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Top 10 Best Corner Desks

When you’re setting up an office, our review of the top 10 corner desks can help you create some extra space. These desks feature two sides, giving you ample space for a computer, a printer, or a document-prep area. Working with a smaller office? These desks are designed to fit into a corner of the room to maximize space. Or, set one side against the wall and allow the other side to create a barrier between you and your guests. No matter which orientation you choose, a great corner desk helps you stay productive. Check out these 10 options; each one fits nicely in a professional or home office.

1. Bush Furniture Cabot Computer Desk

Large and durable, the Bush Furniture Cabot desk is the perfect choice for a big office. This model is built with a storage cabinet on one end and a filing cabinet on the other, so you have ample space to store everything from reams of paper to file folders. Two open shelves keep frequently accessed items in easy reach. The large L-shaped worktop holds all of your electronics. On the outer edge of this desk, a half-height modesty panel provides coverage in an open office. We love the built-in USB hub, which enables you to charge up to four devices.

Bush Top 10 Best Corner Desks

2. SHW Home Office L-Shaped Corner Desk

Sleek and contemporary, the SHW corner desk is a beautiful choice for a modern office. This desk is all about simplicity — it starts with the steel base, which features an open design to give your legs room to move. Alternatively, slip a filing cabinet under the desktop for extra storage. The solid espresso-colored top features three grommet openings to keep your cables under control.

SHW Top 10 Best Corner Desks

3. TOPSKY L-Shaped Desk

One of the top corner desks on the market, this TOPSKY L-shaped model fits neatly into a home or business office. With this desk, the beauty is in the simplistic design. The black metal frame creates a stable base, while the open-concept layout maintains an airy feeling and eliminates leg restriction. The oak brown top looks casual and contemporary. We love the melamine coating, which helps this desk stand up to everyday use.

TOPSKY Top 10 Best Corner Desks

4. SHW L-Shaped Home Desk

Enjoy plenty of room to work when you have this SHW L-shaped desk on hand. With its extended desktop, this model gives you space for multiple computer monitors, a printer, or small storage units. One end features three drawers; one is a full-size filing drawer to hold your key documents. The espresso finish looks crisp in both traditional and contemporary offices, and the simple hardware maintains the professional vibe.

SHW 2 Top 10 Best Corner Desks

5. VASAGLE Computer Corner Desk

Enhance the loft-style feel of your office with this VASAGLE corner desk. Designed with a black metal frame and a rustic wood-look top, this piece exudes industrial-chic style. Two lower shelves give you room to store binders, books, or small appliances; the rest of the base is open for comfort. Planning to tuck this desk in a corner? You’ll love the cut-off edge, which enables you to run cables neatly off of the desktop.

VASAGLE Top 10 Best Corner Desks

6. GreenForest Desk

Searching for cheap corner desks to keep your office costs down? This model from GreenForest fits the bill. With its two large sides, this desk provides ample space for all of your computers and electronics. The open-style base makes it easy to stretch out your legs, so you can stay comfortable during a long day on the job. Engineered from P2-class MDF, this desk is an eco-friendly solution for your green office.

GreenForest Top 10 Best Corner Desks

7. Coleshome Corner Desk

Expand the functional space in your office with this Coleshome corner desk. It’s designed to slip into a corner of a room, creating a huge work area without blocking the movement of traffic. The large top creates room for multiple monitors, making it a great option for gaming or professional use. We love the raised shelf, which gives you a convenient spot for a printer. Made with a powder-coated steel frame, this desk resists scratches and corrosion, even in harsh environments. With its thin, wire-inspired cross-braces, this piece adds an architectural look to your stylish office.

Coleshome Top 10 Best Corner Desks

8. Sauder Harbor View Desk

Make a roomy office feel less overwhelming with this Sauder Harbor View desk. It’s one of the best corner desks, and you’ll understand why as soon as you sit down. The L-shaped design gives you a huge work area — use it to install an oversized computer system, or stack printers or peripherals for easy-access use. A three-drawer unit adorns one end, and a closed cabinet on the other end creates hidden storage for a neat office. Constructed from engineered wood and finished in a wood-grain print, this desk looks elegant and traditional.

Sauder Top 10 Best Corner Desks

9. Soges L-Shaped Workstation

When it comes to affordable corner desks, this Soges L-shaped workstations is one of your best options. It’s made with a cool, contemporary black metal base that comes complete with angled supports. The wood grain-print top is super strong, and the open-concept frame gives you the flexibility to add storage. Choose from a variety of top finishes to find the right match for your existing office furniture.

Soges Top 10 Best Corner Desks

10. Tangkula Free Rotating L-Shaped Corner Desk

Do you love an office design that blends modern and traditional style? This Tangkula desk is a great fit. Made with crisp, straight lines and geometric accents, this piece fits into a mid-century modern or contemporary space with ease. Four open shelves and two drawers give you ample storage. Plus, with the free-rotating worktop, you can create an L-shaped desk or a long, narrow desk to suit your space. You can even rotate the top over the storage pedestal to save room as needed.

Tangkula Top 10 Best Corner Desks
If you need to switch between computer tasks and paperwork, a corner desk can provide all of the space you need. By choosing from these well-designed corner desks, you can set up a functional, productive work area.


By BCR Staff
December 2019