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Top 10 Best Office Chairs

For those who work out of an office or even a home office, our review of the top 10 office chairs will be well worth the read. If you have a desk job, the majority of your day is probably spent sitting and staring at a computer. When you’re spending extended periods in a worn-out, unsupportive chair, it can cause problems in all areas of your life.

Aside from affecting your posture, sitting in the wrong chair can lead to poor blood circulation, decreased concentration, increased fatigue, and even digestive problems. If you’re someone who knows your bad chair is impacting your work life, keep reading to pick out your new favorite office chair.

1. AmazonBasics High-Back Office Chair

For an office chair that will be sure to get you through your entire workday with ease, look no further than Amazon’s top pick. Upholstered with black leather and PVC, both the back and seat of this chair are padded to provide complete comfort. Supported by a five-point base, the wheels of this chair are specially designed to roll quietly to prevent both noise and floor damage. The weight capacity of this chair is up to 275 pounds, and it stands at a height of about 45 inches when fully assembled. In this chair, you can also adjust the ease of rocking with a knob under the seat, so your chair is fully customizable.

AmazonBasics Top Ten Best Office Chairs

2. Smugdesk Office Chair Dark Black

This desk chair is great if you already suffer from some of the symptoms of a bad chair, such as a sore neck or back. With a fully-adjustable, multifunction headrest, you’re able to correct the position of your head and neck quickly. Designed to hug your lower back, Smugdesk’s office chair has unmatched lumbar support, which is perfect for those who sit for extended periods. Unlike some of the other models on our list, this one is made with mesh to allow for airflow and prevent overheating. No tools are needed to assemble this chair, and the company offers a year-long warranty for damaged parts.

Smugdesk Top Ten Best Office Chairs

3. Furmax High Back Office Chair

This next chair is one which has been designed ergonomically to help those who spend long days at their desks. The upholstery is breathable and comfortable, using synthetic leather and a high-quality sponge padding to maximize airflow. The armrests are curved uniquely to ensure that your arms can relax, and the cushion is meant to hug the curves of your lower back. The height of the chair can be adjusted between 45 and 48 inches, and the tilt is controlled by a tension knob, which can be positioned up to 20 degrees.

Furmax Top Ten Best Office Chairs

4. VANBOW Office Chair

Built for maximum concentration during your workday, the VANBOW office chair has a high back design which provides excellent lumbar support. The waterfall seat edge also puts less pressure on your legs, alongside a high-density foam padding which adds to the comfort level. There is an adjustable lumbar support system on the chair, which allows you to increase or decrease the pressure being applied to your back. The reclining back of the chair has a locking feature, so you can stay at 90 degrees, or whatever other tilt you desire. A one year warranty backs all of ’VANBOW’s products, and they are happy to replace the product if you are not completely satisfied.

VANBOW Top Ten Best Office Chairs

5. Homall Gaming Office Chair

Homall’s office chair is great if you need an exceptionally sturdy model. The synthetic leather skin is resistant to wear and tear, and the high-density foam is the perfect cushion for sitting for long periods. The chair features a class-3 gas lift to adjust the height and supports up to 300 pounds. It also has quiet-rolling, rubber casters so as to not scratch hardwood floors, which are tested by rolling the chair over 1000 miles. The frame is entirely steel and is built to last no matter the conditions. Homall offers a one year warranty for any damaged or missing parts. Additionally, they offer to refund your chair for one month after purchase if you are not satisfied.

Homall Top Ten Best Office Chairs

6. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

This option is great if you’re looking for a more fashionable office chair which still offers the same high support. This chair has the fantastic feature of a one-touch system which adjusts the height, tilt tension, and locking, so you’re never messing with more than one button. The chair also has five dual-wheel casters, which have been tested to glide over both hardwoods and carpeted floors with ease. It stands at about 41.5 inches and supports a weight capacity of up to 331 pounds. Additionally, the chair has a breathable mesh back, which maximizes airflow and ensures you’ll never get sweaty.

Modway Top Ten Best Office Chairs

7. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Office Chair

For a more sleek look to your office chair, this would be the option to go for. This chair has a high, ergonomically-designed back, but isn’t too bulky or round. Instead, it looks more flat and polished, padded with durable molded foam to ensure your back is fully supported. It has a ribbed leather exterior and shiny chrome hardware, so it’s sure to fit the style of any office environment. The chair has a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds and stands at about 45.2 inches when fully assembled. It also comes in four different colors to match any decor.

AmazonBasics 2 Top Ten Best Office Chairs

8. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

This chair is perfect if you tend to take a lot of breaks while sitting at your desk. Designed to recline fully, this chair even has a footrest which comes forward when you tilt the chair backward. The frame is covered in a breathable mesh, which ensures you won’t get too hot, even if you’re relaxing. A waterfall seat cushion helps to relieve tension on your legs, while a synchro-tilt always keeps the ideal angle between all of your body’s pressure points. The chair stands between 45 to 50 inches tall and supports a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

Hbada Top Ten Best Office Chairs

9. AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair

If you’re heavier or taller than average, this might be your pick. This chair supports a weight of up to 350 pounds and is taller than the average desk chair. Upholstered in sleek brown leather with a waterfall seat edge, this chair provides maximum lumbar and neck support. The chair also already comes semi-assembled, so you don’t need to worry about any frustrating time you’ll spend putting it together. With a five-point base and hooded caster wheels, you can roll anywhere without having to worry about damaging your floors.

AmazonBasics 3 Top Ten Best Office Chairs

10. Ticova Leather Office Chair

This chair provides a different kind of lumbar support, segmenting the back of the chair into three sections to target each part of your spine. Ticova’s office chair is made from synthetic leather which has been tested to be scratch-proof, fade-resistant, and easy to clean. With a retractable footrest built-in, it has never been easier to relax at your desk. The chair has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds and can be locked while tilted anywhere from 90 to 155 degrees. Ticova even offers a system where you can try the chair for 90 days, and be fully refunded if you are not satisfied during that period.

Ticova Top Ten Best Office Chairs



By BCR Staff

August 2019