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Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs

This article will review the top 10 gaming chairs you can purchase online.

Video and computer game competitions, also known as ESports competitions, are on the rise across the world. As of 2019, it is estimated that ESports as an industry will rack up over 454 million viewers, grossing over $1 billion in total revenue. Much of this recent traction is thanks in part to major streaming platforms, like YouTube and Twitch.

Competitive gaming is all over the world, and gamers are in need more than ever of specialty equipment to keep their bodies healthy and comfortable while engaging in this stationary activity. Gaming chairs make competitive gaming more accessible than ever, providing head, neck, and back support while allowing the user to continue with their play easily. This review will explore the top ten gaming chairs on Amazon, so keep reading if you want to hear our ranking.

1.Vertagear SL5000 Gaming Chair, Black/Camo

This chair is designed to keep the user at prime comfort at all times, employing a memory foam headrest pillow and a lumbar support cushion toward the bottom of the chair. The sides of the chair are also contoured to the shape of the arm, ensuring maximum hand control while playing. The chair is incredibly simple to set up, with pieces that slide together so it can be assembled installed by one person. A five-point base reinforces the legs, so you know you won’t be slipping or sliding around while trying to focus. Unlike other chairs, you won’t need to worry about sitting too long, as it’s designed for extreme gamers who play for extended periods.

Vertagear Top Ten Best Gaming Chairs

2. AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

Established in 2001, AKRacing knows the gaming community very well and has frequently been cited as an industry leader. With a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds, this gaming chair is the ideal choice for anyone who might be slightly heavier than average. This chair has a breathable fabric cover all over, which is excellent for hot conditions and eliminates the stickiness of leather. All of the chairs by AKRacing are also designed to recline flat to 180 degrees fully, and the armrests also adjust in three different directions to ensure maximum comfortability.

AKRacing Top Ten Best Gaming Chairs

3. AutoFull Pro Big and Tall Gaming Office Chair

Autofull specializes in catering to gamers, sponsoring professional leagues like the RNG, Newbee, and LGD. This specific chair is 8% larger than most gaming chairs, providing an option for those who are taller or heavier, with a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. It has a higher, ergonomically-designed back for taller gamers, with detachable cushions designed for lumbar and head support. This chair can also be put into a rocking function, which adds 25 degrees if you want slight movement from an upright position. Autofull offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, so you can be ensured that your chair will be repaired or replaced if something goes wrong.

AutoFull Top Ten Best Gaming Chairs

4. GT Omega PRO Racing Gaming Chair

GT Omega Racing provides a chair which promises maximum comfort, with a ‘body-hugging’ design and removable headrest and lumbar cushions. The design is meant to mimic the look of an actual car seat, so it’s fashionable no matter the application. The chair is covered in synthetic leather, so it is easily wiped clean in case of a spill or other mess. A locking mechanism is also in place, so you can stop the chair from moving once you’re in the desired position. The design uses steel tubing, so it can handle the rowdiest gamer, whether they’re frustrated or celebrating.

GT Omega Top Ten Best Gaming Chairs

5. ZENEZ Gaming Chair

ZENEZ offers an exceptional warranty on all of their chairs, allowing one year of replacement for any damaged or missing parts, as well as faulty installation. This chair uses a bucket seat and high curved back to maintain optimal orthopedic support for even the most extreme gamer. The supports are made of foam which molds to your shape, so the chair only gets more comfortable as you continue to sit. It also uses the highest quality wheels which have a mute roll, so you don’t disturb anyone else or damage floors while moving. With this chair, ZENEZ promises that you’ll become a winner, no matter what you play!

ZENEZ Top Ten Best Gaming Chairs

6. GT RACING Audio Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

This chair is specifically designed not just for gaming, but also for music, movies, or television watching. It uses two Bluetooth surround-sound speakers by the headrest, so you have supreme sound no matter what you’re listening to. The speakers play for up to six hours, connecting wirelessly to your phone, computer, or tablet; perfect for extreme gaming sessions or some Netflix binging. The chair also includes a footstool for maximum comfort and is covered entirely in synthetic leather. The armrests adjust in four different directions, and the chair itself supports a weight of up to 400 pounds.

GT RACING Top Ten Best Gaming Chairs

7. Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair

This chair has a function which most other chairs do not: a lumbar-massaging, USB-powered pillow. Ficmax has some of the most popular gaming chairs in China, and their products are designed for those who spend extended time sitting. The foam supporting the chair is 4.8 inches thick, so you can be sure you won’t feel stiff after a long gaming session. The chair has a fully flat 180-degree tilt and can hold up to 300 pounds. Ficmax offers a 12-month replacement warranty, as well as a month of free returns and a full money-back guarantee. The chair also comes with a complimentary neck pillow in addition to the massaging cushion, so you literally could not be more comfortable while sitting.

Ficmax Top Ten Best Gaming Chairs

8. E-WIN Gaming Chair

Made of the same synthetic leather present in many sports cars, the E-WIN gaming chair is sure to make you a winner. The chair includes a removable headrest and lumbar cushion and takes a maximum of thirty minutes to set up. With this chair, you can get to playing right away, with a full 360-degree swivel and adjustable height using only a class-4 gas lift. The company independently develops a unique style of chair foam, which is high density and designed to retain its elasticity. Their environmentally-friendly style of painting is designed to eliminate rust and ensure that you can use your stylish chair for as long as possible.

E-WIN Top Ten Best Gaming Chairs

9. EDWELL Computer Gaming Chair

EDWELL gaming chairs are meant to reduce fatigue and back pain, with high back curvature and detachable headrest. This chair is lined with an anti-collapse sponge which forms to the shape of your body, covered by a waterproof and fade-resistant leather coating. A USB-powered massage cushion is also included, which provides a relaxing decompression after a long day at work, or even a long gaming session. The chair also includes an adjustable footrest while being able to tilt to a flat 180 degrees, so you could even sleep in the chair if needed! EDWELL also offers a lifetime warranty on the chair frame, so you know you can invest in their premier customer service.

EDWELL Top Ten Best Gaming Chairs

10. United Office/Gaming Chair

Made of the highest-quality synthetic leather, the United gaming chair offers total support for even the longest of extreme gaming sessions. The back of the chair is designed specifically for complete spine support, with a detachable lumbar support and head cushion. The armrests of the chair have a flexible design and are adjustable, along with a fully adjustable seat angle which is supported by a five-point base. The chair can also move in virtually any direction, with quiet rolling wheels that are designed specifically to protect your hardwood floors from scratching.

United Office Top Ten Best Gaming Chairs



By BCR Staff

August 2019