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Top 10 Beats Headphones

There are many high-end headphone brands competing for consumers’ attention, but perhaps none has been as successful at grabbing their attention as the Beats lineup. Designed by Dr. Dre and marketed by Jimmy Iovine, the company’s headphones and streaming music app were recently acquired by Apple and have since become even more popular among audiophiles of all kinds. There are many options available, however, and consumers considering a new pair of Beats headphones would do themselves a favor to review the top 10 models available. There are unique benefits that come with each of the company’s most popular designs.

1. Beats Solo 2.0 Wired On-Ear Headphones

Beats Headphones

The Beats Solo brand is perhaps the company’s most iconic. With the release of Beats Solo 2.0, the company improves the experience through enhanced noise isolation technology, a slight angle to the earpiece that improves its ergonomics, and a glossier finish that will draw even more attention no matter which of the many vibrant colors customers choose to purchase.

2. Original urBeats by Dr. Dre

Beats Headphones

While the Beats Solo 2.0 headphones are great for listening to music while relaxing at home, the urBeats line was designed to deliver a superior listening experience on the go. A unique earbud design allows these in-ear headphones to stay lodged in the ear while walking, running, or working out at the gym. A large driver delivers deep bass without overwhelming the mids and highs, giving these earbuds a clear, full sound that transitions to any environment.

3. Beats Solo HD

Beats HeadphonesBeats Solo HD headphones are designed to deliver a superior listening experience through clearer sound and easier control over songs and smartphone functions. These headphones come with two separate speakers in each can, giving listeners richer base and more enjoyable highs. Complete with a remote control, these headphones can change, pause and play tracks, answer and end calls, and control virtually every aspect of the listening experience without touching a smartphone, iPod or other device.

4. Powerbeats 2

Beats Headphones

Bluetooth is an increasingly important part of modern headphones, and the Powerbeats 2 are the perfect blend of wireless listening and all-around portability. For added stability, these in-ear headphones come with an over-ear clip that holds everything in place during vigorous workouts, runs, or the chaos of mass transit. A large driver allows for deep bass, while the large number of removable tips ensures a comfortable fit for all listeners.

5. Beats urBeats (Second Generation)

Beats Headphones

A retooled set of urBeats headphones offers a larger number of color variations, clearer sound produced by a slightly larger driver, and a more intuitive remote control that can skip, play, pause, rewind, or fast-forward tracks. The control can also be used with a smartphone to answer and end phone calls on the go. With a sweat-resistant earbud design and a plug that’s described by actual users are significantly more durable, these headphones are an excellent upgrade from the original.

6. Beats Executive Over-Ear Headphones

Beats HeadphonesConsidered one of the highest of high-end Beats products, the Beats Executive lineup was created with premium materials and a better, more customizable listening experie

nce. The most notable feature of these foldable headphones is their use of brushed aluminum materials on most exterior surfaces. This results in added durability when compared to the Beats Solo lineup. The Executive headphones also come with a customizable EQ, a remote control for controlling playback, Active Noise Cancellation technology, and a clearer sound overall.

7. Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones

Beats Headphones

Eight different color combinations are available for Beats Studio buyers, who will find that these headphones come with the Beats Acoustic Engine for superior sound quality no matter what type of music they play. Adaptive Noise Cancellation responds to ongoing changes in external noise, actively adjusting volume and other acoustic features to provide a clearer, less distracting listening experience. As a result, the Studio headphones are a great fit for true audiophiles on the go.

8. Beats by Dr. Dre Remastered Studio Headphones

Beats Headphones

The Remastered Studio headphones are an upgrade to the original Beats Studio lineup. All of the original features are included, but these upgraded models feature a slimmer profile, 13 percent less weight, and the RemoteTalk control system for smartphone and audio adjustment. The Beats Acoustic Engine comes with this model, which also features Adaptive Noise Cancellation for better blocking of outside noises while listening.

9. Beats by Dr. Dre urBeats SE Headphones

Beats Headphones

Available in sleek black or white color schemes, the urBeats SE earbuds are a slight upgrade of the conventional urBeats earbuds. High-end aluminum materials encase the drivers, which are slightly larger and upgraded so that they can deliver even deeper bass, clearer mids, and recognizable highs. These urBeats earbuds feature a remote control that can adjust volume, playback, and phone calls, with a built-in mic and amplifier that makes it even easier to talk to callers.

10. Beats Studio Over-the-Ear Headphones with Accessory Pack

Beats headphones

What’s better than a pair of Beats Studio headphones? A new pair of Studio headphones that come with a few useful accessories. This all-in-one package comes with a 10-foot extension cable that allows much more freedom of movement when the headphones are connected to a 3.5mm headphone jack. The package also comes with an extra battery pack that can be used for recharging the cans on the go.

Ten Great Choices for Beats Enthusiasts

Beats headphones have been an industry standard since the very first pair was shown to consumers several years ago. With numerous advances that have made them even clearer, more durable and more adaptable to the wide variety of current smartphones, Beats earbuds and headphones are a high-end match for even the most devoted audiophiles. Better yet, the vast number of colors, options, technologies, and accessories available for Beats headphones can make them practical for long-term use over the course of many years, maximizing their value in the process.

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