all-new flying fun and even extra drone safety and cleanliness at landing and takeoff time. Simply layout the pad, secure it to the ground with its accompanying stake set, hook up the light strip, and enjoy. In dark areas, this pad is very visible, and three light settings that allow for solid or flashing lights offer even more versatility. Even better, Thriverline offers a solid, one-year guarantee on this landing pad, so you can really enjoy a worry-free experience.

10. Skyreat Upgraded Tablet and Ipad Mount Holder Bracket

SKYREAT Upgraded Tablet Ipad Mount Holder Bracket for DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 2 Zoom / Mvic Air / Pro / Mavic Platinum ,DJI Spark Remote Controller best drone accessories

Finally, Skyreat’s Upgraded Tablet and Ipad Mount Holder Bracket is one of those accessories you’ll never want to go without once you try it. Essentially, this bracket securely holds your controller-mounted viewing device extended out closer to the face so that viewing and operation are much easier without otherwise hunching or pulling the entire controller close to the face for a closer view. The holder bracket is lightweight and folding, fits all viewing devices between 120mm and 190mm in width, and is definitely one of the best drone accessories specifically for a controller-based upgrade.

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By BCR Staff

July 2019

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