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10 Best Women’s Rainboots

When you live in a place that receives a lot of rain, the best women’s rain boots are not an affectation of fashion, but a wardrobe essential. There’s no room for products that look the part but fail to measure up in their utility or quality. You want durable materials that are easy to clean and retain their waterproof quality. Just as important as looks are an excellent outsole that will keep you on your feet and a boot design you can pull on, wear for long periods, and pull off again with ease. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve crafted a list of tall, mid-rise, and ankle rain boots that will meet your needs without busting your budget.

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1. Sloggers’ Rain and Garden Boots

Sloggers Women's Waterproof Rain and Garden Boot with Comfort Insole, Black/White Polka Dot, Size 8, Style 5013BP08 best women's rainboots

Available in a truly astonishing array of patterns and sizes, these gorgeous tall rain and garden boots are every woman’s best friend. The boots are crafted from durable and waterproof material. You can confidently puddle jump or handle any muddy task. When work and play are through, simply hose them off or wipe them down with a damp cloth. The ultra-comfortable insoles can be removed if they require cleaning. Just soak them and allow them to air dry. When you need to replace them, you can order directly from Sloggers for a good-as-new feeling.


2. Tall Women’s Rain Boots from Ugg


UGG Women's Shelby Matte Rain Boot, Black, 9 M US best women's rainboots


For a professional, dressy appearance, these tall boots can’t be beaten. The synthetic uppers are waterproof and easy to keep clean. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. The rubber sole is styled for a secure grip on slick pavement or flooring and will stand the test of time. Lined with natural fibers, they’ll keep your feet and legs warm and dry, no matter what the weather forecast serves up for the day.


3. Women’s Printed Tall Rain Boots by Western Chief


Western Chief Women's Printed Tall Rain Boot, Ditsy Dot, 10 M US best women's rainboots\

Did someone order extra Adorable? Because these tall rain boots are exactly that with their numerous fun patterns and themes. When it comes to keeping your feet and legs dry; however, they’re all business. The shaft or leg of the boot measures just over 11 inches from the arch and the 14.5-inch opening leaves plenty of room to pull them on easily. The uppers are made from high-quality rubber, which is naturally waterproof and will take whatever you throw at it while retaining its appearance. The soles are deeply grooved and textured to channel away excess water and offer excellent traction on slippery surfaces.


4. Ankle Rain Boots and Garden Boots from Sloggers


Sloggers Women's Waterproof Rain and Garden Ankle Boots with Comfort Insole, Midsummer Black, Size 8, Style 2841BK08 best women's rainboots


These beautifully patterned, durable rain boots are perfect for rainy day and muddy errand running. With uppers that are waterproof and durable, you can wipe them down when the day’s work is finished. A front elastic gore inset and easy pull-on back tab make getting into and out of them a breeze. Plus, the deep lug pattern of the rubber tread channels water or slippery mud away with ease for superior traction on all surfaces.


5. Hunter’s Original Tall Rain Boots


Hunter Women's Original Play Boot Tall Rain Boots Hyper Green 6 M US best women's rainboots


While it’s called a Play Boot, calling to mind rainy afternoons spent splashing in puddles and getting into muddy situations, these tall rubber boots are every woman’s best tool to staying dry and keeping dirt outside where it belongs. They come in an array of delightful, bright colors that won’t fade or show wear. But they are undeniably what they are—rubber boots for rainy weather—with their matte surface. The wedge heel measures 1.5 inches and is deeply lugged to help maintain safe traction in any slippery context—from city streets to the back garden. A wide top opening and a rear pull tab make it easy to put on and remove these boots.

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6. Women’s Midrise Rain Boots by Beslip

Women's Mid Calf Rain Boots Waterproof Rubber Booties Garden Shoes BL37 Navy best women's rainboots

It doesn’t matter whether you’re engaged in a new gardening project, hiking in the great outdoors, or dashing off to a project meeting across town, a little style is often a welcome addition to any rainy day. And this style is affordable, too. The flexible synthetic uppers are neatly stitched with an attractive quilted pattern. Wide leg openings and a durable rear pull tab make pulling them on and off the business of moments. Your feet will stay dry and clean whatever your task of the day. To clean them, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth.


7. Women’s Solid Tall Rain Boot by Bogs


BOGS Women's Solid Rain Boot Violet 7 B US best women's rainboots


Get into it, even if ‘it’ is a sloppy gardening project, without fear of ruining a pair of shoes or suffering from wet, cold feet. These tall rain boots are the perfect footwear for wet days, springtime gardening, or just taking time to puddle jump. The leg or shaft measures 14 inches from the arch of the textured rubber sole. Deep lugs channel water away and provide firm footing even on uncertain terrain.


8. Norty’s Mid-Calf Hurricane Wellies for Women


NORTY - Womens Hurricane Wellie Printed Floral Mid-Calf Rain Boot, Blue 40712-8B(M) US best women's rainboots

Lined with cotton, these boots are designed to be worn on the wettest of days without the need to change footwear. They come in fourteen different patterns, with either a high gloss or matte finish to complement them. The shaft measures 11.25 inches from the arch, so your feet, ankles, and calves are kept dry. However, they’re not as ungainly as tall boots can sometimes be. So you can wear warm socks or stockings with them, they run a half-size large. A belt on the shaft allows you to customize the snugness of fit to your needs.


9. Women’s Rainey Tall Rain Boot by Columbia


Columbia Women's Rainey Tall Rain Shoe, Reef, Black, 10 Regular US best women's rainboots


Go ahead, make a splash with these vivid rain boots. Inspired by English Saddle Riding boots, the tall shaft measures 11.25 inches from the arch. They have a high gloss rubber upper that comes in six solid, dazzling shades and a black and white houndstooth print. But don’t let the fun and brilliant palette fool you—these boots mean business. They have a highly textured rubber outsole with deep lugs to help you surmount mud, flowing water, and any slippery footing you encounter.


10. Women’s Knee-High Rain Boots from KomForme


KomForme Women' s Knee High Waterproof Rain Boots Glitter, Matte and Gradient best women's rainboots


Did someone order sparkles with a side of extra magic, because these boots bring it. The knee-high rain boots are lined with special materials designed to protect and comfort your skin, but they are all waterproof when it comes to heading into the elements. A deeply textured outsole ensures that you can be fabulous and safe, no matter how slippery the footing. Go with a matte shade, a gradient, or throw all caution to the wind and glitter like the unicorn you are with every step.

When it comes to staying safe and keeping your feet dry, don’t settle for less than the highest quality products. Be fashionable and comfortable, and get down to the business of living your best life in the best women’s rain boots.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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