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10 Best Ponytail Beanies

Winter hats can be disastrous for your hairstyle — which is where the best ponytail beanies come in handy. These hats feature a built-in hole for your ponytail to slip through. That way, you don’t have to worry that the material will flatten your hair or leave dents. When you get to your destination, your hair will still have its volume and body. Ponytail hats are also a great option when you’re working out outside; since they have a spot for your hair, they don’t leave you with an unsightly bump under the hat. Check out these 10 hats to start building a hair-friendly winter wardrobe.

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1. Funky Junque BeanieTail Hat

BT-6020a-06 Messy Bun Womens Winter Knit Hat Beanie Tail - Black best ponytail beanies


Show off your long hair in this beanie hat from Funky Junque. Constructed from a ribbed knit material, this hat provides plenty of warmth and comfort on cold days. The acrylic material is ultra-soft, and the elastic band keeps the hat in place as you run or play in the snow. On the top of the hat, a small hole provides just enough space for your ponytail; it allows your hair to fit through but doesn’t allow cold air to reach your head. Use it for a high ponytail, a braid, or even a messy bun.


2. Ponytail Beanie Hat


Ponytail Beanie Hats BeanieTail Womens Soft Stretch Cable Knit Messy High Bun Cap,2 Pack best ponytail beanies


Look cute and casual in this affordable beanie. The classic style features a ribbed band that stretches to fit your head and a contrasting logo accent. Raised bands run around the circumference of the hat, separated by vertical-knit material for a textured look. With its roomy, slouchy fit, this hat provides plenty of space for all hair types. Choose from a variety of solid colors to complement your winter outerwear and skin tone.


3. C.C BeanieTail Hat


C.C BeanieTail Soft Stretch Cable Knit Messy High Bun Ponytail Beanie Hat, Teal best ponytail beanies

Brighten a grey winter day when you slip on this C.C BeanieTail hat. Crafted from brilliant teal-colored yarn, this hat brings a fresh, youthful look to your ski jacket. The thick knit material flexes comfortably to fit around heads of all sizes, and the narrow ponytail opening keeps your hair off of your neck. With its small hole, you can slip your hair through with or without an elastic; the opening stretches to accommodate fine or thick hair.


4. Women’s Ponytail Beanie Hat

BT2-3847-816.11 Kids Messy Bun Ponytail Winter Hat Girls Beanie Tail - Blue 4#15 best ponytail beanies


Stock your snow-day wardrobe with this winter hat with ponytail hole. Designed specifically for women, this hat features vertical ribbed detailing for a casual, feminine look. The wide band flatters your face and pulls down over your ears for extra wind protection, and the luxe material insulates your head for extra warmth. With the selection of solid colors, it’s easy to find a hat for your school or workday commute. Choose the white option to make your skin look fresher, or opt for red to pair with a classic black jacket.


5. Dukars Women’s Beanie Cap

Dukars Women's Warm Chunky Cable Knit Messy Bun Hat Ponytail Visor Beanie Cap (Black) best ponytail beanies


If you love outerwear with a sporty twist, this Dukars beanie cap is a great choice. It features a baseball-style visor that shades your face while you’re snowboarding, running, or sledding. This hat is crafted from 100% acrylic material that feels soft and warm in cold weather. On the top surface, a slit-shaped opening provides plenty of room for thick ponytails. When you’re wearing your hair down, the slit helps prevent cold air from filtering in. This style comes in a huge range of colors, so it’s easy to match your ski jacket or everyday coat.

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6. Pretty Simple Women’s Beanie


Women's Slouchy Beanie with Hole (Light Grey) best ponytail beanies

Create room for your hair with this Pretty Simple women’s beanie. This affordable hat is designed with a roomy, slouchy fit, so you can wear it in a variety of configurations. The flexible opening stretches generously, making it easy to pull over your head as a headband or neck wrap. Slip your ponytail through the opening during a run, or pull your loose locks through for a super-casual look. Crafted from jersey knit fabric, this hat is soft and easy to adjust.

7. hikevalley Skull Cap

hikevalley Skull Cap Helmet Liner Winter Thermal Fleece Beanie Windproof Hat (Main Black Women) best ponytail beanies


Get active during the winter when you have this skull cap from hikevalley. Made from thin fleece material, this hat is lightweight and warm. Wear it alone to prevent overheating during a long run, or slip it under your snowboarding helmet for an extra layer of comfort. The windproof design helps keep cold breezes away from your scalp, and the breathable material prevents moisture buildup. An opening at the base of the hat holds your hair in a low ponytail.


8. Muryobao Winter Beanie

Winter Slouchy Beanie Hat Infinity Scarf Soft Cotton Baggy Knit Skull Cap Ponytail Hats Sleep Chemo Caps for Women Black best ponytail beanie


Create a low-key vibe with this Muryobao winter beanie. With its ultra-slouchy design, this hat drapes lightly over your head for warmth without restriction. Slip it over your hair to prevent kinks, or slide your ponytail through the opening. You can even enlarge the opening to transform this hat into a comfortable neck gaiter. Fabricated with a soft cotton shell and a thick fleece interior, this hat keeps you warm on extremely cold days.

9. Trendy Apparel Shop Beanie Cap

Trendy Apparel Shop Women's Ribbed Knit Winter Ponytail Visor Beanie Cap - Dark Denim best ponytail beanies

With its front brim, this Trendy Apparel Shop beanie gives your winter accessories collection a sporty twist. The brim shades your face from the sun, making it a great choice for outdoor sports. The ribbed hat is made with stretchy acrylic, so you can slide it on quickly. Pull your hair through the top opening; the compact size works for all hair types and thicknesses. Choose from a selection of classic colors to match your running gear or winter jacket.

10. LOKIDVE Women’s Ponytail Cap


LOKIDVE Women's Ponytail Beanie Cap Winter Messy High Bun Ribbed Knit Hat-Mint best ponytail beanies


Get ready for the snow with this LOKIDVE ponytail cap. The chunky-knit construction flatters your face, and the speckled color options add a touch of texture to a winter outfit. Use the slouchy back to create a casual look, and rely on the thick band to keep the hat in place on your head. Thick, luxurious, and super warm, this women’s hat is ideal for even the coldest January day.

When the temperatures drop, finding a hat that fits over your ponytail can be a struggle. That’s why choosing a style with a pre-cut hole makes sense — with the best ponytail beanies, you can just pull your hair through and be on your way.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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