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Top 10 Best Standing Concrete Mixers

This article will cover the 10 best standing concrete mixers you can find online.

Whether you’re running a construction business or have a variety of backyard DIY projects, there will come a time when you need to mix your cement, concrete, stucco and other substances correctly. Construction is a timely process that requires perfection; therefore, the equipment you use does matter. When it comes to projects that require concrete, one piece of equipment that can assist you in completing your jobs on time is a good concrete mixer. Below are our top picks, many of which are inexpensive yet provide plenty of staying power to get the job done right, time after time.

1. SUNCOO Electric Concrete 4/5HP Cement Mixer

This is a cheap electric cement mixer that has the ability to mix stucco, concrete, mortar and more. You can also use it to inoculate seeds and mix livestock feeds with perfect consistencies. It has been designed with all-steel components and fitted with large rubber wheels that provide easy maneuvering. The inner walls also feature a thicker design; therefore, ensuring safety with large carrying capacity. Additionally, the SUNCOO concrete mixer has been designed with the best industrial materials currently available on the market.

SUNCOO Top Ten Concrete Mixers

2. YARDMAX YM0046 1.6 Cubic Ft, Concrete Mixer

The YARDMAX is a concrete mixer that’s affordable, easy to clean and use. It has been designed with solid steel drums and has an Ip45 gearbox. It comes with a factory-installed motor, which provides more than enough power to mix a variety of compounds, and it can be assembled in less than 30 minutes. The handle is made of steel, and it also has an iron ring that has been fitted with a safety lock. You can adjust it to your preference with little to no effort. The YARDMAX’s low profile design is ideal for pouring the mix into wheelbarrows, forms, and moving it around the job site.

YARDMAX Top Ten Concrete Mixers

3. Wheelbarrow Mixer 3.5 Cubic Ft, 115V, 3/4HP

The Wheelbarrow Mixer is designed with wheels that roll flawlessly, even over coarse and rough terrain. When you need to dump, the mixer is designed with the user in mind. When it comes to mixing, this machine has been made to give you the best results currently available in the marketplace. It can mix several types of compounds with ease, and it comes with a 3.5 cubic ft drum and a powerful 3/4hp motor. Moving it around the job site is fast and simple, thanks to its strong base, dual handles, and 13 3/4 inch wheels. The Wheelbarrow Mixer is an affordable construction-grade model.

Wheelbarrow Top Ten Concrete Mixers

4. Goplus 1/2HP, 2.2 Cubic Ft, Electric Cement Concrete Mixer Barrow Machine

For those that are looking for a cheap concrete mixer, look no further, the Goplus adds stability and durability at a great price point. It’s designed with a switch that also has a safety lock that provides safety and even control features. This is a solid machine that’s designed with two wheels that provide easy relocation and quick set up times, reducing downtime. You can also use the Goplus to mix mortar, stucco as well as inoculate seeds and also mix feeds. The Goplus 1/2hp motor is a heavy-duty design with a direct gearbox that ensures quality mixes.

Goplus Top Ten Concrete Mixers

5. Electric Cement Mixer 1/3HP, 3.5 Cubic Ft

This general service concrete mixer is inexpensive, and it’s designed to handle concrete, mortar, stucco, and livestock feed. It has been designed with large 9-inch wheels that allows you to move it from place to place with ease. This concrete mixer is a basic design that ensures durability, and it can be used on the job site, farm or for DIY projects. The drum opening is 15 inches wide, which provides plenty of room for pouring in bags of concrete or feed. The switch has been made with a safety switch, ensuring safe operation.

Electric Cement Top Ten Concrete Mixers

6. Kushlan Wheelbarrow Mixer, 6 Cubic Ft, 3/4HP, 115V

The affordable Kushlan Wheelbarrow Mixer is rated for professional contractors. This model will help you complete your work fast and efficiently. The 3/4hp direct drive motor can handle heavy loads, and the mixer is built with a heavy-gauge steel frame that ensures a solid investment. The drum opening is 18 inches, which offers plenty of room. The Kushlan also comes with flat-free rubber wheels that make relocation a breeze whether it’s empty or full.

Kushlan Top Ten Concrete Mixers

7. Wheel Barrow Portable 0.5HP, 5 Cubic Ft, Cement Concrete Mixer

Generic’s portable wheelbarrow is an inexpensive construction-grade concrete mixer that features a tilted design with solid handles and flat-free wheels for easy transportation around the job site. This machine is a multi-mixer that’s capable of mixing concrete, stucco, mortar, feeds and inoculating seeds. If you want to save time and money by doing it yourself, the Generic portable wheelbarrow will get the job done. Additionally, the machine breaks down in less than a minute, which provides easy storage when not in use.

Wheelbarrow 2 Top Ten Concrete Mixers

8. PROLINEMAX HD Portable Electric 250L Steel Stucco Concrete Cement Mixer

PROLINEMAX is a heavy-duty mixer that has been made handle up to 250L (8.5 cubic ft) of stucco, concrete or cement that also comes with an affordable price tag. The drum opening is 17.5 inches, and the drum speed is 25-30RPM, which provide superior mixing speeds for excellent consistencies. It has also been designed with an industrial nylon ring gear that prevents rust, ensuring longevity. Supporting PROLINEMAX’s powerful drum is a solid steel frame with large rubber wheels that make transportation possible on any terrain.

PROLINEMAX Top Ten Concrete Mixers

9. Northern Industrial Mini Electric Cement Mixer

Northern Industrial’s mini mixer is a portable and cheap cement mixer that has been designed with a powerful belt driven 1/4hp motor. This is an ideal mixer that can be used for a variety of DIY projects for those who want a better method of mixing concrete, stucco or mortar. It comes with a 10-inch drum opening with a 35 RMP drum speed, and the mini electric has a 1 1/4 cubic ft capacity. The Northern Industrial features 8-inch flat-free wheels and a solid steel frame, which provide both longevity and durability.

Northern Industrial Top Ten Concrete Mixers

10. Klutch 2 Cubic Ft, Portable Cement Mixer

The Klutch concrete mixer features a new easy to clean polypropylene drum that has been designed with 2 cubic ft of drum capacity, and it holds up to 108lbs of premix. This machine has a powerful 1/3hp motor that can easily mix concrete, mortar, stucco and livestock feed. The solid 10-inch rubber tires provide easy transportation whether the drum is empty or full. The Klutch cement mixer has an all-steel frame that’s powder-coated for a finish that lasts and prevents rust. If you need a mid-range cement mixer with the power of a high-end model, the Klutch is a machine worth considering.

Klutch Top Ten Concrete Mixers



By BCR Staff

August 2019