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10 Best Purple Shampoos

What exact qualities must come together in order to ultimately result in the very best purple shampoos the market can offer? The best range of purple pigments in opposition to brassy-blondish color signatures on the color spectrum is very important. Healthy ingredients that rinse clean and feel and smell great are also an important factor. Then there’s the general bang-per-buck factor offered by the totality of the product versus what its money cost is. We’ve got it all covered, though, so you can just take a pick from our list and know you’ve got a winner. The following list represents the 10, best purple shampoos on the market right now.

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1. TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo


TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo, 13.5 Ounce best purple shampoos

Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo by TIGI is a top pick in purpling shampoos, much because of its no-nonsense effect on brassy and overly blonde tones. This one is also made with Polyquaternium 10 which greatly helps to prevent and control frizz and static after the wash which we really did appreciate. The conditioning power of Bed Head is also definitely worth noting as is its fresh after-wash smell.

2. Kick Purple Shampoo for Blonde and Silver Hair


Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair - Award Winning, Purple Toning Blonde Shampoo Instantly Brightens & Washes Away Brassy Yellow Tones on Blonde, Silver, Grey Hair - 8oz - KICK best purple shampoos

Kick’s Purple Shampoo for Blonde and Silver Hair may just be the best shampoo for grey hair on our list. This one works very well in grey and silvery applications as well as in toning down those blonde tones you may be working with. The UV protection and active damage defense make things even sweeter, while a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee by Kick assures every bottle performs exactly as expected. Bonus points go to a thorough rinse and after-wash smell.


3. ArtNaturals Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Blonde Hair


ArtNaturals Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Blonde Hair - Sulfate Free & No Parabens Color Toning Gray, Silver, Brunette, Highlights, Dyed & Bleached Hairs - Prevents Brassy Yellow - (2 X 16oz) best purple shampoos


ArtNaturals offers customers a sure bet with its Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Blonde Hair. This two-part shampoo and conditioner set is to be used together with each wash and really does do a great job of cleaning, protecting, and balancing color tones when used as indicated. The maker’s unique, surfactant, sulfate, and paraben-free formula is responsible for much of the efficacy of this one, we are sure.


4. Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo, 10.14 Fl Oz best purple shampoo

The spot on our list for the very best shampoo to fight brassiness specifically, arguably should go to Paul Mitchell’s Platinum Blonde Shampoo. From the renowned hair care maker, this one does a truly great job of cleaning while simultaneously cooling too much warmth and brassiness throughout the hair evenly. The spot-on violet tinting used in this one, along with other trade secrets, come together for a color and feel that is top-notch across the field of competition.


5. Mroobest Blonde Purple Toning Hair Shampoo


Purple Shampoo, No Yellow Shampoo, Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair, Brassy, Silver & Color Treated Hair Moisturizer, Bleached & Highlighted Hair, Bleached Hair Toner best purple shampoo

Another sure bet in today’s field of purple shampoos is Blonde Purple Toning Hair Shampoo by Mroobest. With this purple shampoo, you get a great clean and rinse along with strong purpling effects you can see right away with the first wash. Yellowness and brassiness quickly go away with just the very first use, and Mroobest even backs this one with a satisfaction guarantee, so you really can’t go wrong at the end of the day.

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6. L’Oréal Paris EverPure Brass Toning Purple Shampoo


L'Oréal Paris Hair Care EverPure Sulfate Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo for Blonde, Bleached, Silver, or Brown Highlighted Hair, 6.8 Fl. Oz best purple shampoo

L’Oréal Paris, a name everyone knows in the hair care industry, produces a top purple shampoo product with its EverPure Brass Toning Purple Shampoo. While its violet base really tones down brass and blonde colors, its formulation that is 100-percent sulfate, paraben, and gluten-free, as well as free of common harsh salts, leaves hair totally rejuvenated and never damaged in the slightest.


7. Matrix Total Results So Silver


Matrix Total Results So Silver Color Depositing Purple Shampoo for Neutralizing Yellow Tones, 10.1 Fl. Oz. best purple shampoos

Total Results So Silver by Matrix really gets the job done in producing a clean, healthy, and really purpled-down head of hair. This one is specifically formulated to work best on yellow tones, though it’s worth noting its great efficacy on reds and auburn browns, too. We also liked how this one actually hydrates and never strips while working so well in all other aspects. A fresh, salon-like smell finishes it all off quite nicely.


8. Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo


Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo, 2.03 Fl Oz best purple shampoo

Amika’s Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo earned a sure spot on our list and for good reason. Without a price tag that breaks the bank, this one really does a great job of cooling down all those bright and brassy tones just like the big-name and even bigger-priced competitors’ yield out there. The hydrolyzed keratin and avocado oil used in this blend go the distance in maintaining a healthy shine and texture, while added vitamins boost hair health even more after each use. Even better, Amika assures buyers of a totally vegetarian-friendly and cruelty-free product.


9. Pantene Silver Expressions Purple Shampoo


Pantene Silver Expressions, Purple Shampoo and Hair Toner, Pro-V for Grey and Color Treated Hair, Paraben Free, Lotus Flowers, 17.9 Fl Oz best purple shampoos


Pantene, another great name in hair care products today brings us a real winner with its Silver Expressions Purple Shampoo. Some of the game-winning specs in this one include a 100-percent paraben and silicone-free formula, complete compatibility with colored and chemical-treated hair, and even a smell that’s notably light and pleasant during and after the wash. An easy-rinse blend and a great after-feel as well as the total efficacy this one offers to make it an undeniable top pick.


10. Pravana The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Hair Shampoo

Pravana The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Hair Shampoo 10.1 Oz Sulfate Free, 10.1 Oz best purple shampoos

Aptly named, The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Hair Shampoo by Pravana may just be the best shampoo for blonde hair that provides highly effective purpling action without damage or drying. Just for the blonde and yellow end of the color spectrum, this violet blend is exactly tuned, and the results show from the very first time you try it. Even better, when it comes down to that ever-important bang-per-buck factor, Pravana proves with this one that the best purple shampoos don’t always need to cost an arm and a leg.

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By BCR Staff

January 2019