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Top 10 Wireless Headphones

When you’re traveling or exercising at the gym, the best wireless headphones can improve your workout. These headphones connect to your phone using wireless technology, so you don’t have to worry about loose wires getting in the way. Wireless headphones come in a wide range of designs, including over-the-ear, earbuds, and ear clips — which means that it’s a breeze to find a style that fits your needs. Even better, most affordable headphones come with advanced audio technology that makes your music or podcasts sound crystal clear. Other features include portable chargers, active noise canceling, waterproof cases, and more.

1. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

Enjoy an immersive listening experience with these Mpow 059 headphones. With their over-the-ear design and memory-protein ear cushions, these headphones are designed for long-lasting comfort. Adjust the sliding headband for the perfect fit. Inside the Mpow 059, passive noise isolating technology helps keep background noises to a minimum. The high-fidelity stereo sound makes your favorite songs sound even better, and the closed-back design creates hi-fi sound. When you travel, simply use the folding frame to collapse the headphones and save space.

Mpow Top Ten Best Wireless Headphones

2. LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones IPX7

If you need cheap wireless headphones for your workout, these LETSCOM Bluetooth headphones deliver. The earbuds fit comfortably in your ears, and the ear clips keep the headphones in place while you run or bike. Best of all, these earbuds are sweat-proof, so you can power through tough workouts safely. Each earbud is backed with an 11mm diaphragm for killer stereo sound. Operate the headphones using the built-in buttons; you can even answer phone calls.

LETSCOM Top Ten Best Wireless Headphones

3. Letsfit Wireless Headphones

Tackle intense workouts in these Letsfit wireless headphones; they’re waterproof, so you can wear them in the gym or while running outside. For people with sensitive ears, these are some of the best wireless headphones available — they feature an ergonomic design to prevent pressure or discomfort. Each pair comes with three ear tip sizes, so you can find the right fit for your ears. A thin neckband connects the two earbuds, making it easier to keep track of them in your bag. On one charge, you can enjoy up to eight hours of playtime.

Letsfit Top Ten Best Wireless Headphones

4. COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

For frequent travelers, these COWIN E7 headphones can provide peace and quiet. They come with active noise canceling technology, which dramatically reduces the amount of background noise that reaches your ears. Powerful 40mm drivers deliver a full-bodied, intense sound, and the integrated microphone makes it easy to take phone calls. With their swiveling earcups and protein earpads, these headphones rest comfortably on your ears. When you’re using Bluetooth mode, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of operation on a single charge.

Cowin Top Ten Best Wireless Headphones

5. TOZO T10 Wireless Earbuds

Minimize bulk during your workout or commute with these TOZO T10 wireless earbuds. These affordable headphones feature tiny, lightweight frames that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Each one is waterproof, making it ideal for intense gym sessions and rainy workouts. Pair these headphones with your phone in one easy step; they connect to each other automatically for convenience. With the included charging case, you can keep the earbuds powered up while you’re at work or in transit.

TOZO Top Ten Best Wireless Headphones

6. iJoy Over-Ear Headphones

If you like the security and style of over-ear headphones, this iJoy model is a perfect choice. One of the top wireless headphones on the market, the iJoy offers a full headband and large, padded earcups. The headband adjusts to create a comfortable fit, and the ear cups isolate you from exterior sounds. Use these headphones in wireless mode, or insert a micro SD card to keep your music library on hand. There’s even an integrated radio receiver for extra convenience. Between uses, these headphones fold for easy carrying.

iJoy Top Ten Best Wireless Headphones

7. Picun P26 Bluetooth Headphones

Sleek and modern, the Picun P26 headphones look great on the train or at the gym. The cushy earcups fit tightly around your ears, creating a full-immersion listening experience. The cover is made from memory-protein material, which feels soft and gentle. Take calls using the built-in microphone, and change your tracks using the integrated controls. These headphones operate in both wireless and wired mode. Best of all? The powerful battery allows you to listen for up to 40 hours on a single charge.

Picun Top Ten Best Wireless Headphones

8. Bluetooth Headphones by Generic

These compact, lightweight Bluetooth headphones feel super-comfortable in your ears. They’re designed with a shape that mimics the natural contours of your ears — that means that they feel invisible, but stay in place even when you run. The exteriors are built with sweat-proof technology to keep moisture out, and the powerful Bluetooth connection ensures stable streaming. Use these headphones for up to four hours of active listening per charge.

Generic Top Ten Best Wireless Headphones

9. Wireless 4.2 Bluetooth Headphones by Steel Magic

If you have an intense workout schedule, these wireless 4.2 headphones can be an excellent choice. The ear hook slips over your ear, holding the earbud in place even when you run or lift weights. With their snug fit, these headphones create excellent audio quality. The sturdy material is splash-proof, so you don’t have to worry about sweat. With a wireless connection range of up to 10 meters, you can set your phone to the side without losing audio.

Steel Magic Top Ten Best Wireless Headphones

10. Otium Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you’re looking for a model with noise-canceling technology, these affordable wireless headphones are a great fit. They block out noise from traffic, co-workers, and phones, immersing you in your own world. On a full charge, the battery allows up to 30 hours of talking and listening. The over-ear design holds the earcups firmly in place, and the protein cushions are gentle on your skin.

Otium Top Ten Best Wireless Headphones

Whether you’re working out or tackling your daily commute, wireless headphones are a great accessory. They eliminate cable clutter, streamline your packing and transportation, and make for easier, hassle-free use. From lightweight earbuds to noise-canceling earcups, these headphones help improve your listening experience. With the best wireless headphones, you can enjoy your tunes in perfect clarity.


By BCR Writing Staff
July 2019