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Top Ten Best Health Insurance Providers

This article covers the top ten health insurance providers.

A simple visit to the emergency room can easily cost thousands of dollars or more without health insurance. Health insurance providers offer coverage that lets you breathe easier when you have an emergency or need to see a doctor. Those plans can cover ER and urgent care visits as well as checkups and appointments with general and primary care physicians. Buying health insurance is often confusing and can leave you feeling as if you don’t know what you need. An easy way to find the best plans and find out all your options is with a look a the 10 best health insurance providers.

1. Humana

Humana Health Insurance

Humana offers a number of different health insurance plans for those in need. It works directly with employers and allows their human resources departments to pick plans that will benefit all workers. Medicare Advantage plans help those receiving coverage through the government. Humana can help customers find plans that cover any extra needs they might have. There are also dental and vision plans available from the insurer as well as pharmacies owned and operated by Humana.

2. Aetna

Aetna Health Insurance

Medicare is just one of the ways in which Aetna can cover those who need health insurance. The company also offers programs for employers who need coverage for a large or small group of employees. Attain by Aetna is a new app that the company created with support from Apple. Apple Watch users can download the app to keep track of their health information and earn prizes when they reach any of the health goals they set in the app.

3. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance

Kaiser Permanente is one of the top affordable health insurance providers in the world today. The insurer offers support for those who need to pick the right level of coverage. It offers bronze, silver and gold coverage. The bronze plan charges the lowest monthly premiums but has the highest out of pocket costs, while the gold plan charges the highest monthly premiums but significantly reduces the amount that you pay out of pocket. Kaiser Permanente also makes it easy for customers to add dental coverage to their plans.

4. Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

Many people know the name Blue Cross Blue Shield because it covers so many people across the country. Also called BCBS, it offers cheap and affordable health insurance for those who are healthy and individuals with preexisting conditions. The plans provide coverage for those who need to see a doctor in the United States as well as those in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Some coverage is available for travelers and those in other countries.

5. United Healthcare

United Healthcare Health Insurance

The best health insurance providers in the world include United Healthcare. Health insurance is available for both individuals and families. An online system lets prospective customers answer a few questions, including whether they smoke and how old they are. United Healthcare will then show them a list of plans available to them and the monthly premiums associated with each one. You can view those plans on a list from the most affordable to the most expensive and see the features of each one.

6. Anthem

Anthem Health Insurance

Anthem is a top name in the insurance industry and offers life, health, vision and dental coverage. Future customers can fill out a simple application form and begin the process of both viewing plans and picking one. Most of the basic plans only include health coverage, but customers can add dental or vision plans. Anthem does a good job of showing prospective customers the type of plans available and the costs of those plans, though it doesn’t offer coverage in all parts of the country.

7. Cigna

Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna offers low-cost health insurance for employers who need coverage for their employees and individuals and families looking for help. The plans are quite affordable because of the $0 preventive care offered by the company. Routine checkups and other appointments do not cost customers a cent. Cigna also covers online appointments, which let you speak to a doctor online rather than in person. Dental and vision care are available for those who want to get their eyes and teeth checked too.

8. Health Care Service Corporation

Health Care Service Corporation Health Insurance

One of the top rated health insurance providers is the Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC). As a mutual reserve league company, its customers are part owners of the corporation. It is the biggest corporation of this type in the United States. Costs remain low because members pay premiums that go towards the healthcare needs of others. You can get the coverage that you need without paying as much as you expected. HCSC offers some programs that help members live healthier lives too.

9. Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare Health Insurance

Molina Healthcare offers affordable health insurance for individuals, families, groups and employers living in dozens of American states. Members receive access to a portal that shows them all the resources available to them based on where they live. You can also learn whether you qualify for Medicaid, which will reduce your out of pocket costs. Molina Healthcare also offers coverage through healthy living programs offered by different states for those who make less money but do not qualify for Medicaid.

10. Highmark BCBS

Highmark Health Insurance

Of the 10 best health insurance providers in the nation, some pick Highmark BCBS as the best. As part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield family, it offers those who recently lost coverage a convenient way to get help. The affordable plans cover those who qualify for Medicaid and those who make too much money for that program. It provides access to the healthcare marketplace, which lets you shop for plans based on specific criteria. Coverage is also available for employers.



By BCR Staff
June 2019

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