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Top Ten Best Telemarketing Software Platforms and Packages of 2019.

This article will cover the top ten telemarketing software platforms and packages for 2019.

Within the world of telemedicine, innovations are happening every day. More practices and hospitals are integrating telemedicine software into their daily interactions with their patients. This advancement in the industry also allows busy people a more flexible opportunity to see a doctor.

While the many options for software platforms mean more choices for medical professionals, it can be quite a job to narrow the list down to what will work for your practice.  To help, we have created a great list that provides an overview of some of the best telemedicine software programs available in 2019.

1. ClairVista

Vlair Vista Logo
With over ten years of product development, ClairVista is a popular software that will expand any practice’s medical services. There is no need to worry about any of your current systems not working well with ClairVista; they guarantee a smooth integration. This program is entirely software-based, so medical establishments do not need any additional equipment to get started.

If your practice is looking for an easy to start a telemedicine program, this would be a great choice. Whether a practice wants access to the software over mobile devices, email, the internet, or even kiosks, there are plenty of options available.

2. Kareo

Kareo Logo
Recipient of the United State Ambulatory EHR Enabling Technology Leadership Award in 2018, Kareo is a software that allows providers to connect directly with patients from anywhere. This program was made explicitly for private practices to improve patient care and combat the challenges within the healthcare industry. Not only does it cater to the specific needs of private practices, but it comes with free training, onboarding, and even support.

This software is excellent for practices that need a bit of extra help entering the telemedicine industry. It is straightforward to use, secure, and allows practices to engage in more ways with their patients.

3. Mend

Mend Logo
Mend is a software program that uses HIPAA compliant audio and video to bring security to the providers using it. Not only is this program safe to use, but it is easy to learn. Mend sends email and text reminders to the patient to help combat the no-show issue all practices face. It only takes a click of a link to open the system.

Once in, providers can send photos, texts, and documents between other providers and patients without the fear of a security breach. This software also allows patients to schedule and reschedule over the program without the assistance of a provider. This feature will enable patients to have more control over their appointments.

4. SecureVideo

Secure Video Logo
SecureVideo is excellent software for any practice that wants a support team based in the United States. Not only can a practice receive 24-hour support, but there is a fourteen-day free trial. There is no commitment during the trial period. If the program doesn’t mesh with the needs of your practice, it can be canceled at any time. SecureVideo can be used in any medical environment.


Whether the establishment is a private practice or a hospital, it will work with either type of situation. Within the software, a practice can securely create documents for patients as well as manage notes. All information is stored to HIPAA standards.

5. Chiron Health

chiron health logo
Chiron Health is an attentive telemedicine program that allows practices to customize the design of the service to fit their needs. It will help make the program tailored to what the practice’s patients need to access. This software gives providers flexibility when it comes to seeing their patients. It also offers patients flexibility because life can become quite hectic.

Through this service, providers can give patients who have a harder time getting to appointments a chance to be seen by their provider through Chiron Health’s high-tech software. It even has in-app support to help with questions or complications as they occur.

6. eVisit

evisit logo
The eVisit software will make any practice more interactive. This telemedicine program requires both patients and providers to interact in real time. Whether you are on the phone, in a video call, or messaging, providers will have the ability to help and evaluate the patient to the fullest potential.

Even in person, the HIPAA compliant software’s store-and-forward program allows providers to take photos of their patients and send documents securely. The company guarantees that its simple design and accessible interface will be a breeze to learn for both providers and their patients.

7. AdvancedMD

Advanced MD Logo
While helping practices save money and time, AdvancedMD will work with any electronic health record software. Even with this telemedicine software, practices and hospitals are still able to schedule and connect within one system. If keeping the existing EHR software within your hospital is essential, this program will be a great fit.

The software allows the provider to bring specialists to patients. With this feature, it will save time for the patient and money for the provider who consults within the practice. AdvancedMD boasts about how secure it is to communicate and work within the program, which makes it easy for providers to keep track of documents. software/

8. SnapMD

Snap MD Logo
SnapMD was named one of the telehealth Centers of Excellence in the United States, and their top-notch group of professionals is ready to help. All a practice or hospital must do to begin is fill out a demo. Within this software, the patient’s data is securely stored and protected. Not only that, but communication is encrypted so that no unauthorized individual will have access to any of the information.

With this program, it makes it easier for practices to manage their workload without having to worry about the efficiency of the program. It is easy to use while being completely safe. Through their cloud-based SaaS solution, the software guarantees that every practice will have access from anywhere, very affordable licensing, and recovery and backup systems.

9. DoxyME logo
DoxyME makes telemedicine free and easy for any practice. The company believes that telemedicine should not cost anything for the provider or the patient. With its interactive software, providers can go through the patient queue to see who is next and makes it easy to go from one patient to another.

Practices that yearn for a system that allows them to interact with patients smoothly and efficiently will find this program is a great pick. The program also offers HD video and audio whenever a provider calls or video chats with a patient. Having excellent video and sound quality when it comes to telemedicine will enhance the experience for the patient.

10. InTouch Health

intouch health logo

By having a HITRUST CSF Certification, InTouch Health promises that its program meets the highest level of telemedicine requirements when it comes to securing and protecting health care information. Through this software, providers and patients have a completely paperless experience.

For an eco-conscious practice that strives to contribute to the reduction of waste, this is an excellent fit. Its viewing platform is one of healthcare’s most reliable and scalable.

By BCR Staff
May 2019

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