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10 Best Blue Shampoos

For those looking for the very best blue shampoos on the market right now, we’ve done the research and testing and have subsequently come up with a list of the top, 10, best choices out there. There are many factors that go into consideration when testing blue shampoos including versatility, cleaning efficacy, brassiness remediating efficacy, ease-of-rinse, and even feel, but we’ve taken care of it all, so there’s no longer a need to take a blind chance when buying products of this kind. So, without further adieu, here they are – the top, 10, best blue shampoos available for purchase right now.

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1. Matrix Total Results Brass Off


Matrix Total Results Brass Off Color Depositing Blue Shampoo for Neutralizing Brassy Tones, 10.1 Fl. Oz. best blue shampoos

When it comes to what may be the single best shampoo to fight brassiness issues, Total Results Brass Off by Matrix really is up there on the list. This special, color-depositing formula works incredibly well at neutralizing brassy tones and refreshing the cooler tones you want to bring out. The company’s patented formula of blue-violet pigments really does work, providing noticeable improvements in just the first wash. Extra points go to Brass Off’s refreshing fragrance and great feel that last well after use.


2. Fanola No Orange Shampoo


Fanola No Orange Shampoo, 350 Milliliter best blue shampoos

The reigning, best no orange shampoo out there is quite arguably Fanola’s No Orange Shampoo. This premium blue shampoo product works especially well on grey, light blonde, and streaked hair but also does the job with other hair colors. Copper and red tones really melt away with just the initial few washes and the subsequent rinse is complete and without any residual stickiness. Numerous size and additional mask options are also available in this smell-good line.


3. Aveda Blue Malva Color Shampoo


AVEDA by Aveda: Blue Malva Color Shampoo 33.8 OZ best blue shampoos

Aveda certainly leaves no question when it comes to highly effective blue shampoo options that work for any hair color or type. This formula is all plant-based and neutralizes unwanted brassiness quickly and thoroughly with a great aroma and a fantastic, lasting texture you can really feel for hours after. Even better, Aveda completely assures that all of the components to its products are sustainably harvested for complete, environmental friendliness.


4. Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo


Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo, 10.1-Ounce best blue shampoos

Joico’s Color Balance Blue Shampoo was another sure favorite of ours at testing time. This was due to a few great reasons including the product’s overall brass-reducing efficacy, a clean and easy rinse-away, and a great after-wash feel and smell. Joico also uses some notably advanced formulation technology in this one to preserve and even help nourish and rebuild the user’s base color and composition while eliminating brassiness and red tones.


5. Oligo Professional Blacklight Blue Shampoo

Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Blue Shampoo (8.5 oz.) Protect Color Treated Hair | Extend Coloring, Lustrous Shine | Moisturizing Conditioner | Vegan Friendly best blue shampoos

Oligo Professional features its game-winning blue shampoo product – Blacklight Blue Shampoo. This one does an excellent job reducing red, coppery tones in little time, and it doesn’t leave behind any unwanted residues or oils or cause damage in the cleansing process. Blacklight Blue Shampoo is also a 100% vegan-friendly product that takes health one step further by being free of sulfates, salts, and parabens as well. A unique but seriously good scent awaits users of this one, too.

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6. HASK Blue Chamomile & Argan Oil Blonde Care Shampoo and Conditioner

HASK Blue Chamomile & Argan Oil Blonde Care Shampoo and Conditioner (12 US FL OZ) best blue shampoos

The title for today’s best blue shampoo and conditioner in one could easily be relegated to HASK’s Blue Chamomile & Argan Oil Blonde Care Shampoo and Conditioner. Made especially for blonde hair care, this blue shampoo and conditioner in one performs incredibly well and smells just as great with its flowery chamomile formulation. This one effectively repairs, brightens, and calms overly red tones while also containing zero traces of parabens or sulfates.


7. Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Blue Colorwash


best blue shampoos

Viral Extreme Blue Colorwash by Celeb Luxury definitely does not disappoint in terms of thorough cleansing in conjunction with hair nourishment and color support. Vivid, healthy hair and color is the result of using this one, and it’s all due to the maker’s patented formula of blue-depositing pigmentation and cleanser. Users can delight with truly fade-free, sulfate-free cleansing power and impressive color-hold that smells great, too.


8. Pure Blends Hydrating Color Depositing Shampoo


3 In 1 Color Depositing Shampoo & Conditioner N Chanted N Digo Blue best blue shampoos

For anyone looking for color-specific blue shampoo options, Pure Blends offers a top performer in its Hydrating Color Depositing Shampoo. This blue shampoo comes in nine color-specific options, each uniquely formulated to enrich and blue to that particular color range. Hydrating Color Depositing Shampoo is highly effective, rinses clean, provides strong nourishing properties, and is sulfate, sodium chloride, paraben, and even gluten-free. It also smells particularly nice with its select botanical blend consisting of violet, eggplant, marigold, cherry bark, and other, essential botanical infusions.


9. Biolage Colorlast Shampoo For Color-Treated Hair


BIOLAGE ColorLast Shampoo, 33.8 Fl Oz best blue shampoos

If you like uplifting floral scents in a completely paraben-free blend, Colorlast Shampoo For Color-Treated Hair by Biolage may just be the top choice for you. This color-maintenance shampoo works very well at hushing undesirable tones while bringing out those intended colors and hues. This one cleans and nourishes with a low pH level for that ultimate, gentle touch. Multiple size and gift-pack options also conveniently greet the buyer of Colorlast Shampoo For Color-Treated Hair.


10. DP Hue Cool Brunette Shampoo


Dphue Shampoo, Cool Brunette, 8.5 Ounce best blue shampoos

In order to maintain exceptional softness and actually treat and clean the hair down to the coil in brown hair situations, we highly recommend DP Hue’s Cool Brunette Shampoo. Cool Brunette Shampoo features awesome, color-supporting power while not simultaneously causing damage, frizz, or dryness like many, other, competing blue shampoos can be guilty of. In addition, DP Hue offers an accompanying Daily Color Care Shampoo to complement this product. Cool Brunette Shampoo by DP Hue proves that the very best blue shampoos don’t always have to come with the biggest price tag.

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By BCR Staff

December 2019