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Top 10 Best Small Air Compressors

If you own a car or complete projects around the house, one of these top 10 small air compressors can be a great addition to your tool collection. Compressors pump air at high-pressure levels, so you can run pneumatic devices, blow leaves from your driveway, or fix flat tires on your car. Large air compressors can be extremely expensive, which is where smaller units come in. Compact models are easier to carry, affordable, and easier to store in your garage or shed. They’re a great way to streamline basic maintenance tasks like filling bike tires and air mattresses.

1. Kensun Portable Air Compressor Pump

Compact and lightweight, this Kensun pump is one of the top small air compressor products you can buy. The unit is small enough to carry by hand, so you can maneuver it easily around a car or boat. With the integrated top handle, it’s easy to hold on to the compressor while it runs. We love that this unit can run on both AC and DC power; it comes with power cords for both modes, as well as two different nozzles. The woven hose is resistant to punctures and cracks.
Kensun Top Ten Best Small Air Compressors

2. Bostitch BTFP02012 Compressor

Work comfortably in any conditions with this Bostitch compressor. It’s built with a high-efficiency motor, so it starts up quickly even in the winter. This compressor runs without oil, which means that you don’t have to worry about unsightly stains on your driveway or garage floor. Even better, the oil-free design allows hassle-free maintenance. The high-flow regulator ensures a fast, even stream of air for efficient air-tool operation. Don’t worry if you’re working in a small shop — this air compressor runs at just 80 dBA.
Bostitch Top Ten Best Small Air Compressors

3. EPAuto Portable Air Compressor Pump

When you need a cheap small air compressor for filling bike tires and other light projects, this EPAuto model is a convenient option. It connects directly to your car’s accessory port or cigarette lighter, enabling you to get power virtually anywhere. The included adapters inflate everything from car tires to basketball tires, and the valve adapter is compatible with Schraeder valves. The user-friendly screen helps you achieve the perfect air pressure level for tires or toys.
EPAuto Top Ten Best Small Air Compressors

4. Senco PC1010

If you need to power air tools, the Senco PC1010 has the capacity to help. This mid-size compressor runs at one-half horsepower and peaks at one horsepower, giving you plenty of pressure. The 1-gallon tank holds enough air for small construction jobs. The lightweight frame is a breeze to carry, and the oil-free design allows simple maintenance. With its ultra-quiet motor, this air compressor helps create a more comfortable work environment.
Senco Top Ten Best Small Air Compressors

5. Portable Horizontal Air Compressor

Built with a high-capacity tank, this portable air compressor is a great choice for large household jobs. It holds up to 3 gallons of air, giving you an ample supply to run nail guns or other tools. The unique horizontal design fits into small spaces and stores easily in your garage or tool shed. Operating this compressor is easy — its power cord connects to a standard household power outlet. The included accessory kit equips you with a hose, inflation nozzles, blow gun, and more. Two top-mounted dials show you the air pressure at a glance.
Air Compressor Top Ten Best Small Air Compressors

6. Kensun Portable Air Compressor Pump

Keep your footballs and bike tires inflated with this portable Kensun air compressor. It’s designed to work with your home power supply, but it also plugs into your car’s 12V accessory port for easy flat-tire filling. Simply push the button on the front to select between the two power supply options. Inside, two sturdy motors deliver steady operation. With the included adapters, you can fill everything from sports balls to inflatable kayaks.
Kensun 2 Top Ten Best Small Air Compressors

7. NoOne Digital Tire Inflator

Take care of your inflatable items with this affordable small air compressor from NoOne. It features an auto shutoff mode, so it automatically stops when your tire or mattress is filled to the ideal pressure. The 180-watt motor helps the compressor fill your products quickly, and the LCD screen helps you monitor the progress. Need an air compressor for your car? The integrated LED lights help keep you safe during roadside repairs after dark.
NoOne Top Ten Best Small Air Compressors

8. Makita AC001 Compact Air Compressor

Shoot air at up to 125 PSI with the Makita AC001 air compressor. The secret is the induction motor, which runs at up to one-sixth horsepower. Built with a sturdy metal frame, this model stands up to harsh working conditions on job sites or in your garage. The low-amp draw helps prevent your home’s breakers from tripping, and the roll cage protects the motor from falls and impact. With the clearly labeled front panel, it’s easy to adjust and monitor the air pressure.
Makita Top Ten Best Small Air Compressors

9. California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S

The California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S is one of the best small air compressor products on the market. It’s built with a frame that’s both lightweight and durable, so you can use it safely in a garage or on a construction site. The motor runs at just 56 dB to protect your ears, and the 1-gallon tank keeps you running for longer. Use this air compressor to deliver air pressure at up to 90 PSI. Between projects, the 29.5-pound frame is easy to carry.
California Air Tools Top Ten Best Small Air Compressors

10. AmazonBasics Portable Air Compressor

Take the stress out of flat tires with this AmazonBasics portable air compressor. It’s designed to work on your car’s 12V power supply — just connect it directly to your battery with the included clamps for instant, sustained power. The coiled air hose collapses for easy storage but extends to 16.4 feet to reach your back tires easily. With the digital gauge, you can keep an eye on the air pressure.
AmazonBasics Top Ten Best Small Air Compressors
Whether you’re building an emergency car kit or expanding your home tool collection, air compressors can be a great choice. They deliver a steady stream of high-pressured air, making it easier to accomplish important tasks. By choosing from the best small air compressors on the market, you can get great results without breaking the bank.


By BCR Writing Staff
July 2019