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10 Best Fitness Tracker Watches

Making the most of your workout with today’s hectic schedules means finding the best fitness tracker watch for your lifestyle needs. This can often seem a daunting task since the online market is flooded with various products that may be less than they claim. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top models, with a focus on both quality and affordable cost. You may also want a watch that tracks sleep, progress over time, or keeps tabs on your vital statistics with a heart rate monitor. The proliferation and availability of the technology permit the design and sale of affordable models with all the perks you require.

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1. Fitness Tracker by FitFort

Fitness Tracker IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Step Counter Calorie Counter Pedometer Activity Watch Tracker for Men Women Kids (Pink+Black) best fitness tracker watches

The clear color screen with five brightness levels makes keeping an eye on your fitness simple. While it tracks your progress for several different activities, such as riding, walking and running, yoga, dance, and even team sports, it also monitors other factors. Beyond step count, it monitors blood pressure and heart rate, provides timely movement reminders to keep you heart-healthy if you spend long periods of time at your desk, and even keeps tabs on healthy sleeping patterns. The battery is long-lived, and a couple of hours of regular charging will keep the tracker in top form all week long.

2. Fitness Tracker from L8Start

Fitness Tracker - Activity Tracker with Step Counter - Waterproof SmartWatch with Heart Rate Monitor - Fit Watch Sleep Monitor Step Counter for Android & iPhone best fitness tracker watches

This model is all-singing and all-dancing. It tracks your fitness for everything but swimming. While it’s water-resistant and will easily withstand sweat, rain, swimming and ordinary hand washing, it should be kept out of the bath. Also, keep tabs on your heart-rate, you sleep cycles, and your blood pressure while engaging in your daily workouts and routines. It serves as an alarm clock and keeps perfect time, displaying date, time, and vital statistics in clear, bright numerals.

3. KITPIPI’s Activity Tracker with Interchangeable Smart Bands

Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure HR Monitor - 2019 Upgraded FITFORT Activity Tracker Watch With Heart Rate Color Monitor IP68 Pedometer Calorie Counter and 14 Sports Tracking for Women Kids Men best fitness tracker watches

Ideal for men, women, and children, this fitness tracker is a heart rate monitor, too. It tracks blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, keeps count of your steps, and can be shifted between four modes to accommodate any fitness activity during the day. It also monitors your sleep cycles over time to help you develop beneficial sleeping patterns, and a silent alarm assists with a peaceful wakeup routine. The USB port permits a cord-free charging experience. Remove the band to reveal the charger.

4. Fitness Tracker by HuaWise

L8star Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor-1.3'' Large Color Screen IP67 Waterproof Activity Tracker with 6 Sports Mode,Sleep Monitor,Pedometer Smart Wrist Band for Women Men, Android iOS best fitness tracker watch

While the term “knock-off Apple Watch” may stir negative connotations, the longstanding availability of the technology means that the basic connectivity and fitness tracking functions may be utilized by companies not affiliated with Apple at a more affordable price. This inexpensive model provides eight different band options and a built-in USB plug for cordless recharging. The water-resistant case is ideal for swimmers and will track steps, heart rate, and issue discrete alarms when it’s time to move. Its application connects to most smartphones, so you’ll never miss a call during a mid-day workout session. A sleep cycle tracker helps you obtain the proper amount of sleep and understand existing patterns during rest periods.

5. SkyGrand’s Fitness Watch

Updated 2019 Version High-End Fitness Tracker HR, High-End Activity Trackers Health Exercise Watch with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, Smart Band Calorie Step Counter, Pedometer Walking for Men Women Kids best fitness tracker watch

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that will help you monitor your heart rate, steps taken, distance, blood pressure, and even your sleep cycles, this is ideal. It has multiple sports modes to assess different types of bodily motion and connects to GPS via the related application to trace your progress on runs, walks, and even hikes. Link with any smartphone with the Bluetooth enabled watch functions in order to receive calls and texts, access your personal calendar, and manage e-mail on the go.

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6. Activity Tracker Watch from KEPONFIT

KEEPONFIT Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, IP68 Waterproof Pedometer Watch Smart Fitness Band with Step Counter for Kids Women and Men best fitness tracker watch

Keep on top of your fitness routines with this fitness watch. It functions as a heart rate monitor, calorie tracker, distance manager, and pedometer. You can also track your sleeping cycles to maintain a healthy balance of rest and exertion. With the Bluetooth enabled application, you’ll never miss a call or text. Manage e-mail and your schedule without missing a single step. The smartband is textured for a non-slip, comfortable wearing experience during any activity, from yoga to marathon training.

7. Fitness Watch from ANSGEC

ANSGEC Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Color Screen Smart Bracelet with Sleep Monitor,IP67 Waterproof Smart Bracelet for Android and iOS (B) best fitness tracker watches

The vivid display screen offers clear and accurate measurement of your vital statistics during a workout. From time and date to heart rate, calories burned, and steps taken, you’ll always know where you are on your trail to better fitness. Via the application, you can receive email, text, and call notifications, manage your social media contacts, and maintain your schedule smoothly. It comes with a sleep analysis function and will issue discrete reminders to drink water and move at regular intervals.

8. Fitness Tracker by PUBU

PUBU Fitness Tracker HR, Color Screen Activity Tracker Watch with Replacement Band, Waterproof Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Step Counter best fitness tracker watch

Keep track of your fitness routine with the customizable graph via their application DaFit. The varying sports modes will accurately record activity beyond walking and running, and the watch keeps tables on calories burned, steps taken, distance, heart rate, and even your sleeping patterns. Comfortable, interchangeable bands come in a variety of colors, including several metal mesh options. Take pictures, simply raise your hand to brighten the screen display, and receive discrete reminders to hydrate and break sedentary working time.

9. BingoFit’s Fitness Watch

BingoFit Fitness Tracker, Smart Watch IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitors, Calorie, Pedometer, Blood Pressure Bluetooth Sport Smartwatch for Men Women Kids Gifts best fitness tracker watch

Along with a sleep tracker, pedometer, heart rate tracker, blood pressure monitor, and calorie counter, this watch also connects with several applications to provide real data analysis over time. Check the time and date at a glance on the clear, bright circular watch face display, and never miss a call. Simply connect it to your smartphone in order to manage social media, SMS, and call data. One additional perk is that the sex of the wearer can be customized to track ovulation and period cycles.

10. Fitness Watch from AKASO

AKASO Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor, Waterproof Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Smart Fitness Watch for Kids Women and Men (Black) best fitness tracker watch

This compact, waterproof fitness tracker provides an assessment of physical activity in real time. Via the associated applications, you can set your daily fitness goals and receive alerts to move or drink water during long periods at your desk. It even vibrates gently in celebration when you meet your established goals for the day. The heart rate monitor function will allow you to assess your fitness level as you engage in an activity, and you can head to the gym without fear of missing a call, e-mail, or social media update.

Tracking progress in any fitness endeavor can encourage you to cultivate a healthier lifestyle in the long run. That’s why finding the best fitness tracker watch for your needs and budget is an essential aspect of your personal journey to a stronger and more active self.

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By BCR Staff
June 2019

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