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Top 10 Best Tablets

Tablets are all the rage in hand-held devices. They have the functionality of a net book and the shape, size and ease of transport of a novel; a novel that contains a library the same way that Mary Poppins’ bag was endlessly full of delights. We all love tablets because they are the modern way to enjoy the New York Times or the latest New York Times’ Best Seller. The fully integrated, lightweight little module functions better than a smart phone to cruise the internet and is not as cumbersome as a laptop. Here is a list of 10 outstanding tablets that should be on the list when you are on the market for a sleek portable device.

1. Kindle Fire HD Tablet


This 7-inch tablet boasts anti-glare technology and a 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor for gorgeous speed and rich, vibrant colors no matter what the lighting conditions. It comes with icon-ready support for Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Hotmail and more. Kindle also supports a vast lending library with over a quarter-million books to borrow for free! Sign up for Kindle Prime to take advantage of all these spectacular features. For children, there is Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, which provides unlimited games, movies, books, television shows and much more!

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab II

samsung galaxy

With an 8-hour battery life and weighing less than a pound, this versatile, stylish, crowd-pleasing tablet is certainly priced well. The Samsung Hub home screen provides a user-friendly format, and a layout that puts your most popular apps right at your fingertips. The video hub sports a library of over 1,000 video titles and is adding more everyday. The Galaxy II also comes loaded with a camera, a photo editor, a planner, Netflix software, a Music hub, games, a Readers hub and so much more. 

3. Apple iPad Mini

apple mini
Unlike its uber-famous predecessor, this tablet can actually be held in one hand. If you like Apple products, this is the tablet for you. The easily recognizable operating system and the wealth of new apps that come preloaded will certainly remind you why Apple is a leader in the field of electronic devices. The exquisite multi-touch surface, the 2.4 Ghz Apple A5 processor, and the little bit of extra screen size that it has over the other 7-inch tablets edges this device out near the front of the pack.

4. Google Nexus 7

google nexus
Both inexpensive and unquestionably sophisticated, this tablet boasts a wealth of features such as the revolutionary Quad-core Tegra 3 processor, scratch-resistant glass, backlit display, and a super light 12 oz. body, just to name a few. With Google store apps and beastly processing speeds, this little device is great for Android programming. 

5. Microsoft Surface

This machine is a certified beast. A lightning fast i5 processor and Intel HD Graphics 4000 make this little device explode with precision and speed. The familiarity of a Windows operating system, like Windows 8 Pro, is a welcomed breath of fresh air. This tablet excels in productivity which makes the higher price tag seem more like a worthy investment than a luxurious electronic device, but make no mistake, it is also just that. 

6. Chromo Inc® White

A perfect beginner’s tablet for a child or for the adult who needs entertainment when they travel. It is lightweight, pretty fast, and the value cannot be beat! It is very user friendly and can handle a wealth of books and media sent directly to the tablet. A great gift for the child in your life who is dying for a tablet; perfect exposure!

7. ASUS VivoTab Smart ME400

This 10-inch tablet provides the Windows environment that so many of us are used to, and it is certainly the best value of any Windows tablet out there. The graphics are outstanding, the battery life clocks in at a whopping 11 hours, and the Intel Atom 1.8 GHz Duo Core Processor delivers a wizardly speed. It is extremely thin at .4 inches and weighs only 1.3 pounds. With an LED-flash, rear camera and instant access to the Windows App store, this Windows tablet will feel like a great investment the moment you turn it on.

8. Coby Kyros

This well-made, Android tablet is the perfect reader for those on a budget, but who still want the full functionality of good tablets. The built-in front-facing camera is perfect for video-conferencing and Skyping, and the keyboard and sound quality are all top-notch. It also comes with a wonderful built-in E-book reader and direct access to Google App store. You will not be disappointed for the fantastic price!

9. Blackberry Playbook

This groovy little device is Blackberry’s answer to the tablet craze sweeping the nation, and what a great answer it is. The look is severely chic, it weighs less than a pound and the camera faces both ways. It has multiple ways to connect to the internet and a stellar screen. The operating system is an upgrade from what Blackberry users know and love, as it is more intuitive and doesn’t use much memory at all. Resting in the median tablet price range, you are getting a great value for the price. 

10. Razor Edge Pro

razor edge
This device is hands down the fastest and most powerful tablet on the market today. Designed for PC gamers, the Intel Core i7 processor is the stuff of dreams. The NVIDIA GeForce Series graphics using Optimus technology will simply blow your hair back whether you are watching Avatar for the 300th time, or playing Assassin’s Creed 3.  This is the tablet for those of us who want to push our electronics to the edge. Boasting four different operational modes including tablet mode, PC mode, mobile console mode, and home console mode, this magnificent electronic creature will satisfy all of your computing needs. 

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