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Top Ten Yoga And Exercise Mats

By BCR Staff
January 2019

We’ve all seen the pictures on Instagram of someone cheerfully doing a workout or twisting themselves into a pretzel with a huge smile on their face. For some of us, our contorted and pained expressions whilst doing crunches and push-ups are not so Instagram-worthy. Most of us struggle to look serene and at peace while a game of one-person Twister takes place on the living room floor.

If you are ready to feel the burn, align your mind and body, and get in shape, you are going to need a mat to protect you from the impact of the floor. Who knows, maybe you will take a couple of posed photos for social media featuring you smiling happily with your new mat. Or, perhaps you will even do yoga for real!  Here are the top ten yoga and exercise mats we’ve found to make your workout routine a little more colorful and comfortable.

1. Yeti

YogaPremium All-Purpose Fitness Mat 

These terrific mats from Yeti are beautifully designed, made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, and are super easy to clean. They are extra-thick for comfort and protection during your workouts and yoga routines. Choose from Yeti’s colorful selection of mats with names like “radical tribal,” “pink moonrise,” or even your personal zodiac sign. These mats definitely add fun to your routine, and they’re so pretty you may even start collecting them.

2. BalanceFrom

High-Density Yoga Mat

The yoga mats by BalanceFrom are perfectly eye-popping! All of their mats come in solid colors that are so vibrant. Even the black mat is as richly-colored as a glass of Mavrodaphne wine. The color isn’t the only thing that earns these mats a spot on the top ten list. They are both extra-wide and extra-thick. Sorry tall people, there’s no longer an excuse for you to skip out on yoga. Non-slip and easy to clean, they even have a handy carrying strap. However, your mat will be so colorful that you may decide to leave it on your floor as a permanent decoration.

3. Gaiam

Reversible Yoga Mat

If this mat doesn’t have you at “reversible,” there isn’t much more convincing one can do. But if you’re still not convinced that this yoga mat is super awesome, here are the specs. Gaiam makes their mats super lightweight and portable. They provide ample cushioning and are made from non-toxic materials. Also, each mat comes with a yoga routine you can download at your convenience. This mat may have two faces, but it will never betray you!

4. Sivan Health and Fitness

Yoga and Pilates Mat 

 The mat from Sivan is a no-frills option if you find bright colors and patterns to be too distracting. The mat still provides adequate padding and can accommodate people of all sizes and heights. You can take your yoga routine outside thanks to the included carrying strap. This would make a perfect gift for someone who needs extra padding while working out or who is just starting a yoga routine.


Yoga and Exercise Mat

Have you ever wanted to go “top-lus?” Here’s your chance! Again, we have a reversible mat made from eco-friendly materials. Hooray for style and sustainability! This mat is a little thinner than some of the other mats out there, making it lightweight and travel-friendly. No matter what level Yogi you are, you should have no problem saluting the sun on one of these non-stick mats.

6. Manduka

Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka pulled out all the stops to come up with impressive color names for their mats. Honestly, Crayola should be ashamed. Why can’t they create colors like “Black Magic” or “Fortitude?” Manduka boasts non-toxic mats that never wear out and provide your joints with ample support time after time. These mats are 100% latex free, making them ideal for people who have allergies to latex. They don’t recommend submerging it in water. Your mat will be easy to clean by simply wiping it off. However, one reviewer claims to have put it in the washing machine without obliterating it.

7. Lifeforme

Yoga Mat 

Lifeforme boasts a “warrior-like grip” on all of their yoga mats. For seasoned Yogis who love to work up a sweat, this mat works like a charm to prevent slippage. Liforme is dedicated to bringing you eco-friendly mats that are good for you and the planet, plus they come in an assortment of cheerful colors. The company has developed a marking system on their mats to help you achieve the perfect alignment with every pose. Liforme mats are a little bigger, a little grippier, and a lot more padded for the ultimate yoga session! These mats were made by yoga teachers who live and breathe the practice.

8. Repose

Yoga Eco-Friendly Cork Mat

If you are extra passionate about all natural and non-toxic manufacturing, the Repose cork yoga mat will appeal to your conscience.  It contains no TPE’s, PVC’s, glues or harmful chemicals of any type. Crafted from sustainable organic cork and natural rubber, it is 72 inches long and 4 mm thick. The cork provides an excellent non-slip grip and unlike other mats, you won’t need a towel to keep it from sliding.


Pro Non-Slip Mat 

These mats come in super cool colors like “Blue Meteor” and “Purple Meteor.” They are quite literally out of this world. A defining feature of these yoga mats is that there’s no odor when you open them. You will be able to use your mat without having to air it out and it will be able to withstand odors caused by sweat thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. It’s well-padded, ultra-grippy, and super lightweight. They include a carrying strap and are 100% non-toxic.

10. Anja

Natural Jute Yoga Mat 

Everything about this mat screams luxury, yet it is eco-friendly and vegan. Even the packaging your mat comes in is absolutely stunning. If you have been practicing yoga for some time, consider this mat the perfect excuse to upgrade! This mat is organic, although it probably doesn’t taste very good. You can easily clean it with water mixed with a little bit of eucalyptus essential oil and hang it out of the way with the included strap. This is definitely one of those Instagram mats, but it’s just so pretty that it earned a spot on the top ten. This non-toxic mat is guaranteed to make you five times more spiritual in just one use. (Joking, of course.)

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