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Top Ten Best Compound Sliding Miter Saws

By BCR Staff
March 2019

This article describes the top 10 best compound sliding miter saws available online.

An ideal saw for making angled cuts, miter saws are an essential component of a woodworkers toolbox. These days, the saws come with a variety of enhancements for accuracy, usability and durability of the machine. When selecting a miter saw, you may want to consider its power, blade size and make, miter, bevel and fence options, cut guide availability, and, of course, the manufacturer. Here are 10 of the best compound miter saws on the market.



The DeWalt 12″ miter saw is equipped with a carbide blade, 15 amp, 4,000 RPM motor, and an adjustable miter with 11 positive stops. The bevel range is up to 48 degrees left and 3 degrees right. The miter cut capacity (dimensional lumber) at 45 degrees is 4”x4” (max height) and 2”x6” (max width), and the crosscut capacity (dimensional lumber) at 90 degrees is 4”x6”. The fence enables 5-1/4” crown molding and 6-1/2” base molding. Also, a weight of 42 pounds and a carry handle make the DW715 easy to transport.

2. Ryobi ZRTSS120L

Ryobi ZRTSS120L

The Ryobi sliding compound miter saw offers a 12” carbide-tipped blade and a sliding head with max crosscut capacity of up to 13-1/4” powered by a 15 amp motor. The miter gauge has nine miter stops with ball and detent action and a miter detent override lever. The miter stops are present at common crown molding angles for quick cut settings. To further enhance the accuracy, the machine is fitted with an adjustable laser guide. The well-positioned dust port optimizes dust collection.



The popular DeWalt DWS780 sliding miter saw features a 12” blade, 15 amp, 3,800 RPM motor, back fence design, and a new cross-cut alignment system consisting of a bright LED light to precisely indicate where the blade meets the material. The machine has a cutting capacity of 6-3/4” vertical, 13-7/8” horizontal, 2”x16” at a 90 degrees and 2”x12” at a 45-degrees, and it allows you to bevel to 49 degrees right and left. Combining precision with durability the saw has a stainless steel plate and rugged guards.

4. Bosch CM10GD

Bosch CM10GD

The Bosch CM10GD features a hinged glide arm system (in place of the sliding rail system of a slide miter saw) for increased workroom and smooth operation. The miter enables you to set cuts up to 47 degrees right or left by locking the head in place with a crown/chop lock. The cut capacity of the miter saw is 12” horizontal, 5-1/2” vertical, and 6” crown capacity against the fence. The unit has a 15 amp motor providing a max RPM of 4,800.

5. Hitachi C12RSH2

Hitachi C12RSH2

The Hitachi C12RSH2 sliding compound miter saw has a 12” 60T TCT blade, a 15 amp motor and a laser marker system for increased accuracy. The machine has a cut capacity of  4-3/16”x12-1/4” for 90-degree crosscut and 4-11/16”x10-3/16” for 45-degree miter, and a miter angle of up to 57 degrees right and 45 degrees left. The fence has a height to 5-1/8” and enables cutting up to 7-1/2” crown molding. The unit also features an elastomer grip for easy pick up and vibration reduction.

6. Makita LS1018

Makita LS1018

The compact LS1018 has a 13 amp, 4300 RPM direct drive motor for smooth starts and consistent performance and a 10”, 40T blade that cuts up to 12” at 90° and 8-1/2” at 45°. The miter sets at up to 47 degrees left and 60 degrees right with positive stops at common angles in both directions. The Makita 10″ miter saw also features a ball bearing system for increased accuracy, electric brake, extension wing, dust bag, agronomic rubberized handle, and large aluminum base for support.

7. Delta S26-271LDelta S26-271L

A candidate for the best sliding miter saw for the money, the Delta S26-271L is a single-bevel sliding miter saw with a 12” blade and a powerful 4000 RPM motors that deliver a cut capacity of 13.5”. The saw also features a laser for guiding the cuts. The miter angle capacities are 50° right and 45 degrees left and can be adjusted for crown molding at various common angles.

8. Makita LS1019L

Makita LS1019L

The LS1019L Makita 10″ miter saw features a 2- steel rail sliding system for improved efficiency and a linear ball bearing system for increased accuracy. The motor is 15.0 amp direct drive with soft start and delivers 3,200 RPM for the 60T micro-polished blade. The cutting capacities are 12” for crosscutting (90 degrees), 6-5/8″ for crown molding (vertically nested) and 5-1/4″ for baseboard (vertical). The miter and bevel angles are up to 60° right/left and 48° right/left respectively.

9. Delta 26-2250 12″, 26-2240 10”

Delta 26-2250

Available in 12” and 10” models, the Delta sliding Cruzer miter saw has a cross cut capacity of 17.5” and a crown molding capacity of up to 7.5” with the 12” blade and a cross cut of 15.5” and crown molding capacity of 6.25” with the 10” blade. The loading arm bracket is made of military-grade aluminum for increased accuracy. The sliding tension adjustment allows you to set your own tension level, and the miter capacity is 60 degrees right and 50 degrees left with 10 stops. The saw runs on a 15 amp motor with belt drive.

10. Genesis GMS1015LC

Genesis GMS1015LC

The Genesis GMS1015LC has a 10” 60 T carbide-tipped blade and a laser cutting guide for more accurate cutting. Make miter cuts left or right using the nine position stops and bevel cuts up to 45 degrees in the left direction. One of the best compound sliding miter saws we have found, the Genesis also comes with an arbor lock for quick changing of blades, an electric brake for quickly stopping the blade, extension wings, a die-cast aluminum base, hold down clamp, dust bag, and batteries for blade and laser.

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