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Top Ten Best Pneumatic power staplers

This review covers the ten best pneumatic power staplers you can purchase online.

When you need to get through a high-volume job, pneumatic power staplers can be a big help. These powerful tools use high-pressure air to sink staples, which means that you can use them to staple everything from fabric to hardwoods. Since they’re fast and efficient, they’re ideal for production environments and professional construction sites. Pneumatic staplers are less complex than electric staplers, which often means less maintenance and a longer lifetime. They’re also more affordable — particularly if you already own an air compressor. Choosing the right tool is important, especially if you have specific requirements. To help, we’ve researched the ten best models.


1. Surebonder Pneumatic Heavy Duty Stapler


This Pneumatic stapler is designed for heavy-duty applications, so you can use it for upholstery, woodworking, house wrap, and more. It’s even powerful enough to fasten lightweight trim. This model features a quick-release magazine, so you can fire up to 100 staples with minimal recovery time. When it’s time to reload, the drop-in design speeds up the process. The stapler features a balanced body and comfortable rubber grips to help you stay energized for longer.


2. Klinch-Pak KP-APN

One of the best pneumatic power stapler models on the market, the Klinch-Pak KP-APN is specifically engineered to close cartons. It accepts A Series crown carton staples ranging in size from ⅝ inch to ¾ inch, giving you flexible fastening options. The light, perfectly balanced body feels great in your hand, and the rubber grip makes it easy to control the placement of each staple. With the onboard controls, you can change the clinch depth and penetration to suit cartons, boxes, corrugated cardboard, and more.


3. KT-50 Pneumatic Staple Gun Kit

Tackle tough upholstery projects with this KT-50 staple gun. With its powerful firing and high capacity, this tool is also great for window treatments and lightweight wood. It accepts 21-gauge staples in varying lengths for convenience. Plus, since it weighs just 2 pounds, this staple gun is a breeze to lift and maneuver into tight spots. The balanced body helps reduce wrist fatigue, and the drop-in magazine allows easy reloading.


4. Freeman PSS50

The Freeman PSS50, one of the top-rated pneumatic power stapler models, gives you the ability to take on a range of projects. With its industrial air fitting, it’s ideal for applications including roof decking, subfloors, and pallet construction. The aluminum body, stainless steel plating, and anodized aluminum cylinder are light but tough, making this tool an ideal option for industrial settings. The quick-release nose reduces wait time between staples, and the select-fire trigger makes for effortless firing.


5. Hitachi N3804AB3

Keep your wrists and arms feeling great with this Hitachi staple gun, which features an ergonomic design for comfortable use. The flip switch allows you to change between single-fire and contact mode, and the non-slip grip ensures maximum control. Need to change the depth? The adjustment system is tool-free for convenience and speed. As you work, rotate the exhaust to any direction to keep dirty air away from yourself and your work area.


6. 3PLUS HT5014SP

When it comes to comfort, this is one of the best pneumatic power stapler models you can buy. The compact, lightweight body is gentle on your hands and wrists, so you can work for hours without strain. Plus, with the soft rubber grip, it’s easy to maintain control and precision. Use the 360-degree rotating exhaust to direct air to a safe spot, and activate the lock-out mechanism to stay safe when you’re not working.


7. NuMax SL31

If you plan to tackle multiple finishing projects, the NuMax SL31 is a great buy. It fires staples, brad nails, and finishing nails, giving you a huge range of options in a single tool. No matter what you’re firing, the no-mar tip keeps your work surfaces clean and free of dents. Working on a big surface? The fast, effortless reload system helps you reduce downtime and get back to work quickly.


8. Metabo HPT N3804AB3


Eliminate the number of tools you need to carry with the Metabo HPT — it features a tool-free nose-clearing system, so you can remove jammed staples by hand. Load the magazine with up to 100 staples for continuous firing. While you’re working, the elastomer grip and ergonomic actuation switch help reduce soreness and exhaustion. Use the 360-degree exhaust system to keep your work area clean; simply move the onboard dial for instant rotation.


9. BHTOP Narrow Crown Stapler

Sturdy and durable, this BHTOP stapler is designed to last. The aluminum body is light but rugged, so it feels comfortable in your hand. On the handle, a rubber grip absorbs impact and prevents your hand from slipping, so you can fire staples with greater accuracy. Run out of staples? The simple magazine-release latch takes the hassle out of reloading. Plus, with touch-strike security, you can stay safe on the job.


10. Dewalt DWFP1838R

Stay clean on the job with this Dewalt model, which is one of the most flexible and affordable pneumatic power staplers on our list. It runs without oil, so your clothes and your workspace stay clean. A rear-mounted exhaust port directs air and dust away from your trim. With multiple firing modes and an adjustable depth-of-drive, you can adjust the gun to suit different finishing materials. If a staple gets jammed, the split nose makes it easy to clear.


With a power stapler, you can accomplish high-volume stapling tasks in less time — a big advantage, whether you’re working on professional jobs or home-improvement projects. By choosing one of these pneumatic power staplers, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy excellent speed and performance.


By BCR Staff

June 2019