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Top 10 Best Kids Toys

In 2013, toys are anything but boring. Talking, moving, glowing, and dancing seem to be requirements for modern, popular toys. Fortunately, carries any toy your child could possibly want. With these toys, your child will be happy, entertained, and often even educated. Read on to discover our picks for the top ten toys of 2013.

1. Furby

Making a comeback, the popular and revitalized Furby is a fun choice for a child of any gender. Furbies talk, learn, and can be fed, both by finger or by a new online app. Furbies come in many colors and textures. This, along with their ability to learn, makes each Furby unique and the perfect toy for your child.

2. LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer

leap pad 2

For children with a love of learning and eager for fun, the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer is an excellent option. With 352 different applications, the LeapPad2 Explorer learn from every category: science, math, reading, art, geography, and more. The Explorer also features a video recorder and front and back cameras, allowing your child to capture their world and explore their creativity.

3. Disney Doc McStuffins Time for Your Checkup Interactive Talking Doll

doc mcstuffins

Based on a television show on Disney Channel, the Doc Mcstuffins Time for Your Check Up Doll with her pet lamb is a perfect toy for a little girl. This toy comes a medical kit to help keep “Lambie” healthy. Doc Mcstuffins also talks and sings the show’s theme song.

4. Vtech Switch and Go Dinos

For little boys, a good choice is a Vtech Switch and Go Dino. This toy transforms from dinosaur to behicle in a few child friendly steps. When the talk button is pressed, these toys make noises, including phrases and facts about dinosaurs. Built into each toy is an LCD screen which displays dinosaur and vehicle animations.

5. Pillow Pets Dream Lite

pillow pets
Pillow Pets have stepped up their game. This new version of Pillow Pets, Pillow Pets Dream Lite, lights your children’s room in starlight. The built-in night light runs on batteries to bathe the walls and ceiling in stars. It also includes a sleep timer that turns the lights off after a predetermined time.

6. Fisher-Price Disney’s Jake and The Never Land Pirates – Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship Bucky

jake ship

Also based on a Disney television show is the Fisher Price Jake and the Neverland Pirates Musical Pirate Ship. This ship features a crow’s nest and a spring loaded cannon, which fires water balls. Beneath a hidden trapped door is the Tick Tock Croc, a character from the show. The battle ship has 25 catch phrases and songs. Along with the water balls, the ship also comes with Jake and Skully. The ship rocks back and forth, creating a realistic wave ride. On the box, a code provides fun that can be unlocked on a smartphone.

7. Monster High High School Playset

monster highMonster High toys have really taken off. These dolls are high school students based on popular fictional creatures. Now, the whole high school can be bought for the dolls. This school holds many rooms based on the Monster High webisodes. It features lockers, mad science classroom, and Creepateria. The high school is two stories tall and has many accessories, including two student desks, gargoyles, frogs, bowls of food, pumpkins, bleachers, and much more to complete the spooky high school setting.

8. Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister Vehicle terrain twister

For an outdoorsy and adventurous child, an exciting toy is the Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister Vehicle. This toy is remote controlled and can cover multiple terrains including dirt, sand, grass, water, and snow. The remote control is simple to use, with two buttons that control the vehicle, making it move forward, backward, and sideways.

9. FIJIT Friends Interactive Toys

Fijit Friends have many different types and colors. These are interactive toys that can react to over 100 built in jokes and phrases. Fijit Friends are soft, mobile, and can dance along to music. Each Fijit Friend has its own unique personality. When your child wishes her Fijit Friend goodnight, the toy will go to sleep and its stomach will glow.

10. Illumivor Radio Controlled Mecha-Shark

Perhaps the coolest toy in 2013 is the Illumivor Radio Controlled Mecha-Shark. Measuring 18 inches from nose to tail, this shark with threatening teeth, red eyes, and sound effects also glows in the dark. Moved by the remote control, the shark “swims” across the floor to scary, ominous music.

This concludes our list of the top ten toys for 2013. With one or two of these engaging toys in your child’s collection, you’ll never have to endure the phrase, “I’m bored” again.

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