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Beauty Products

BCR Beauty ProductsBeauty care is the inclusive name used to describe all substances that enhance a person’s appearance. Both sexes rely on beauty products to make themselves look polished. Women use lipsticks and mascara to highlight their facial features. Men use shaving creams and waxing kits for smooth chins free of scruffy hair. Cosmetic companies like L’Oreal, Sephora, Estee Lauder, and Covergirl are increasingly growing bigger product lines. In 2018, CNBC reported that the global beauty products industry was worth $48.3 billion.

According to WebMD, humans have used beauty products for over 7,000 years to alter their looks. In Ancient Egypt, people applied copper ore called malachite for green eye makeup. During the Elizabethan Age, many caked their faces with white powder to appear high class. Early cosmetics were often made of dangerous minerals from arsenic to lead. Fortunately, the beauty world has come a long way in learning how to hide our personal flaws safely and nowadays beauty products aren’t only used for aesthetic purposes. Cosmetics are also important to keep skin healthy. For example, sunscreens block UV light rays to protect people from deadly skin cancers. Face scrubs and masks help control the pimples of acne. Moisturizers can remedy the itchy, sore rashes of eczema.

There’s clearly no shortage of beauty product uses available. Searching through the beauty brands for safe and stellar products is our goal. Our respected website posts unbiased rankings of stronger, smarter cosmetics worth a spot in your medicine cabinet.

The Beauty of Shopping for Cosmetics Online

Imagine never having to drive to a pharmacy or department store for cosmetics again. Imagine never making the trip only to find the magenta shade you wanted is out of stock. Imagine never paying more for concealers or conditioners than you have to. Thanks to e-commerce, these wishes can now be granted. Online shopping lets you order from a huge inventory 24/7 without leaving the house. Online retailers will ship your shopping cart right to your doorstep in days. Since overhead costs are lower, online stores can keep their cosmetic costs lower. Competition among beauty retailers on the World Wide Web drives dollar signs down. Promo codes and free shipping offers make e-commerce even more enticing.

Of course, you might hesitate to shop online because you can’t physically see the face, skin, or hair products. Online retailers usually go to great lengths to minimize this disadvantage, though. Most publish several pictures or video demos of the cosmetics in action. Unlike in a brick-and-mortar, you’re able to see how the product looks on real people. Moreover, you’re able to read more about the cosmetic’s ingredients and benefits. Websites like our own Best Choice Reviews make consumers more informed to prevent impulse buys.

Pamper Yourself with Beauty Products at Pretty Prices

Best Choice Reviews doesn’t believe in breaking the bank to look beautiful. Allure magazine reported that the average woman wears $8 worth of makeup daily. Median lifetime costs for cosmetics are more than $300,000! That’s without splurging on big-ticket luxury items such as the black diamond nail polish by Azature that costs $250,000 on its own. If that many zeros makes you panic, then you’re in the right place. Our staff seeks beauty care products that are reasonably priced. We balance quality and affordability to determine the best cosmetic investments for your credit card. Whether face cream or hand lotion, we want our featured products to maximize your ROI per ounce. The following are three sample factors used to judge quality:

Safety: Many beauty products are blended from hundreds of different chemicals that could potentially harm you. Parabens in some shampoos have been linked to breast cancer development. Phthalates found in some deodorants increase the risk for birth defects. Triclosan in some antibacterial soaps can disrupt your thyroid functioning. Further, certain fragrances and synthetic colors might spark an allergic reaction on your skin. Best Choice Reviews aims to protect your health by picking non-toxic, FDA-approved cosmetics. Frequently, we include eco-friendly products with limited organic ingredients that are good for you and Mother Earth.

Efficacy: Everyone has bought a beauty care item that doesn’t do what the package stated. Perhaps you’ve found detangling products that didn’t make your curly hair any easier to brush. Maybe you’ve spent money on bath bombs that fizzled instead of exploded. Best Choice Reviews wants to save your time and energy by choosing effective beauty brands. We don’t trust advertising gimmicks and empty promises. Our proactive team tests how well products work based on our own and other customers’ experiences. We search for battle-tested, long-lasting cosmetics that stay flawless all day without smearing or sweating off.

Innovation: You likely wouldn’t wear bright blue eye shadow and blow out your hair like the 80s. So, why would you use the same kinds of decades-old beauty products? Best Choice Reviews wants to help consumers realize the latest trends shaping the cosmetics market. We prioritize beauty care with modern, high-tech features that are better than ever before. To explain, we’ve profiled successful new anti-aging products that make wrinkles and dark spots fade away. Whatever the future may hold, we’ll stay atop the industry’s cosmetic innovations.

Beautify Your Daily Skincare Routine Now

Ready to give yourself a glam makeover? Then, please start scrolling through Best Choice Reviews for our beauty product articles. It’s our mission to help women and men look their best for a confidence boost. Giving you the scoop on what beauty products reign supreme is important to us. From oils to sunblock, our website outlines the absolute must-haves for a healthy appearance. Ultimately, we’ll have top 10 articles published for every cosmetic category. You’ll locate trustworthy suggestions on everything your makeup bag needs to rejuvenate your image.

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