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Women’s Shoes

BCR Women's ShoesFor over 40,000 years, humans have walked the Earth in some form of a shoe. From early sandals made from leather hides to the high heels, espadrilles, running shoes and slippers of today, women’s shoes are as diverse as their wearers.

Women’s shoes are more than just foot coverings. Shoes protect your feet from each season’s outdoor elements, grip the ground to give you steady balance on uneven terrain, support the rest of your body when upright for good posture, keep germs away to prevent infections, and also let your personality shine as a fashion accessory to any outfit. Therefore, several pairs of good shoes are essential to every woman’s closet and having the right shoe for every occasion from your morning run to date night is key.

Fortunately, Best Choice Reviews can help you find the perfect Cinderella shoe fit. Our premier website has compiled an assorted selection of reliable reviews on top shoe brands to simplify your picks. According to Allied Market Research, the global footwear industry will reach $371.8 billion in sales in 2020. The Huffington Post found that adult women have 20 pairs of shoes on average. Of course, some ladies try to compete with Imelda Marcos’ famed collection of 3,000 pairs! Wherever you land on the spectrum, Best Choice Reviews will point you toward snazzy shoes at supreme values. We’re focused on helping every woman put her best foot forward.

Dip Your Toe Into Online Shoe Shopping

In June 2018, NPR reported that 92 percent of Americans now shop online regularly. If you’re not among them, then you’re missing a big opportunity. E-commerce makes it much more convenient to purchase many items, even women’s shoes.

First, the World Wide Web becomes your shoe store with a large variety to choose from. Online retailers can carry cowboy, snow, and hiking boots altogether, no matter the season. Second, online shops are open 24/7 without long lines. You could complete an entire shoe order in minutes from home in your pajamas. Third, you’re more likely to locate the right size at a Web-based shop. Forget pawing through stacks of boxes to find your size, because you can simply click a size button like 7.5 Narrow or 9 Wide when you shop online.

On the flip side, there are some cons women might find when shopping online. For one thing, you can’t take the shoes for a test spin before completing an online order. Some brands can run a little smaller or bigger than usual. To remedy this, online shoe sellers typically have free returns or exchanges to ensure stellar fits. One popular solution is buying a women’s shoe in two or three sizes and shipping back those that don’t fit. Moreover, internet privacy is another big worry among online spenders. You’ve likely heard horror stories about identity theft. After all, CBS News stated that 16.7 million consumers were affected in 2017 alone. Remember that online companies have some of the strictest security protocol, though. Safety tips like avoiding public Wi-Fi and installing virus protection can defend you from the cyber risks.

Lace Up Quality Women’s Shoe Deals Online

Best Choice Reviews is devoted to researching the top women’s shoes available at bargain prices. Our team looks for high-quality shoes that can change a girl’s life while on budget. That’s not always easy considering Psychology Today said the average pair costs women $85. In fact, luxury brands like Stuart Weitzman and Harry Winston have heels selling for over $1 million. Luckily, paying outrageous prices isn’t necessary to look and feel outstanding. We prioritize affordable casual and dress shoes that are a sound investment for lasting use. The BCR staff also weighs other important factors, such as:

Style: Slipping on sophisticated, chic shoes gives every woman confidence. Shoes are the last, but not least, apparel choice to elevate your look from head to toe. Given that, Best Choice Reviews pays close attention to the hottest shoe fads. For example, popular trends for 2019 include square toes, animal prints, and flared heels. We’ll take popular designs and fabrics into consideration when forming our top 10 lists. New footwear industry innovations, such as smart shoes, are also highly sought after. Staying up-to-date on the latest science impacting the future of feet is our goal. Our site profiles runway worthy women’s shoes that are the ultimate in fashion.

Comfort: Women’s shoes are notorious for putting feet in painful, unnatural positions. At Best Choice Reviews, this is one trend we’re not behind. Comfortable shoes are critical to protect your overall health. Otherwise, you could develop sore blisters, corns, bunions, and ingrown toenails that aren’t pretty. Additionally, poor shoe support can lead to recurring back, knee, and hip problems. Our website shines the spotlight on shoes with built-in comfort features to prevent all of the above. We carefully study the product specs in search of words like “foam padding” and “cushioning midsole.” Whether sneakers or wedge sandals, we seek products that feel like walking on a cloud.

Resilience: The Mayo Clinic suggests that women get at least 10,000 steps per day. Doing so can make wear and tear apparent on your shoes fast though. The lifespan of some low-quality shoes can be as little as three months. Ergo, the BCR team picked resilience as another major ranking factor. We look for women’s shoes made from durable materials proven to keep up with active wearers. To explain, running shoes we pick must be tough enough to slap the pavement at fast speeds for miles. Sandals must have strong straps and heels that won’t break off and make you fall. Our reviews narrow down hard-wearing women’s shoes capable of withstanding your adventures.

Search for Your Perfect “Sole” Mate Shoes Today

Best Choice Reviews now invites you to begin scrolling through our well-researched articles below. Our database is always evolving with new aids to buy the best women’s shoes possible. Check back often for features from clogs and flip flops to gladiators and ballet flats. We’re dedicated to eventually painting a rainbow of women’s shoe options in every color and style. So, engage in some shoe therapy and give your feet the gift of new cozy gear.

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