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Top 10 Best Vegan Jerky

This article will present the top 10 best vegan jerky products online.

When most people think of jerky, they think of beef and other meat products, but there are some great vegan jerky alternatives on the market. The best vegan jerky products contain top-quality ingredients that are safe for those who follow a vegan diet for religious or health reasons. You can choose from different flavors that taste just like real meat but do not contain meat or any meat by-products. The best flavors will melt in your mouth and help you beat any of the cravings you have for meat too. Take a look at what we’ve put together.

1. Louisville Vegan Jerky 5 Flavor Variety Pack

Whether you like some variety in your life or want to try vegan jerky for the first time, you should consider this pack, which comes with five different flavors. You can try flavors that feature classic Kentucky pairings such as maple bacon and unique combinations like smoked black pepper or smoked chipotle. Smoky Carolina BBQ and perfect pepperoni flavors round out the pack. Each bag contains three ounces of vegan jerky, which has 21 grams of protein.

Louisville Vegan Top Ten Vegan Jerky

2. Primal Spirit Vegan Jerky Sampler Pack

One of the best vegan jerky sample packs available comes from Primal Spirit. You get six different flavors of jerky that come in individual packages. Each package includes 10 grams of protein and is perfect for snacks in the middle of the day. You get flavors like mesquite lime and Texas BBQ as well as Thai peanut and hot and spicy. Rounding out the pack are hickory smoked and teriyaki. The company includes four packs of each of the six flavors in this sampler.

Primal Spirit Foods Top Ten Vegan Jerky

3. Noble Jerky Teriyaki Vegan Jerky

A highly affordable vegan jerky suitable for those on a budget comes from Noble Jerky. You can eat half the bag in one sitting and only take in 130 calories. That serving also gives you seven grams of protein. Suitable for hiking and other outdoor activities, this jerky gives you the protein that you need without the added fat and calories. While the texture of the jerky mimics the texture of beef, it has a sweet teriyaki flavor.

Noble Jerky Top Ten Vegan Jerky

4. Bold Vegan Jerky Pleather Black Pepper

The top vegan jerky for those who crave the spicy things in life is in this package, which uses real black pepper that you can taste in every bite. Thanks to the addition of soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce, the flavor and heat build as you eat, which can keep you from consuming the whole bag in one sitting! The two ounces of jerky in each bag makes for a quick and convenient snack, but you can also reseal the bag for later.

Pleather Top Ten Vegan Jerky

5. Wild Joy Goods Banana Jerky

Designed for vegans and those on special diets such as the paleo diet, this vegan jerky uses real bananas as its base. Each strip looks like a combination of beef jerky and banana and has a unique flavor that tastes like nothing you’ve ever tried before. Available in a chipotle lime flavor, this jerky is slightly floral and a little spicy. You get three bags that each contain three ounces that you can spread out for snacking in this set.

Wild Joy Goods Top Ten Vegan Jerky

6. It’s Jerky Y’all Prickly Pear Teriyaki Vegan Jerky

One of the unique vegan jerky flavor combos around comes from this product, which uses both teriyaki and prickly pear. Made in Texas, the flavor starts out sweet but features some heat that hits you with each bite. It is one of the only certified Kosher vegan jerky alternatives on the market and is free of GMOs. This jerky has a chewy texture that takes some time to eat, which lets you get more servings out of each bag.

It's Jerky Y'all Top Ten Vegan Jerky

7. Bold Vegan Jerky Pleather Red Pepper Bourbon BBQ

Another cheap vegan jerky that many love is this bag, which uses flavors that include bourbon BBQ and red pepper. While the red pepper gives each piece the intense kick that you crave, the bourbon BBQ dials back that heat to a level that almost anyone can handle. Not only is the jerky and all ingredients 100% vegan, but it uses bourbon made right in Kentucky. You’ll find that it has the chewy jerky texture that you crave too.

Pleather 2 Top Ten Vegan Jerky

8. Louisville Vegan Jerky Smoked Chipotle

This bag of vegan jerky made in Louisville, Kentucky contains three ounces of jerky and 21 grams of protein. You can eat the whole bag and not feel guilty because the bag has only four grams of fat in total. The company behind this product marinates the jerky in tamari and gives it a liberal sprinkling of spices before placing it inside bags and sealing it shut. If you don’t finish off the bag after opening it, you can use the resealable lip to close it.

Louisville Vegan 2 Top Ten Vegan Jerky

9. Su Mama Roasted BBQ Flavor Vegan Jerky

Made from non-GMO soybeans, this vegan jerky is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is a cholesterol-free product that does not contain any added MSG. The BBQ flavor added to the jerky gives it a slightly sweet and spicy flavor that many people enjoy. This jerky comes in a bag that contains multiple servings and has a resealable top. When you finish snacking, you can seal the top shut to keep the jerky soft and ready for your next snack.

Su Mama Top Ten Vegan Jerky

10. HOYA Vegan Jerky

If you have a craving for beef jerky strips but don’t want to eat meat, give these HOYA strips a try. When you open the bag, you’ll find thin and thick strips inside that look like meat but are vegan. Each bag contains two servings of jerky, but even if you eat the whole bag, you’ll only consume 200 calories in total. Based on plant products, this low-cost vegan jerky comes in a flavor designed to taste like real beef.

HOYA Top Ten Vegan Jerky



By BCR Staff

September 2019