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10 Best Bluetooth Smartwatches

Finding the best Bluetooth smartwatch when shopping online can be quite a challenge. Technology evolves far more quickly than many individuals can follow, but this works to consumer advantage when considering product options. Smartwatches were once the cutting edge way to make and receive calls or texts, but their bulk was prohibitive. These days, they do much more than managing communication software. Users can purchase models that act as finely tuned fitness trackers, music storage and playing devices, and GPS trackers in addition to serving in place of much larger smartphones. To streamline the quest to find the ideal model online, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorite options.

1. Apple Series 4 Smartwatch

This version of the now-famous Apple watch comes with a host of added or improved features. Select an aluminum or stainless steel case for this rechargeable smartwatch. It has S4 SiP, with a much faster 64-bit dual core processor and increased fall sensitivity with a refined accelerometer and gyroscope. It runs OS 5 and will be on point no matter what activities your day includes. A speaker that is 50 percent louder, GPS and cellular capability, a more sensitive optical and electric heart sensors, and a swim-proof case make it an ideal fitness monitor and all-purpose mobile device.

2. Mobvoi Ticwatch E2 By Google Fitness

If you’re in the market for an affordable smartwatch that will track your fitness goals and fulfill the essential functions, this is an ideal option. It comes pre-loaded with several different types of software intended to monitor various activities, such as swimming or running. With a two-day battery life, this watch tracks your heart rate and fitness progress without changing modes. Waterproof up to five meters, it’s swim-ready, and although it has a microphone to register your verbal commands, there is no speaker. The watch is app capable and can access a number of functions through Google Play with a simple command.

3. Apple Series 3 SmartWatch

As technology continues to evolve, existing models of products are still highly functional. However, it does mean that there are many options for those seeking to purchase a cheap smartphone still equipped with all the necessary software. The Series 3 provides a host of benefits from a dual-core processor and watchOS 5 to a swim ready aluminum case, interchangeable bands, GPS, optical heart sensor, and an accelerometer and gyroscope to track different types of motion.

4. Bluetooth Smartwatch from JAVENSMARTEQT

When smartwatches first came out, the all-singing, all-dancing model was the dream. Now, this cheap smartwatch can offer both fitness tracking, app management, touchscreen call, and text capability, and other tasks. It comes equipped with a SIM card slot, camera, speakers and microphone for commands, calls, and music selection and is encased in a laminated stainless steel case with a unique sweat-proof band.

5. Fitbit Iconic Adidas Edition

Fitbit has made a name for itself by producing smartwatches specifically geared towards fitness goals. This model offers a host of benefits and features, such as a capacity to store up to 300 songs or download entire playlists from Pandora, step-by-step coaching to craft personalized workouts, state of the art software to track motion and heart rate, pace tracking, and records of routes traveled. As a special perk, wearers of this watch can access workouts crafted by Adidas specifically for this Fitbit model.

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6. Smartwatch from Kindak

Another model that has joined the ranks of affordable smartwatches is this offering from Kindak. It has a waterproof touch screen, SIM card slot, camera, and speaker-microphone features that permit the wearer to use it as a phone, browser, and fitness accouterment. It’s also rechargeable, and Bluetooth enabled, so touch-free action is a bonus. The 1.54-inch, sensitive touch screen is ergonomically curved for superior comfort during long wear, and USB ports allow connection between electronic devices with ease.

7. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

For the serious watch collector, this model offers extra perks in every department. It’s crafted to appear like a traditional watch, but the LCD screen watch face has multiple modes beyond the traditional bezel. It’s Bluetooth enabled, and you can use it as a typical watch with classic features or pay bills via iPay. The wearer can receive and respond to texts, calls, and Internet notifications with ease. But in addition to being water resistant, this watch is military tough and withstands dust, extreme temperatures, and even accidental drops.

8. 2019 Version H3 Smartwatch

This isn’t any ordinary smartwatch. It’s a 3-in-1 model that offers fitness tracking, hands-free driving, and music applications. Via Bluetooth technology, any wearer can enjoy music or hands-free phone conversations with the detachable earpiece fitted to the wristband. The fitness tracker accurately records steps taken, heart rate, caloric burn, and distance. Plus, the software enables connection with Google Assistant, Siri, and other AI. With this watch, pay bills, download music, and manage notifications efficiently.

9. Apple Series 4 Gold Aluminum Case

With all the same great features, this Series 4 smartwatch from Apple offers an enhanced gyroscope and accelerometer for greater precision in fitness tracking and fall detection. The gold aluminum case is swim-proof and comes with a specialized sport band of woven fabric for ease and comfort during exercise. The speaker is 50 percent louder, which makes enjoying all the music you can download to the watch that much easier during fitness, driving, or idle time.

10. Watchoo’s Touchscreen Bluetooth Smartwatch

Make a statement without breaking the bank with this multi-functional, cheap smartwatch. Control the display via the traditional-looking watch bezel, so the LCD screen shows a conventional watch face or displays playlists, fitness data, or contact information for texts and calls. This water-resistant watch is perfect for crushing fitness goals, but it also has a camera, a speaker and microphone, a SIM card slot and is Android and iOS compatible. The durable construction and smooth operation make it a gift suitable for individuals of all age groups.

Now that you have a better understanding of the incredible range of options, you can make a more informed choice based on your needs and budget. Whether you’re interested in the latest model replete with new features or a highly functional tool that helps you effectively manage communication needs is what you seek, there’s something for everyone. Finding the best Bluetooth smartwatch need not be an endless task if you know your search parameters.

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