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Top 10 Best Probiotic Powder

For many, one of the best ways to restore or even just maintain digestive health is through the use of one of our top 10 probiotic powder products. Probiotics, including organisms such as Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and numerous yeasts, are also known as “good bacteria” and are essential to the human digestive system and maintaining normal function therein. Not all of these probiotic products, however, are of the same quality, and fluctuations in things like quality, efficacy, and even pricing across the market ultimately determine the best and worst of them all. Here to cut straight to the chase in this line of digestive health products, we bring you our list of the best probiotic powders available online.

1. Now Foods Probiotic-10 50 Billion Powder

Probiotic-10 50 Billion Powder by Now Foods is a great choice in affordable probiotic powder products right now. This probiotic mix holds 10 clinically validated strains of probiotics and is completely dairy, soy, and gluten-free. Quality assured, Now Foods crafts this product in strict accordance with FDA and Natural Product Association standards.

NOW Foods Top Ten Probiotic Powder

2. Hyperbiotics Organic Prebiotic Powder

Those looking for a top probiotic powder that is 100% food-based in origin will find Organic Prebiotic Powder by Hyperbiotics a definite winner. Hyperbiotics manufactures this probiotic blend without gluten, dairy, soy, or psyllium components, and it is an ideal starter probiotic course for laying the groundwork for well-established, long-term gut health. Some of the core, food-based components of this mix include green bananas, acacia, and Jerusalem artichokes.

Hyperbiotics Top Ten Probiotic Powder

3. Douglas Laboratories Multi-Probiotic 40 Billion Powder

Another of the best probiotic powder blends out there right now comes to us courtesy of Douglas Laboratories via their high-quality Multi-Probiotic 40 Billion Powder. This probiotic powder features a unique, “synbiotic” blend of probiotics and prebiotic fiber that gets right to the source of many digestive issues. Even better, a notably neutral taste makes ingestion a breeze compared to many similar competing products on the market right now.

Douglas Laboratories Top Ten Probiotic Powder

4. Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete Probiotic Powder

When it comes to ultra high-quality probiotic blends, it doesn’t get much better than this 100-billion, high-CFU blend by Klaire Labs. Featured here are 12 safe and highly beneficial probiotic strains in a blend that even features 25-billion CFU in a hypoallergenic, chicory-based form. All strains here are cultivated from plant sources, and the company’s Intactic technology guarantees introduction through the whole gut as opposed to just the initial parts of the digestive system.

Klaire Labs Top Ten Probiotic Powder

5. Garden of Life Raw Probiotics 5-Day Max Care Pack

Garden of Life’s Raw Probiotics 5-Day Max Care Pack really performs well for those seeking only a temporary, restorative boost to the digestive and immune systems. This pack offers the consumer five days of pre-measured probiotic doses with each of those doses containing 34 probiotic strains at a CFU count of 400-billion. Additionally, this product is 100% USDA-certified organic as well as 100% non-GMO.

Garden of Life Top Ten Probiotic Powder

6. Custom Probiotics 11-Strain Custom Probiotic Powder

Far from being a cheap probiotic powder, Custom Probiotics’ 11-Strain Custom Probiotic Powder is a true, high-quality performer. Here, we get a 260-billion CFU blend that is super-potent and 100% dairy-free. Highly favored by individuals on the GAPS Diet, this blend includes some of the best quality L. Casei, L. Lactis, and B. Lactis probiotics available to the general market right now, and the flavor going down is a non-issue as well.

Custom Probiotics Top Ten Probiotic Powder

7. Designs for Health Probiotic Synergy Powder

Designs for Health provides us with a truly solid choice with its Probiotic Synergy Powder. This special probiotic blend contains five highly acid and bile-resistant strains that are assured to find an introduction into the whole digestive system. It is rated at 20-billion CFU per serving. Prebiotic inulin fiber is also present in each serving, providing just the right groundwork for the remaining cultures to be able to do their jobs effectively.

Designs for Health Top Ten Probiotic Powder

8. NUTRABELIEF Probiotics with Prebiotics 30-Pack

Fans of pre-measured, quality, yet affordable probiotics systems are certainly well-served by this 1-month regimen of 2g., pre-measured servings by NUTRABELIEF. Each serving of this blend provides 11-billion CFU and six probiotic strains. Additional points here go to the company’s use of comprehensive, third-party testing as well as being made in the USA and without any GMO components.

NUTRABELIEF Top Ten Probiotic Powder

9. Country Life Realfood Organics Probiotic Powder

Country Life’s Realfood Organics Probiotic Powder is a top pick in probiotics due to a number of game-winning attributes. First, this is a 100% organic product that utilizes only plant-based cultures from 20 carefully-chosen, raw fruits and vegetables. Next, just the right amount of inulin is included in each serving so as to encourage the very best probiotic effects. Finally, Country Life went out of their way to assure that this product is free of all that common nonsense found in many other products today; it’s free of gluten, dairy, soy, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.

Country Life Top Ten Probiotic Powder

10. Probios Multi-Species Dispersible Probiotic Powder

Last but certainly not least on our list, Probios comes to us with their top-rated Multi-Species Dispersible Probiotic Powder. This effective yet highly affordable probiotic blend offers multi-species formulation, so it’s great for humans as well as a wide variety of animals with digestive issues. Aside from this great perk, Probios’ probiotic powder offers 1-million CFUs per gram, is very neutral and palatable, and is also especially effective at restoring lost appetite and proper digestive rhythm.

Probios Top Ten Probiotic Powder



By BCR Staff

September 2019