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Top Ten Best Turkey Jerky

Based on taste, texture, shelf-life, value, and several other factors, here is our top 10 list of turkey jerky products on the market right now. For many, turkey jerky is a staple snack and protein source on the road, in the office, and all sorts of other places. These delicious, dried, marinated, and seasoned strips of turkey meat can take care of hunger and are even able to last much longer than other types of turkey meat, and often without refrigeration. Many have their favorite types of turkey jerky, but not many know which are the best choices overall across this vast field of products today.

1. Perky Jerky Original Flavor Tender Handcrafted Jerky

When it comes to ultimate tenderness and flavor, one of the hands-down best turkey jerky products is Perky Jerky’s Original Flavor Tender Handcrafted Jerky. Coming in 14oz. bags, these jerky strips are also quite health-friendly with 11g. of protein in each serving and zero added MSG, nitrates, or nitrites, and absolutely no gluten. If you do not agree that this is the best turkey jerky, the company will replace or refund your purchase with no questions asked.

Perky Jerky Top Ten Turkey Jerky

2. Jack Links MSG Free Turkey Jerky

Jack Links’ MSG Free Turkey Jerky is another delicious choice made with all white meat turkey breast and with no added MSG. At 13g. of protein and 98% fat-free, these jerky strips satisfy hunger nicely and without dietary guilt. Also, we like the packaging of this product being able to effectively zip closed each time without hangups and the comparatively short ingredient list used in its making.

Jack Links Top Ten Turkey Jerky

3. Country Archer Jerky Co. Hickory Smoke Turkey Jerky

On the more gourmet side of turkey jerky, Country Archer Jerky Co. Hickory Smoke Turkey Jerky is a real treat and a definite top turkey jerky choice for us. These delicious jerky strips are made from turkey that is raised organically, with no hormones, antibiotics, or other impurities and then marinated and smoked to perfection. Each serving of this jerky offers 11g. of protein at only 1g. of fat and 70 calories.

Country Archer Top Ten Turkey Jerky

4. Kirkland Signature Original Turkey Jerky

Along the lines of the more affordable turkey jerky options out there, Kirkland Signature’s Original Turkey Jerky does not disappoint. This jerky is tender, tasty, and healthy. It is also 97% fat-free, 100% gluten-free, and cut from only the best breast portions and from turkey that was given zero antibiotics. This product is also a more lightly-seasoned choice among the many jerky options out there, for those who enjoy less seasoning and more turkey taste.

Kirkland Signature Top Ten Turkey Jerky

5. Perky Jerky Variety Multi-Pack

For those wanting a good variety of turkey jerky flavors without committing to just one, Perky Jerky offers a mouthwatering Variety Multi-Pack. It includes its renowned Original flavor along with Hot & Bothered, Jammin’ Jamaican, Tasty Teriyaki, and Sweet & Snappy. Each of these flavors is uniquely complex and hard to put down, while each is also very diet-friendly. As with all Perky Jerky products, agree it’s the best, or you are guaranteed a free replacement or refund.

Perky Jerky 2 Top Ten Turkey Jerky

6. Oberto All-Natural Teriyaki Turkey Jerky

Oberto, a name known across the food industry, brings us a top choice in cheap turkey jerky with its All-Natural Teriyaki Turkey Jerky. Along with great flavor and texture, this jerky is all-natural, minimally processed, and even made right here in the USA. Each serving of this winning turkey jerky mix offers 11g. of protein at only 80 calories and 1g. of fat.

Oberto Top Ten Turkey Jerky

7. Think Jerky Sriracha Honey Free-Range Turkey Jerky

Think Jerky’s Turkey Jerky is a delicious yet uniquely flavored blend that uses a recipe made by Food Network star Chef Gale Gand. On the health side of things, these are exceedingly high in protein, with 17g. provided by each serving, and they are also made from all free-range turkey, are gluten-free, GMO-free, and absent of added nitrates or nitrites. If any more reason is needed to love this jerky, each purchase contributes some proceeds to working with veterans with PTSD via the David Lynch Foundation.

Think Jerky Top Ten Turkey Jerky

8. Chef’s Cut Tender Real Turkey Teriyaki Jerky

This Tender Real Turkey Teriyaki Jerky by Chef’s Cut is a definite top choice in economy jerky options out there. This turkey jerky, made from only select cuts of breast meat, tastes great and is health-conscious at that with zero gluten or added preservatives. 10g. of protein, 80 calories, and 1.5g of fat are your expected serving stats on this one.

Chef's Cut Top Ten Turkey Jerky

9. 365 Everyday Value Organic Turkey Jerky

365 Everyday Value’s Organic Turkey Jerky is a great choice for an overall great product and at a price point that is reasonable. With this jerky, the consumer gets to enjoy a great flavor and texture with just the right hints of smokiness. A USDA organic rating makes this jerky even better, while 11g. of protein per serving with 0g. of fat and only 60 calories certainly rises a step above much of the competition.

365 Everyday Value Top Ten Turkey Jerky

10. Shelton’s Classic Thin-Cut Turkey Jerky

Finally, Shelton’s Classic Thin-Cut Turkey Jerky also makes our list for an overall great product at an excellent price range. This jerky is lightly flavored with a spicy but tasty recipe and is made from all free-range turkey that is also hormone and antibiotic-free. A very satisfying and healthy turkey jerky, this selection offers 9g. of protein per serving at just 50 calories and .5g. of fat.

Shelton Top Ten Turkey Jerky


By BCR Staff

September 2019