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Top 10 Best Stepladders for Contractors

Our list of the top 10 step ladders for contractors can help you identify which is the best choice on the market. A good stepladder is a contractor’s best friend. Anyone who has owned a home can attest to the need for one that is both safe and rugged. Regardless of what you need a step ladder for, these products will stand up to any job and leave you thoroughly impressed. From light to heavy-duty usage, each model has different features to provide you with the peace of mind necessary to get your next project completed. Read on to find the ideal ladder to suit your needs.

1. DeWalt Eight-Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder

This DeWalt fiberglass step ladder has been tested by the manufacturer to ensure it can hold 375 pounds. However, what truly sets this ladder apart is the fact that it has increased the step surface by 25 percent! Not only that, each step has non-marring slip resistance applied as well. Ideal for house painters, the ladder comes with notches to hang a paint bucket at the top. No more making your way up and down the ladder every time you need to reload your brush or roller.

DeWalt Top Ten Best Stepladders for Contractors

2. Louisville Ladder Six-Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder

The Louisville six-foot step ladder has a standing height of four feet, as well as a reach height of nine feet 11 inches while using the step ladder under manufacturer practices. With a 375- pound weight capacity, this step ladder is sturdy and strong. It also has a full metal boot and wide, bonded foot tread to prevent sliding. The Pro Top included within the top of the ladder provide the ability to mount a variety of tools, including tape measures, power drills, pliers, screwdrivers, and more. This step ladder meets or exceeds all safety standards set by ANSI and OSHA.

Louisville Ladder Top Ten Best Stepladders for Contractors

3. Louisville Ladder 10-Foot Fiberglass Cross-Step Step/Shelf Ladder

Non-conductive fiberglass, this Louisville 10-foot ladder can convert from a step ladder into a shelf ladder so you can get even closer to your work, especially wall-specific work. It also has a magnet tray and hardware tray with slots for drills and tools, as well as a pipe or two by four holder. This ladder has a 300-pound capacity. Durable bonded foot pads are included to keep the ladder in place when applying weight forward. The Pro Top is included just like the six-foot step ladder above, and it includes double rivets as well.

Louisville Ladder 2 Top Ten Best Stepladders for Contractors

4. Little Giant Ladder Systems Six-Feet to 10-Feet Adjustable Step Ladder

The Little Giant ladder system comes equipped with a 300-pound rating, but what sets this ladder apart is its ability to transform from a six-foot to a 10-foot ladder. With the A-frame build, the maximum height is 10 feet, but the storage height is only 6 feet, 1inch. The steps provide full heel-to-toe foot support and the AirDeck workstation allows for additional stability and eliminates the feeling of vertigo. Since both ends of the ladder are independent in their telescope action, this ladder can be used on uneven surfaces or stairs, too.

Little Giant Ladder Systems Top Ten Best Stepladders for Contractors

5. Tri-Arc KDRF108162 Eight-Step All-Terrain Roll and Fold Steel Industrial & Warehouse Ladder

The Tri-Arc Eight-Step All-Terrain Roll and Fold Steel Industrial & Warehouse ladder use 16-inch wide and 10-inch deep steps to allow for solid foot placement. The weight capacity is a whopping 450 pounds, allowing for a very sturdy surface. The ladder utilizes Grip Stud tread as well, so it’s not just the steel that keeps this ladder solid. The overall height is just over nine feet, and the ladder meets OSHA’s 1910.29 and ANSI 14.7 requirements. If you have a warehouse setup or have even organized your garage as such, this ladder does an excellent job of providing safe, quick access.

Tri-Arc Top Ten Best Stepladders for Contractors

6. Werner T7406 Six-Foot Ladder

This six-foot ladder from Werner is made of heavy gauge aluminum and fiberglass, and each shoe pad and the rail is riveted to the EDGE bracing system for an incredibly sturdy base. Each step has slip-resistant Traction-Tred applied. This step ladder allows for a two-person process, which helps increase the stability and safety of the ladder. This ladder meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA codes. Also, there is shoulder bolt, and lock notes on the top hinge riveted into each side rail. The reinforced construction also means this step ladder will be useful long-term as well.

Werner Top Ten Best Stepladders for Contractors

7. Cosco Six-foot Signature Series Step Ladder

The Cosco Six-foot Signature Series step ladder is a great solution for in-house options. The top step is a large platform, and the step ladder utilizes a sturdy but light aluminum frame. The top cap also has caveats for fasteners and nails. Not only does this ladder work well for projects around the home, but it also meets ANSI II’s rating of 225 pounds. If you need a larger workspace and a larger surface area at the top of the step ladder, this is a great solution. It folds down to be easily stored next to a slot inset from a refrigerator or in a pantry.

Cosco Top Ten Best Stepladders for Contractors

8. Little Giant 15710-001 Microburst Eight-Foot Stepladder

This Little Giant Fold-Flat Fiberglass step ladder is eight-feet and comes with a 300-pound weight rating.  It can be stored in nearly half the space that a normal one-sided A-frame step ladder would need. This step ladder has extra-wide legs for added stability, and the top cap can pivot. Additionally, the step ladder exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards. The spreader system is constructed of high-strength steel alloy, making it incredibly durable. Not only is this a convenient ladder, but its portability also makes it a great solution where storage is tight, or corners are hard to maneuver.

Little Giant Top Ten Best Stepladders for Contractors

9. Werner OBEL06 Old Blue Electricians Six-Foot Fiberglass Stepladder

The Werner Six-Foot Fiberglass Old Blue Electricians step ladder has slip-resistant Traction-Tread technology on each step, and those steps are double riveted as well. Additionally, this step ladder has a customized holster top with a Lock-in Accessory System, so you’ll no longer need to worry about your tools dropping. The Tool Lasso Bungee System includes three bungees to wrap around your tools. The weight rating is 375 pounds, and the step ladder includes built-in wire spool holders for large and small spools, perfect for electrical work.

Werner 2 Top Ten Best Stepladders for Contractors

10. Black & Decker BXL2110-08 Eight-Foot Aluminum Step Ladder Type I

This Black & Decker step ladder is eight-feet in height and made of aluminum. It is weight tested to 250 pounds, and the top comes slotted for tools and is even magnetized to aid in keeping your tools from wandering. Additionally, the top provides an automatic closing pail shelf. The spreader braces are pinch-resistant. The legs utilize non-marring, slip-resistant rubber pads, and the step ladder meets or exceeds standards and requirements for OSHA, ANSI, and CSA. This step ladder is ideal for home improvement jobs such as painting or hanging frames.

Black & Decker Top Ten Best Stepladders for Contractors



By BCR Staff

August 2019