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Top Ten Best Medical Alert Systems

This article covers the top ten medical alert systems available.

Medical alert systems are valuable monitoring tools that can help save lives by summoning help quickly when users require assistance. They are especially useful for the elderly and those with physical limitations. While there are different versions of affordable medical alert systems, ease of use is one of the top features to look for. The ability to trigger an immediate response when one needs medical or physical intervention brings peace of mind to the user and the user’s family and caregivers. These systems represent a unique and efficient communication strategy between medical alert users, their loved ones, and the network of health and safety providers who can respond quickly when users require immediate assistance.

1. Bay Alert Medical

Bay Alert Medical Alert Systems

One of the top rated medical alert systems, the Bay Alert family of medical alert systems is easy to set-up and operate. The system can be customized to meet the needs of users and their families by choosing the product bundle with the preferred features. The basic package includes a push-button alert device that may be worn as a wrist band and a two-way communication equipment that operates on landline or mobile phone service. Press the help button when needed, and responders will connect with you immediately. They will provide the most appropriate assistance such as contacting family, a neighbor, or emergency services. Other bundles may include in-car medical alert devices, chargers, mobile GPS alert device equipment and the ability to connect to responders without a landline.

2. Lively Mobile Medical Alert

Lively Mobile Medical Alert Systems

The Lively Mobile Medical Alert device is a compact but powerful communication device. Weighing less than two ounces, it easily fits into a pocket, clips to your belt, or hangs as a pendant on a magnetic lanyard, which is also provided along with a charging cradle. The device operates on cell phone service with embedded GPS capability. It can detect sudden movements such as a fall. The subscription comes with a package of health and safety features so that you can urgent assistance, medical help or a welfare check especially when time is of the essence.

3. Life Alert

Life Alert Medical Alert Systems

Life Alert is a system that was designed with the needs of senior citizens in mind. The company behind Life Alert popularized the tag line “Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up,” which is probably why this system is considered one the 10 best medical alert systems. It is invaluable to seniors who wish to continue living independently. The device can be worn as a pendant that is activated by pressing the help button to initiate communication with a response center that operates 24/7. Users who have a medical emergency, intrusion alert, or other types of emergencies will receive a response immediately.

4. Life Station Medical Alert

Life Station Medical Alert Systems

The In-Home Traditional package from Life Station works with the push of a button just like most medical alert devices. However, this basic package operates on landline phone service so that users who have mobile phone service have to opt for the In-Home Plus package that can be bundled with GPS-enabled mobile alert and fall detection. The technology will trigger contact with certified specialists through the device’s speakerphone function.

5. Medical Guardian Medical Alert

Medical Guardian Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems from Medical Guardian offer in-home products and on-the-go devices. In-home products can operate on landline or mobile phone service with a limited range, and all products include two-way voice communication, fall detection sensors and moisture-proofing to allow the devices to be worn in the shower where many accidents happen. On-the-go products require mobile phone service to operate, but the range is unlimited with battery life ranging from one to five days.

6. MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems

MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems

MobileHelp medical alert system is a comprehensive system that offers a home base station and a mobile help device available with access to mobile phone service. This system may be upgraded to include the fall detection button. MobileHelp Solo is a simplified version with two-way voice communication without the need for landline access while the Classic Help bundle has more traditional components.

7. Philips Lifeline

Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems from Philips Lifeline are packaged in four different configurations so that customers can choose the product and service package most suitable to their needs. The HomeSafe Standard package is a basic product that includes a home base unit and an alert button that can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant. This unit operates on both landline and mobile services. The updated package called HomeSafe with AutoAlert includes a fall detection sensor that will trigger an alert for help when activated. On-the-go products include the GoSafe and the GoSafe2, which are recommended for active adults. These units are GPS-enabled with the AutoAlert fall detection sensor embedded in the product.

8. Rescue Alert Medical Alert Systems

Rescue Alert Medical Alert Systems

Rescue Alert offers a suite of medical alert products that make use of landline or mobile connections to provide an instantaneous connection between the user and a 24/7 response center. The MXD lines are home base units that offer two-way voice communication. The latest MXD version is capable of VoIP and connection with an on-board diagnostic tool so that the device can monitor its battery level and the status of the connection. An add-on feature—the myAlert device— is a fall-detection sensor that will summon help even when the user is unable to press the button.

9. Medical Alert

Medical Alert Medical Alert Systems

Alert systems from Medical Alert are grouped into at-home and on-the-go bundles. Under each category, products are grouped into landline-dependent and non-landline dependent. The home base unit works as a two-way communication channel, but help buttons that strap on the wrist or hang like pendants are included with the package.

10. ADT Health and Senior Safety Devices

ADT Medical Alert Systems

Services are available to ADT medical alert subscribers on a 24/7/no holidays cycle. The medical alert product lines include a lightweight handheld device and portable buttons that can be worn on the wrists or around the neck. The devices are GPS enabled and are easy to set up. A fall detection device, which is helpful when the user is unable to activate the help button, is also available as an added feature.

The best medical alert systems will have the features that you need without being overloaded on bonus features that may affect the usability of the device. It is important for the medical alert system to be easy to set up, to activate, and to be linked to reliable response centers that will direct the most appropriate action.

By BCR Staff
June 2019

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