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Top 10 Best Futons

This list will cover the top 10 futons that can be purchased from the comfort of your home.

Finding an affordable futon that isn’t terrible quality can be tough. After all, futons have gone out of style, right? Well, not quite. A decent and affordable futon can be a great way to supply your home with an extra bed when you are hosting company. Additionally, the futons that you will be reading about on this list have all been verified for their quality and workmanship. If you want to bring function and fashion into your home while addressing your bedding needs, we might have the right futon for you. Remember, these futons are built for different situations, so don’t settle until you find the perfect piece for your home.

1. Studio Bifold Futon

KD Frames has been a popular developer of affordable furniture for a long time. Their Studio Bifold Futon, which is a queen-sized futon, is an affordable way to get a high-quality piece of furniture into your home. Shipping out of Athens, GA, this futon comes with a five-year warranty via the manufacturer. There are five different reclining positions along with the actual bed format. The smooth wooden frame allows for a modern feel while the coffee-like colors make this an ideal futon to add in a modern home. You’ll have to assemble this futon on your own as well as purchase your own mattress.

KD Frames Top 10 Futons

2. Mozaic AMZ-FS0041 Queen Size Eight-Inch Futon Mattress

There are a number of affordable futons out there that simply look cheap. Fortunately, the Mozaic AMZ-FS0041 looks even better than its price. This specialty mattress is made from double-sided memory foam that has been coated with polyester. This mattress fits a standard queen-sized bed. The cotton tufted cover provides an extra layer of comfort and durability while the reversible mattress allows you to flip it whenever you need to. This mattress comes in eight different colors with black being among the most popular. As an affordable futon mattress, you can’t really do better than the Mozaic AMZ-FS0041.

Mozaic Top 10 Futons

3. DHP Emily Futon, Pink Velvet

Most futons tend to have a similar feel to them. Thankfully, that isn’t the case when it comes to the stylish DHP Emily Futon. This pink-velvet futon manages to blend upscale style with a minimalist design. Featuring a multi-fold feature, you can optimize this furniture for whatever needs that you have. You can get the Emily Futon in a variety of different colors, but they’ll all ship in a single box that is quick and convenient for assembly. What we love about this futon is the low profile that saves space while focusing on keeping you comfortable as both a couch and a bed.

DHP Top 10 Futons

4. Novogratz Vintage Futon, Teal Linen

The Novogratz Vintage Futon is a wonderful throwback to yesteryear. This amazingly affordable futon features linen upholstery and a pair of side pillows that are made out of the same fabric. You’ll enjoy the solid wooden construction thanks to its longterm durability. What makes us love this futon is the teal linen color that looks stylishly retro yet refreshingly modern. This futon ships in a single box and features quick assembly instructions. When you are done using it as a couch, you can turn it into a bed within seconds. We also love the wooden legs that feature a beautiful gold finish.

Novogratz Top 10 Futons

5. Mozaic AMZ-FS0009 Full Size Eight-inch Futon Mattress

If you liked the first Moazai mattress that we highlighted, you’ll like this one even more. The Mozaic AMZ-FS0009 is a full-size Eight-inch futon mattress. This mattress is made from memory foam and it comes in standard full-size measurements. The memory foam embraces your body in order to keep you comfortable throughout the night. The eight inches of mattress is also more than the average futon mattress which makes it particularly comfortable as a temporary place to sleep. It is completely made in the United States and adheres to all federal safety standards. You can get this mattress in nine different colors with black being the base color.

Mozaic 2 Top 10 Futons

6. Studio Bifold Futon – Full

If you’ve ever walked into a studio apartment, you’ll understand why this futon would fit right in. This Studio Bifold Futon from KD Frames is a simple product that packs a ton of style into a lightweight frame. Built for a full-sized mattress, this bifold futon features five adjustable reclining positions before you transform it into its bed option. Shipped out of Georgia, it comes with a five-year warranty in order to protect you from any unexpected issues. This is an affordably priced futon that does not come with a mattress, so make sure that you order one when you need it.

KD Frames 2 Top 10 Futons

7. Mozaic Full Size Six-Inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattress, Khaki

Mozaic has been a quality purveyor of affordable futon-based mattresses. Thanks to their memory foam design, you can enjoy a night of sleep that is comparable to your regular bed. This futon mattress features dual-sided memory foam technology that also features a polyester cover. Fitted for a full-sized mattress, this six-inch mattress has just enough plush for you to be comfortable without sinking into the material. As one of the most affordable futon options for sale on the internet, Mozaic’s six-inch model is the perfect futon mattress for people who are shopping on a budget.

Mozaic 3 Top 10 Futons

8. Blazing Needles Renewal Five-Inch Twill Futon Mattress

Blazing Needles is an established futon mattress production company with a range of products under their name. The Blazing Needles Renewal model is a five inches Twill Futon Mattress that is fitted for a full-sized futon. This mattress comes in pretty much every color that you could imagine, so feel free to get creative with your shopping choice. This mattress is measured at 75 x 54 x 5 inches in height. Rather than a memory foam filling, this mattress relies on a foam core and a cotton batting design. You’ll find that this mattress has been built to last without the durability concerns that are intrinsic to the industry.

Blazing Needles Top 10 Futons

9. True Eight-inch Loft Cotton/Foam Futon Mattress, Queen-size

Epic Furnishings knows that they can be the affordable solution that futon owners need when it comes to purchasing their new furniture. This True Eight-inch Loft Cotton Foam Futon Mattress comes in both queen and full sizes. This mattress has a medium firmness that is ideal for sitting and sleeping. This mattress has more than 11 inches of material that have been compressed to fit within the eight-inch mattress. You can use this mattress with futon frames as well as traditional bedding frames. What we love about this affordable mattress is that it has truly been designed with longlasting durability in mind.

Epic Furnishings Top 10 Futons

10. Sunrise Coast Geneva Fabric-Upholstery Futon Couch with Stainless-Steel Legs

Rounding out our top ten list of quality futons is the Sunrise Coast Geneva Fabric Upholstery Futon Couch. Featuring stainless steel legs, this harbor gray futon has all of the design traits that you could want out of a modern, upscale, and comfortable futon. The mattress itself is filled with high-density foam while the stainless steel legs add stability and strength. If you want a futon that will bring a sense of refined style into your home, this is the only option that you should consider. While some assembly is required, the bulk of the assembly will be done before arriving at your home.

Sunrise Coast Top 10 Futons




By BCR Staff

September 2019