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Top 10 Best Olive Oil

Oil is the foundation for many recipes you probably make every day and these top 10 olive oil brands can take most of these recipes from basic to extraordinary. It’s truly amazing what a difference the best varieties can make. Whether you use it for stir-frying, creating homemade salad dressings, or the finishing drizzle on the top of your favorite pasta dish, good quality olive oil is a luxury. Read on to learn about our favorite choices you can easily order online.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Colavita

Two-time winner of the “Best Everyday Cooking Oil” title in Men’s Health Magazine, this cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil has been tested and approved by both the International Olive Council and the North American Olive Oil Association. It is imported from Italy and produced from olives exclusively grown in Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain. Colavita’s affordable olive oils are bottled in BPA free packaging and come in a variety of sizes to meet any household’s needs.

Colavita Top Ten Olive Oil

2. Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil by AmazonFresh

A wonderful addition to Amazon’s branded pantry items, this extra virgin, cheap olive oil tastes as though it should have a much higher price tag. The mild flavor makes it the ultimate every day cooking oil for roasting, pan-searing, drizzling, dressing, and any other use you could find for olive oil in your kitchen. The olives used to make this product are sourced from growers throughout the Mediterranean region and the oil itself is bottled in Italy.

AmazonFresh Top Ten Olive Oil

3. Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Pompeian

Carefully crafted by an incredible network of olive farmers and craftsmen, this imported, cold-pressed oil is boasted to be made from some of the best olives in the world. The flavor is smooth and mild, making it a wonderful olive oil to add to your favorite herbs and savor with a delicious loaf of crusty bread. Pompeian’s best olive oil has been an Italian-American pantry staple for over 100 years.

Pompeian 2 Top Ten Olive Oil

4. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by La Tourangelle

Gourmet kitchen quality at home! La Tourangelle provides a delicious artisan olive oil that is ideal for any cook that sees meal preparation as an art form rather than just a chore. The company strives to be the best of the best when it comes to oil production, as well as maintaining a responsible level of sustainability in growing, production, and beyond. Nutty, buttery, and botanical, this is a real palate pleaser. Use for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to add a special element to all of your meals.

La Tourangelle Top Ten Olive Oil

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Partanna

Partanna olive oil is produced by the Asaro Brothers Company in Partanna, Sicily. Unlike many olive oils, Partanna olive oil is made from a single variety of olive that is harvested early in October. It is also unfiltered, meaning that when the tin is opened, the oil is cloudy, pungent, and herby and over time, the product mellows in flavor as the sediments settle to the bottom of the vessel. Packaged in a traditional olive oil tin that keeps the light at bay, this oil has a long shelf life and looks wonderful stored on the counter.

Partanna Top Ten Olive Oil

6. Single Estate Traceable Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Ellora Farms

This single origin Greek olive oil by Ellora Farms is grown, produced, and packaged without the use of solvents, additives, preservatives, pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. Ethical production lets you feel good about the oil you purchase and use to feed yourself and your family. This gourmet cheap olive oil is produced where the olives are grown, at the Kolymvari Estates in Crete. It is renowned olive oil, peppery and floral in flavor, and used by chefs, restaurants, and hotels around the globe.

Ellora Farms Top Ten Olive Oil

7. Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil  by California Olive Ranch

Made from California olives, the oils produced by California Olive Ranch are cold-pressed within hours of picking. Cold-pressing immediately after picking provides a fresher taste. Want to try something different than the Mediterranean grown and produced oils? This olive oil for every day cooking, dipping, dressing, and drizzling is a great place to start. Expect mild flavor with a pungent and fresh aroma.

California Olive Ranch Top Ten Olive Oil

8. Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Thea

The olives in Thea olive oil are hand-picked from the family groves of the company located in Kalamata, Greece. Théa olive oils are never blended with other olives. Each bottle is filled with the oil of cold-pressed Koroneiki olives (the queen of olives), which are native to the southern Greek, Peloponnese region. Ideal for any recipe calling for olive oil, this product comes in an attractive dark glass bottle to keep the light from turning the oil rancid. The top is fitted with a spout for easy pouring.

théa Top Ten Olive Oil

9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Papa Vince

This unfiltered, unrefined olive oil is made from hand-picked, cold-pressed Nocellara del Belice olives in Sicily, known as the sweetest olives with the longest shelf life. This oil is highly flavorful with undertones of tomato, pepper, and artichoke and mellow notes with no after taste. The growers behind the Papa Vince name have been growing olives and producing oil since 1935. Never blended, each bottle of Papa Vince top olive oil is family grown and made of the highest quality.

Papa Vince Top Ten Olive Oil

10. Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Pompeian

The quality you expect from Pompeian’s authentic Italian olive oil with a kicked-up, incredibly robust flavor. Robust olive oil is excellent for salad dressings, drizzling, and marinades, as well as your best home-made pasta sauces. It has a thicker consistency and a stronger flavor than mild olive oils. This is an excellent cheap olive oil to add to your pantry.

Pompeian Top Ten Olive Oil



By BCR Staff

September 2019