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BCR FurnitureFurniture typically takes up most of our interior spaces to make them cozy and functional. Sitting, sleeping, eating, working, and storing belongings would be impossible without furniture. Whether custom or ready-made, furniture is what makes a house a home. At Best Choice Reviews, we’ll help you surround yourself with your favorite furniture on budget. Whether your taste is modern, antique, rustic, art deco, contemporary, or traditional, our premier website suggests top-quality furniture that can transform your space.

Archaeologists agree humans starting using primitive stone furniture around 3100 BC. Ancient Egyptian pharaoh tombs have even been unearthed with chairs, beds, and headrests. During the Middle Ages, furniture moved from purely practical to ornamental with gold and exquisitely carved wood. By the 20th century, modern furniture was crafted by new materials like steel, plastic, and fiberglass. In 1928, Edward Knabush and Edwin Shoemaker famously patented the recliner that started La-Z-Boy. Nowadays, Zion Market Research estimates the global furniture industry will hit $472.30 billion in 2024. The United States alone has around 39,000 furniture stores employing 227,750 people. Sorting through the nation’s huge furniture inventory is a tall order best left to Best Choice Reviews. We’ll continually add top 10 lists with all of the cozy, chic chattels your property requires.

Kick Your Feet Up and Furniture Shop Online

Imagine purchasing your new sofa or sectional while relaxing on your current couch, without even changing out of your loungewear! You don’t have to gas up your vehicle and drive miles to a brick-and-mortar. You don’t have to worry whether your local store has what you’re looking for in the right size and color. And, you don’t have to fight crowds and pushy salespeople vying for your commission.

Online shopping is an increasingly popular choice to access the widest furniture selection right on the internet. Online retail is a time-saving solution that easily fits furniture upgrades into your busy schedule.

Nonetheless, concerns about online shopping safety might give you pause. The Insurance Information Institute reports there are nearly 17 million victims of identity fraud each year. Cyber crimes have been on the rise, but you can protect yourself by following a few simple guidelines. Always buy from legitimate websites with sound privacy policies and SSL encryption. Always connect to secure Wi-Fi and keep up-to-date virus software. Always use a credit card with fraud monitoring and protection.

Some online shoppers fear that furniture items will look better on screen than in real life. It’s true you can’t touch or sit on furniture before buying online, but online retailers want your business so they provide detailed product specs, reviews, and ratings to inform your decision. And return policies are usually generous if you don’t end up liking the furniture.

Decorate Your Dreams with Flawless Furniture

Furniture purchases are fairly large investments to budget for. According to, the average person spends $8,176 to furnish their apartment. Homeowners can expect paying more since the average house is 2,687 square feet. Packing in dining sets, shelves, area rugs, patio loungers, pantries, and more gets expensive. Some furniture items also have eye-popping price tags. Best Choice Reviews knows you many households can’t afford to splurge on very expensive furniture. Thus, affordability is a prominent factor in our decision-making process. Our researchers seek quality, comfy furniture at unbeatable values for your pocketbook. We’re also committed to the following three furniture search criteria.

Trendiness: Interior design is an ever-changing art that embraces new fads. In fact, IIDA chapters across the country hold annual fashion shows exhibiting the latest couture. Home decorating trends for 2019 include oxidized oak tables, rounded back chairs, and contrast couch stitching. Best Choice Reviews stays on top of the stylish new industry developments. Our goal is to refresh and glamorize your space with the most aesthetically pleasing pieces. We carefully choose furniture with beautiful fabrics and fixtures all the rage. Meanwhile, we ensure each piece still delivers the function and comfort you deserve.

Craftsmanship: Durability against wear and tear is crucial for furniture used daily. Given that, Best Choice Reviews pays close attention to detail in judging how well furniture was made. To enumerate, we seek bar stools with heavy wood legs jointed to the seat for stability. We hunt couches with sturdy wood frames, seating support, and enough cushion filling to hold shape. The BCR team pores over product specs to judge furniture on more than their pretty looks. We also prefer well-rated pieces that come with warranty protection plans.

Innovation: Today’s furniture is much more advanced than what you had growing up. New technologies are woven into furniture designs to suit our digital world. At Best Choice Reviews, we’re a tech-savvy bunch committed to finding unique, innovative furniture features. We’re talking beds with USB ports to charge your mobile devices while laying. We’ve found office desks capable of rising and lowering to healthily do computer work standing. Murphy beds fold up into walls to save space in living and guest rooms. From massaging chairs to touch-screen refrigerators, we’ll keep up with revolutionizing new technology.

Find Furnishings to Make Over Your Interior

Time to renovate your home, apartment, cabin, RV, or office? Then, let Best Choice Reviews be your free stylist and suggest fitting furniture. Our website has devoted an entire section to well-designed furniture of every type. You’ll stumble upon living room furniture like coffee tables, loveseats, bookcases, and floor lamps. You’ll uncover dining room furniture like drop-leaf tables, chairs, stools, and hutches. You’ll discover bedroom furniture like nightstands, armoires, dressers, and headboards. The BCR staff strives to furnish every floor with fashionable yet comfortable furniture at unbeatable prices. Please start scrolling through our top 10 lists for creative decor solutions you’ll adore.

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