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Top 10 Best Handheld Concrete Mixers

In this review, we will feature the 10 top-rated affordable handheld concrete mixers you can purchase online.

One of the greatest do-it-yourself challenges that you’ll face either at home or on a job site is correctly mixing concrete and other liquid materials. Construction is a diversified field where certain applications such as concrete, mortar, stucco, type-setting drywall compounds, paints, and sealers are required to be properly mixed in order for the products to be effective without any inconsistencies.

For large scale applications, a wheelbarrow type of concrete mixer is required; however, for smaller construction projects that generally require materials to be mixed in 5-gal buckets, a quality and powerful handheld mixer is exactly what you need. Below are our top choices for the best handheld concrete mixers to get the job done right.

1. F2C Pro 1600W Adjustable 7-Speed Handheld Electric Concrete Cement Mixer

The F2C Pro is an affordable machine that has been designed to mix high-viscosity building materials such as mortar, plaster, cement, glue, concrete, drywall compounds, paints, and other materials. The F2C Pro is a serious machine for serious individuals who want comfort and power at their convenience. The 600W motor spins the helical blades with ease, and it provides two mixing speed control options for slower or faster mixing ratios. The F2C package includes everything you need to start mixing, including the helical blade. This model is perfect for drywallers, painters, ceramic tile installers, and small DIY mixing projects at home.

F2C Top Ten Best Handheld Concrete Mixers

2. ARKSEN Electric Cement Grout Mortar Mixer

The ARKSEN is a fairly cheap electric mixer with quality components and drive. It’s designed with a 6-speed variable motor with a 2-gear drive train. This feature enables it to perform a variety of options for various materials that you want to mix down. The ARKSEN is also designed with a helical blade that’s strong for mixing the thickest of compounds with ease. The finger and thumb lock is easy to use, ensuring the machine doesn’t accidentally turn on when you’re using it. The steering wheel design and powerful 1600W motor make mixing easy and fast.

ARKSEN Top Ten Best Handheld Concrete Mixers

3. XtremepowerUS 1600W Handheld Electric Cement Mixer

The XtremepowerUS electric handheld mixer has amazing mixing capabilities and it comes with an affordable price tag well within most people’s budgets. You can use it to mix grout, cement, stucco, mortar, paint and even type-setting drywall compounds. This is a well-balanced machine that feels comfortable and natural as you’re using it, and it has 7-speeds for different applications. The XtremepowerUS features a powerful 1600W motor with a built-in heat radiation system that improves airflow and prevents dust from inhalation, which protects the motor, ensuring a longer life cycle. If you need a good handheld mixer for DIY projects or on a construction site, this model should be on your radar.

XtremepowerUS Top Ten Best Handheld Concrete Mixers

4. Goplus Electric Handheld 1600W Mixer

The Goplus handheld electric mixer features a 2-speed selection gear switch and 7-speed motor with variable speed ratios of 180-380rpm and 300-700rmp. The motor runs on a 1600W power plant that mixes dense and lightweight materials with ease. This is an inexpensive model that packs a punch with a custom grip steering wheel design built for comfort and control. The Goplus can be used for multiple trades as well as for DIY projects. Additionally, the mixer includes a complete package with everything you need to start mixing. This mixer is suited for tradesmen as well as the average homeowner who needs a quality mixer.

Goplus Top Ten Best Handheld Concrete Mixers

5. Nordstrand PWTPM01 1800W Pro Mixer

The Nordstrand 1800W Pro Mixer is everything its name implies. This is a professional-grade mixer with varying mixing capabilities suited for mid-viscosity liquids such as glue, cement, plaster, paint, sealers, grout and more. It features a 600rpm soft-start 1800W motor with a rotating 6-speed control option that can mix down materials fast and efficiently. The Nordstrand also features an Indy-car type of steering wheel design with the controls at your fingertips. This is a great mixer for those who want an inexpensive mixer with high-end capabilities, and it comes with the helical blade included.

Nordstrand Top Ten Best Handheld Concrete Mixers

6. ZENY 1600W Adjustable 7-Speed Handheld Electric Concrete Cement Mixer

The ZENY is an entry-level handheld mixer with a cheap price tag, but that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality. ZENY’s 7-speed 1600W motor features a low gear with 180-380rmp and 300-700rpm high gear that’s more than capable of mixing mid-viscosity materials such as grout, type-setting drywall compounds, cement, mortar, paints, and plaster. This model is a great choice for professional tradesmen as well as DIY enthusiasts. If you need a durable mixer that offers continuous power at your disposal with a complete starter kit, the ZENY handheld is a wise choice.

ZENY Top Ten Best Handheld Concrete Mixers

7. GlobMarble 1600W Double Paddle Electric Handheld Mixer

GlobMarble’s double paddle electric handheld mixer is a high-end professional-grade mixer with two amazing variable speed ratios. The first setting operates at 580 r/min, and the second one runs at 800 r/min. When it comes to mixing down low, mid, and high viscosity materials, the double paddle design does it better than any single helical blade design. The GlobMarble provides a powerful 1600W motor, 6-speed drive, and M14 quick release for the paddles. This model is suited best for professional contractors who require a higher level of mixing capabilities.

GlobMarble Top Ten Best Handheld Concrete Mixers

8. CS Unitec EHR 20.1 R Set Portable Handheld Electric Concrete Mixer

The CS Unitec is considered to be one of the best handheld electric mixers for professional contractors. When compared to the quality of components and manufacturing standards, this is an inexpensive mixer with impressive features. Weighing only 11.5lbs, the CS Unitec delivers a load speed of 250-580rpm with a free speed of 900rpms. You get a variable speed motor with constant speed to mix down either lightweight or dense viscosity materials. The CS Unitec is suited for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

CS Unitec Top Ten Best Handheld Concrete Mixers

9. Z Counterform 1800W Double Paddle Mixer

The Z Counterform double-paddle mixer is an industrial-grade handheld electric mixer. It features a powerful 1800W motor with a brilliantly designed dual gearbox with impressive mixing capabilities. The Z Counterform’s design is unique in the sense that each paddle spins in opposite directions, which creates a vortex for high-quality mixes. It is fitted with variable speed control at your fingertips that are mounted on an ergonomic handle grip to ensure safety and control. The Z Counterform comes as a complete kit at an affordable price.

Z Counterform Top Ten Best Handheld Concrete Mixers

10. Collomix Xo1 800W Electric Handheld Concrete Mixer

The Collomix 800W electric handheld mixer works as good as it looks. This is a beautifully crafted and engineered piece of equipment that should be in every gang-box. The Collomix takes mixing adhesives, type-setting compounds, cement, grout, and paints to new levels. The 800W motor drives an innovative electric speed controller, and it provides an excellent gearbox ratio. The Collomix can also handle mixes up to 10 1/2 gallons, and this is an affordable mixer for the quality of the model. If you want a durable and reliable mixer with advanced engineering, the Collomix is a great choice.

Collomix Top Ten Best Handheld Concrete Mixers


By BCR Staff

August 2019