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Top 10 Beef Jerky

This article will cover the top 10 best beef jerky of 2019.

Ahh, beef jerky, the one-time necessity for all travelers that is now a treat for the young and old alike. Jerky of any type was a necessity before refrigeration. Meats spoiled quickly and processing them grew into a science applied by the everyday homemaker or adventurer. Pioneers often stopped along the trail west to hunt and prepare meats. The protein derived from the dried meats scoured from the wild. Once the pioneers arrived and claimed their land, they continued the processing of jerky for household meats and for that extra protein snack necessary to keep them out in the field during the entire day. Today, there are several flavors, textures, and styles that make up the best beef jerky products on the market.

1. Cattleman’s Cut Original Beef Jerky

Cattleman’s Cut processes its jerky for 24-hours before packaging it in a clear plastic so you can see the yumminess on the shelf. The product is produced for a tender bite by  immersing it in brown sugar and exposing it to layers of hard-wood smoke to create a robust beef flavor that will keep your mouth salivating all day. The product comes in original, peppered, and teriyaki flavors to satisfy the preferences of any palate.
Cattleman Top Ten Best Beef Jerky

2. The Original Beef Jerky from Hard Times

Hard Times produces its jerky from prime beef that is hand trimmed to get you the choicest of cuts. Those cuts are dried to be as tough as leather to give you hours of chewing while absorbing all the protein you need to get through the hard part of the day. Because it is dried of all moisture content, there is no need for preservatives such as MSG to keep it pure. The product comes in an attractive resealable jar for easy access.
Hard Times Top Ten Best Beef Jerky

3. Tillamook Country Smoker All-Natural Jerky

Tillamook Country only uses 100% prime beef in its jerky. There are no artificial preservatives or ingredients used in the processing. Each piece is separated and hardwood smoked to guarantee the best flavor and the highest protein level. The flavors come in several options—everything from natural beef flavor to the exotic honey glazed variety—making it an attractive and affordable choice for people of any taste preference.
Tillamook Top Ten Best Beef Jerky

4. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

Jack Link’s maintains an exhaustive quality control process over the production of its jerky products. The beef is measured to provide 11 grams of protein in each serving and is meticulously inspected to maintain a 4% fat level to enhance flavor. The meat is MSG and nitrate free. At Jack Link’s, contaminants of any kind are not allowed. The meat is slowly cured by hardwood smoke. The product comes in a resealable bag to ensure freshness after opening.
Jack Link Top Ten Best Beef Jerky

5. People’s Choice Old Fashioned Beef Jerky

If you are looking for the flavors enjoyed by those who crossed the country to start a new life, then you will find it in the People’s Choice product. These pieces of delicious jerky come from prime beef uniformly cut so that the smoking process and taste does not vary from piece to piece. Smoked in an old-fashioned way, this product has no preservatives, no nitrate additives, and is dried of moisture to ensure a long-lasting product.
People's Choice Top Ten Best Beef Jerky

6. Creeping Ghost Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky

Think of the richest beef flavor you have ever tasted and coat it with the hottest pepper on the planet, and you will have discovered the taste of this jerky. This product comes in 25 flavors, each enhanced with the famous heat of the ghost pepper. If you crave the feel of heat on your tongue combined with the deep flavor of beef, then this is the jerky for you.Creepy Ghost Top Ten Best Beef Jerky

7. Chudabeef Spicy Premium Beef Jerky

Chudabeef upgraded its original full beef flavor in its jerky strips with spices that awaken the taste buds. There is nothing like the taste of smoked beef that is dried until there is no moisture left. Add in spices that activate your taste buds, and you find an accentuated experience that reaches for perfection. The 100% prime beef used in this product is hardwood smoked for that old pioneer taste. Enrich yourself with this cheap version of an old product.
Chudabeef Top Ten Best Beef Jerky

8. Inferno-XXX Hot Beef Jerky

Inferno produces its beef the old-fashioned way then adds in a touch of the Carolina ghost pepper to give it a great deal of heat. If you are looking for a good burn, then this is the beef jerky for you. The beef product used is 100% USA prime that is slowly smoked over smoldering hardwood with a dash of ghost pepper thrown onto the fire during the final stages of curing.
Inferno Top Ten Best Beef Jerky

9. Oberto All-Natural Original Beef Jerky

There is nothing artificial about the Oberto beef jerky product. The process begins with the selection of quality steaks from which thin slices of fat-free meat are sliced. What makes the Oberto product a top beef jerky product is the selection of a mixture of hardwoods to give it a unique flavor among all the jerky products on the market. Arriving to market MSG and additive free, this jerky keeps you going throughout your day.
Oberto Top Ten Best Beef Jerky

10. Original Beef Jerky by Country Archer

Country Archer’s beef jerky is as gourmet as it gets in the beef jerky market. The beef used comes from grass-fed cattle with no additives included in their organic diet. The meat is processed to include just enough fat to ensure a full beef flavor. The processing includes one of the slowest smoking regimens anywhere. Country Archer refuses to add any preservatives but includes a resealable bag to maintain freshness after opening.
Country Archer Top Ten Best Beef Jerky
Beef jerky has experienced many changes over the last few decades as manufacturers attempt to find new niche markets for their products. The essential ingredient in all the best beef jerky products is the beef itself, which is not compromised by additives or harsh preservatives and maintains the rich flavors we have grown to love.


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By BCR Staff
July 2019

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