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Exercise Equipment

BCR Exercise EquipmentGetting ample exercise should be as important as eating nutritious foods and drinking enough water. Human bodies were designed to keep moving. Hence, physical activity plays a huge role in your health.  Exercise helps you shed extra pounds and work off caloric meals, reduces your risk for heart disease, stroke, and cancer, improves your mental state by releasing pent-up stress, increases your energy level to tackle your busy schedule, and makes sleeping at night much easier.

The fitness market is full of exercise equipment that helps reap these benefits. That’s where Best Choice Reviews comes in. Our premier website publishes honest, third-party assessments of exercise equipment we deem worth your money.

The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise each week. Yet, many kids and adults fall well short of these guidelines. Our increasingly sedentary lifestyles have caused an obesity epidemic. Presently, 39.8 percent of U.S. adults are severely overweight. High BMI is linked to hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, heart attacks, and more. Fortunately, a bigger public health spotlight on obesity has encouraged many to get moving. Health-conscious organizations have created a slew of exercise equipment to bring the gym home. In 2018, Forbes profiled a historic boom for the $30 billion fitness industry. Best Choice Reviews strives to help consumers sort through the exercise gear options they’re now inundated with. Our articles are handy resources for purchasing trusted online exercise products without breaking a sweat.

Lunge Into the Online Shopping World

E-commerce is a fitness market trend that doesn’t appear to be slowing. The Pew Research Center found that one in eight Americans are now online shoppers. Online retailers have set up massive platforms with wide-ranging inventory for one-click shopping so exercise enthusiasts can stock up on everything they need right on the Internet. Revving up your car to drive miles to your local fitness store isn’t necessary anymore. Indeed, you could buy new exercise balls or weights on your phone while doing sit-ups.

Investing in your own gym is frequently a costly endeavor. Nonetheless, online shopping can save you green because it’s easy to compare prices. Moreover, e-commerce lets you access a bigger variety of items without being pressured to buy items you don’t like or need by pushy salespeople.

Train on Exceptional Exercise Equipment

According to the IHRSA, the 36,540 health clubs in the United States have 57.3 million members total. However, nearly 80 percent of people with gym memberships don’t use them regularly. Americans often cite being too busy as the reason for missing gym workouts. Given that, many people choose to exercise at home.

Since the commute to your home gym takes seconds rather than minutes, there’s an increased motivation to get moving. You could jump onto a recumbent bike or chest press machine for a private workout without fighting traffic. Our team searches the World Wide Web for effective exercise equipment that burns fat and builds muscle. To ensure your sweaty satisfaction, we pick high-quality products based primarily on these three factors:

Toughness: Best Choice Reviews knows you train to become strong and powerful. Thus, we think your exercise equipment should be those things, too. Durability and reliability are top factors when judging how tough our featured products are. For example, we’ve chosen elliptical machines that can safely support your whole body weight moving at fast speeds. For yoga mats, we sought resilient, anti-slip materials that can withstand even the most challenging poses. Not only do we thoroughly read and test the product specs, we listen to other online consumers. Finding four- and five-star equipment with a track record of enduring robust workouts is our goal.

Innovation: Exercise has a 3,000-year history dating back to BCE, but that doesn’t mean you have to work out like our ancestors. Instead, Best Choice Reviews seeks equipment with the latest high-tech features. In particular, we look for digital interfaces that inform you about your body. Our staff has found fitness trackers that read out data like steps taken and calories burned. Our innovative treadmills include heart rate monitors and built-in workouts designed by athletic trainers. From Apple apps to sweat-proof clothing, we look for modern health trends that will make your exercise routine better. Customer support is also considered to ensure the innovations are user-friendly.

Affordability: The BCR team believes that you shouldn’t have to put a big price tag on your health. Consequently, we prioritize exercise equipment that provides the best value. We crunch the numbers to determine which products have the best bang for your buck. For example, one simple search for resistance machines brings back prices from $239 to $2,069. Cutting your costs by locating quality items sold at below-market bargains is our specialty. Likewise, we search for affordable gym gear with free features like exercise videos and app downloads. All-in-one machines that save you from buying multiple pieces of equipment are also cost-effective.

Enhance Your Daily Workout Regimen

Now, Best Choice Reviews invites you to run through our well-researched articles. From exercise mats to free weights, our rankings outline the top physical training gear. The BCR staff has covered equipment for every popular exercise style to suit your unique interests. Whether you’re a beginner or bodybuilder, we aim to keep you fit for healthy, productive lives. Use our suggestions to buy superior exercise equipment that tones your dream body.

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