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Top 10 Best Gifts for Men

Cool, trendy, useful, fancy, eye-catching – these terms of certain endearment are what could best describe a fantastic man gift. And although any one generalization of the world’s second most populous gender would be inherently flawed, we can say without uncertainty that there are certain gifts out there that will win over just about any man.

While sparing you the outlandish such as fantasy cars, yachts, and personal helicopters, we have put together a realistic list of some of today’s coolest man gifts. Here is our list of the top 10 gifts for men of 2013.

1. Sony Xperia Tablet

sony tablet

It’s a remote control for your home electronics. It’s a tablet computer. It’s a camera. It’s a one-touch media sharing wizard. We are talking about the very impressive and very new Sony Xperia Tablet. This tablet provides top performance in just about every related category, and if you drop it in water, don’t worry. The Xperia and its 10-inch display are waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 3-feet of water.

2. Kindle Fire HD

kindle fire

In recent times, much of the world has become entranced with the Kindle; and rightfully so. This small, electronic device plays and stores media, surfs the internet wirelessly, can be used to read just about any book, and much more. The Kindle Fire HD is the highly evolved and most lusted-for version of the Kindle, featuring an 8.9-inch, high-definition screen, dual-band WI-fi, 4G LTE speeds, Dolby Audio, and many other amazing perks.

3. Daiwa Mini Fishing Rod

fishing rod

Although anyone can do it, fishing has long been a big-time “man hobby” and sport. The only problem sometimes is in carrying around all the necessary gear. The Daiwa Mini Fishing Rod makes it possible to go fishing anywhere, anytime. Its unique and sturdy design is collapsible for compact storage within a small accompanying travel case. This carry-anywhere rod-and-reel also boasts a reliable ball-bearing drive, multi-disc drag, and a 4.5-foot overall length.

4. Nike Fuelband

nike fuel

The new Fuelband by Nike is quite possibly the most hip, personal exercise tracking device available. This rubbery, elastic band is waterproof and abuse-resilient. Inside the band, a highly advanced micro-computer tracks vital statistics, distances traveled, calories burned, and more. In addition, its lit display is auto-adjusting to environmental lighting, it interfaces through Bluetooth, and quick-connects via USB.

5. Stone Drink Dispenser

stone drink dispenser

Perfect for any bachelor pad or man-cave, the Stone Drink Dispenser combines modern style with primitive, manly undertones in this fully functional conversation piece. Its bottom-heavy, stone design and quality tap system also ensure a seamless performance every time.

6. Overboard Waterproof iPad Case

waterproof ipad case

Imagine being able to have full use of your current iPad in just about any condition; dashed with sand on the beach, splashed with water, even completely submerged underwater. Such care-free, yet fully functional use is possible with the new Overboard Waterproof iPad Case. Maintain full, touch-screen use and let the mud, water, and sand fly. Construction is guaranteed as well as the product’s ability to always float.

7. Retron3 Video Game System


The Retron3 is a guaranteed successful gift for any man who was once a player of throwback video systems. Re-awaken nostalgia with this 3-in-1 video game system, capable of playing games by Genesis, Nintendo, and Super Nintendo. The system comes with two wireless controllers and the standard television connectors.

8. Numark USB Turntable


For the music aficionado, the Numark USB Turntable is a very high quality turntable and record player. With this gift, the man on your list will be able to quickly and easily play any older record as well as convert that record to digital format via USB connection. The turntable also features a very stylish build with digital read-outs, an effective vibration elimination system, and interchangeable tone-arm system.

9. Bradley Original Smoker

bradley smoker

The Bradley Original Smoker is sure to bring out the meat connoisseur in him. This highly rated, high quality smoker will smoke, slow-roast, and slow-cook to perfection. Intuitive controls, four removable racks, and the patented, Bradley smoking system truly make this smoker one of a kind.

10. Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Kit

goal zero

Combining modern tech with on-the-go, outdoors practicality, the Sherpa 50 Solar Kit by Goal Zero is a very cool and market-proven, portable solar power kit. The storage hub can be charged via the included solar panel, wall plug, and other methods. Meanwhile, output from the hub comes in the way of AC and DC power. Charge your phone through the USB port, power a regular laptop, plug-in a fan or lights; these are your options anywhere, anytime with the amazing Sherpa 50 setup.

Where practicality, the cool-factor, and modern tech combine, these are ten of today’s best gifts for men.

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