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10 Best Depilatory Creams

There are so many depilatory products on the shelves today that the question arises, “which is the best depilatory cream for you?” Even famous film stars used something to keep their skin smooth, clean, and healthy looking. Try to picture images of Liam Hemsworth or Idris Elba in a swimming suit on the beach with vast patches of hair across their backs. Women stars have even more issues with all those tight and skimpy clothes. No one wants to see the ends of hairs peeking from under a little inky-dinky piece of clothing—well, not sane people anyway. After all, the modern thing is to dress to reveal just enough to tease. The smooth skin look is in, and the hairy look is out. The head and brows are the only places for hair on women, and many men forego the head with the bald look coming to fruition on and off the stage. Most people did not think about depilatory creams back in the day. Shaving was the popular answer to unwanted hair. Today, there are several alternatives to the stubby, bumpy, and burned look and feel brought on by razors. You can endure the pain of waxing along with its day-long red streaks, the expense of electrolysis or laser hair removal with those revealing and ugly red spots that go on for days, or you can enjoy the nearly instantaneous hairless glow of healthy, smooth skin when you use an effective depilatory cream. After taking a razor to the depilatory cream market, cutting out the ineffectual and nauseating, these top ten products stand head-and-shoulders above the rest.

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1. Veet Gel Hair Remover for Sensitive Skin

Hair Remover, Veet Gel Hair Removal Cream Sensitive, 13.5 Ounce, Sensitive formula with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E best depilatory cream

Veet Gel Hair Remover for Sensitive Skin is a depilatory cream infused with aloe vera and vitamin E to smooth and reenergize those sensitive skin areas where unwanted hair resides. The formula is the result of extensive dermatology testing. The gel is easily applied with a specially designed spatula that accompanies the product. The gel delves deep into the hair follicle and dissolves the strand beneath the skin layer, leaving a smooth surface devoid of stubble.

2. Liberex Men’s/Women’s Premium Depilatory Cream

Hair Removal Cream - Liberex Women Mens Premium Depilatory Cream Painless Flawless Fast for Body Underarms Legs Bikini Area Skin 3.52 oz best depilatory cream

Liberex Men’s/Women’s Premium Depilatory Cream utilizes a formula that works as a natural depilatory cream on arms and legs, and those courser hairs found elsewhere on both male and female bodies. With the inclusion of aloe vera and sweet almond oil, the formula leaves skin smooth and clean of stubble. The process of removing hair takes only five minutes for fine hairs and a bit longer for more stubborn follicles.

3. Lashllo Hair Removal Cream for Men

Hair Removal Cream for Men, Depilatory Cream, Natural Painless Permanent Thick Hair Removal Cream + Plastic Scraper, Used on Bikini,Underarm,Chest, Back, Legs and Arms for Men, 60ml best depilatory cream

Lashllo Hair Removal Cream for Men is specifically designed as a depilatory cream for, you guessed it, males. The Lashllo cream works quickly, even on stubborn hairs that have become hard and resilient—like those on the face. Simply apply on the hair covered area or have someone assist you for hard to get at areas, and wait for six minutes. Wash away for that instantaneously clean and smooth skin everyone wants to see.

4. Veet Botanic Inspirations Hair Removal Cream

Veet Legs & Body 3 in 1 Gel Cream, 6.78 oz best depilatory cream

Veet Botanic Inspirations Hair Removal Cream is the right choice for those who have sensitive noses as well as sensitive skin. The smell of this product is more pleasant than others. Applying the cream is a simple task, especially if you have a partner to help. Allow the formula to work for five minutes on fine hairs and ten minutes on stubborn hairs, then brush the hair and cream away with the supplied spatula or a wet sponge.

5. PTKoonn Hair Remover

Hair Removal Cream,Hair Remover Lotion,Body hair removal cream,Skin Friendly Painless Premium Depilatory Cream Used on Legs & Body part for Men and Women best depilatory creams

PTKoonn Hair Remover is formulated to dissolve away hair follicles beneath the skin while simultaneously cleaning pores. The product’s aroma is pleasant, and it removes hair without the razor burns, cuts, and stubble associated with shaving. Knees, armpits, and bikini areas are subject to cuts and abrasions from razors. You avoid that when using this cream depilatory. One five to ten-minute session every two weeks is about all the time you need with this product.

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6. Coochy Plus Sweet Bliss Intimate Shave Cream

Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream SWEET BLISS For Pubic, Bikini Line, Armpit and more - Rash-Free With Patent-Pending MOISTURIZING+ Formula – Prevents Razor Burns & Bumps, In-Grown Hairs, Itchiness best depilatory creams

Coochy Plus Sweet Bliss Intimate Shave Cream warrants consideration as a competitor with depilatory creams due to its foundational formula that creates a barrier between the skin and the razor. The product comes in various flora scents dependent on your taste. Like a depilatory, this shave cream eliminates razor burn, rash, and bumps while limiting ingrown hairs resulting from shaving. Built for those intimate areas, this cream helps to activate skin moisturizers while shielding the skin from razor contact.

7. Aliver Hair Removal Cream

Hair Remover Cream,Depilatory Cream Sensitive Formula, Skin Friendly Natural Painless Flawless for Women and Men best depilatory cream

Aliver Hair Removal Cream sports a different formula from the normal depilatory cream. The formula uses Vitamin E and Baby Oil for its moisturizing and cleaning components. Those looking for a substitute to aloe vera find this product to work as well or better than others without the allergic reaction. The product works quickly, easily, and removes hair while leaving a silky skin.

8. Neomen Hair Removal Cream

Hair Removal Cream - Premium Depilatory Cream - Skin Friendly Painless Flawless Hair Remover Cream for Women and Men best depilatory cream

Neomen Hair Removal Cream is designed to remove hair from larger areas like the back, legs, and arms. Formulated for sensitive skin, the product removes hair below the skin line while moisturizing the skin and cleaning pores to give a silky-smooth look and feel to every area where it is applied. Vitamin E and baby oil are the moisturizing agents that help the skin to recover that shine that shouts out your health to anyone who looks.

9. Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream

Nad's for Men Hair Removal Cream, 6.8 oz. best depilatory cream

Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream is a Brazilian depilatory cream designed specifically for stubborn hair found on men. A single application once a week removes hair from below the skin surface for a clean and smooth look. Aloe vera is included in the formula to enhance skin moisturization and give it that healthy glow. Apply to the chest, back, leg, arm, underarm, and bikini areas for as little as five minutes.

10. Foreverrise Hair Removal Cream

Foreverrise Hair Removal Cream, Painless Premium Depilatory Cream Used on Legs & Body for Men and Women 100g (100g) best depilatory cream

Foreverrise Hair Removal Cream is an effective gentle hair remover suitable for both men and women. Designed for large areas such as the back, legs, and arms, the cream has a pleasant smell that will not put you off. It works to remove hair in large patches in five to ten minutes and delivers a smooth skin with extra moisturizing agents included in the formula. Using this product to remove hair eliminates the bumps, rashes, and cuts you get when using a razor.

In our modern society, grooming is an important ingredient in both group and intimate relationships. Using a depilatory cream eliminates unsightly hair quickly enough to get you out and about in less time than any other method of hair removal. Choosing from this list of the best depilatory creams allows you to save time, energy, and expense while achieving that perfect look you crave.

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By BCR Staff

May 2019

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