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10 Best Heated Vests for Women

Cold weather outerwear does not need to be big and bulky anymore, as the best heated vests for women are designed to generate heat from a battery source to minimize padding and other insulation. When strategically placed heating elements are activated, heat is generated to warm up the back, nape, and front, depending on the design. Heating levels can be regulated, and most vest designs will provide at least three heat settings. A tailored fit will usually help to keep the heat closer to your body while limiting heat loss. The shell is usually constructed from soft waterproof materials for extra protection.

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1. ORORO Women’s Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack

ororo Women's Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack (Small) best heated vests for women

This lightweight heated vest from Ororo is made from 100 percent nylon. The outer shell is wind and water-resistant, and insulation is provided to complement the carbon-heating elements that run on a 7.4-volt UL battery. There are four heating elements located near the collar, middle of the back and at pocket-level to target the core while keeping pockets cozy to warm your hands as needed. The heat source, with three-setting options, is button-activated, and it includes a USB port for charging phones and other electronics. This jacket is machine washable.


2. Venture Women’s Heated Vest


Venture Heat Women's Heated Vest with Battery 12 Hour - The Roam Puffer Heated Vest for Women, USB Powered (S, White) best heated vest for women


This heated vest from Venture is equipped with three flexible heating panels powered by a 5-volt 10400-milliamp hours battery with a potential runtime of 12 hours. The heat control button is embedded in the jacket, providing quick access to adjust the setting from low to medium to high. A USB port is available to charge phones and music players. Its fitted style and the water and wind-resistant material make this one of the best women’s heated vest with a battery pack. The vest is designed with three interior pockets and two outside pockets, all of which have zipper closures.


3. OUTCOOL Women’s Heated Vest Slim Fit Insulated Heating Vest


OUTCOOL Women's Heated Vest Slim Fit Insulated Heating Vest (Type:NMJ1802)(S) Black best heated vest for women


This slim-fit vest made by Outcool is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The outer shell is made from polyamide fiber and cotton while the interior lining is premium quality taffeta that is cold-resistant. The heating elements are located along the left and right chest areas and on the back. Settings can be changed from preheat to low, medium and high heat, and the 7.4 volt 4400 mAh can last from four to eight hours. This women’s rechargeable heated vest uses a 8.4V/1.2A lithium-ion charger or a micro USB port for charging. It is machine washable for easy care.


4. Vingvo USB Electric Heated Vest


USB Electric Heated Vest - Lightweight Washable Electric Clothing Charging Heating Vest Clothing for Winter Skiing Hiking Motorcycle Travel Fishing Golf Fit for Shoulders and Back (S/M) best heated vest for women


Vingvo’s lightweight women’s heated vest is compact, portable and cozy enough to be worn under a coat. A single button controls the heat setting that can range from 104 degrees F to 140 degrees F. A USB port is provided for charging. The battery is not included with the purchase of the vest, but it is compatible with standard 5-volt power banks. This rechargeable heating vest has a heating element across the back. It is suitable for outdoor activities such as snowmobile rides, skiing, hunting and other activities, especially during the colder season.


5. CONQUECO Women’s Heated Vest with Battery Pack


CONQUECO Women's Heated Vest Lightweight Slim Fit Gilet Coat with Battery Pack (S) Black best heated vest for women

This slim-fit Conqueco lightweight coat is designed for three heating zones located around the abdominal area, the waist and the middle of the back. The heating level can be adjusted from pre-heat, low, medium and high levels. The heated vest can charge electronics such as phones and cameras through a USB port. The battery and charger are included in the coat purchase. It is lightweight, breathable and machine-washable.

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6. Columbia Women’s Morning Light III Omni Heat Vest


Columbia Womens Morning Light III Onmi Heat Winter Jacket Vest, Black (010) , Medium best women's heated vest


The Omni Heat vest from Columbia is made from 100 percent polyester that is water-resistant, stain-resistant and thermal-reflective. The material dries faster than conventional materials, which is important when you are involved in outdoor activities in cold and wet weather. The mock-neck style along with the metallic lining improves heat retention. Insulation is made from synthetic polyfill that efficiently distributes body heat. The vest includes zippered pockets for hands and a low-loft design for less bulk.


7. ORORO Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket with Battery Pack and Detachable Hood


ORORO Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket with Battery Pack and Detachable Hood (M) best heated vest for women

This machine-washable tailored heated jacket from Ororo comes with a detachable hood to minimize unwanted bulk when you don’t need it. Made from 100 percent polyester, it is breathable yet completely wind and water-resistant. The heating elements are located along the left and right chest areas and midway down the back. A single button controls heat settings that range from low, medium and high. This jacket is suitable for most outdoor activities, and it is easy to maintain as it is machine-washable.


8. Vingvo Electric Heated Vest for Women and Men with USB Charging


Electric Heated Vest for Women and Men with USB Charging Insert, Body Warm Wrap Jacket Cloth Therapy Pad with 3 Temperature for Cold Outdoor Activities, Hunting Camping Hiking Skiing Fishing (L) best heated vest for women

This premium heated vest from Vingvo is suitable for both men and women. It is water-resistant, lightweight and breathable. It comes with an onboard rechargeable heating system that powers three heating levels from low, medium to high. The power bank is sold separately. A pocket is provided for the power bank, and another set of zippered exterior pockets are available to warm your hands. It is easy to maintain by machine washing on the gentle cycle.


9. Haofy Electric 5-volt Heated Jacket Clothes Body Warmer

Women USB Heated Vest, Electric 5V Heated Jacket Clothes Warmer Heating Pad for Men and Women Outdoor Hiking, Hunting, Motorcycle, Camping Powered by Rechargeable Power Bank Battery(No Battery) best heated vest for women

This men’s and women’s rechargeable heated vest from Haofy is powered by a 5-volt battery that is USB compatible with most power banks in use today. The heating element is carbon fiber with TPU sheets for quick heating. One button activates all three heating levels across five heating zones. Material is soft and skin-friendly, and the vest is easy to clean because it is machine-washable. This is a compact and portable vest that is suitable for use when hiking, skiing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.


10. Mobile Warming Women’s Cascade Heated Vest


Mobile Warming Women's Cascade Bluetooth Battery Heated Insulated Vest (7.4V), Black, Medium best heated vest for women

The women’s Cascade heated vest from Mobile Warming keeps you warm and dry through rainy, windy and cold weather. It is lightweight with a stretchable Windshark outer shell that is soft and breathable. The stylish design is tapered at the waist to enhance the snug fit that helps to retain heat. The far-infrared heating system powered with lithium-ion batteries provides about 7.4 volts of warmth that can be adjusted from high to low using the touch button that is also Bluetooth-compatible. Batteries last from four to 11 hours, depending on the heating level and other usages. Two zipped hand-warming pockets and a cellphone pocket make this one of the best heated vests for women.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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